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  1. Blootoon87

    We're on our way.....

    We had four flights with Austrian Airlines, every one of them was delayed.
  2. Blootoon87


    Two of us in The Central Hotel. Cheap as chips and looks quite central unsurprisingly.
  3. Blootoon87

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Transferred you the money for the seats Davy, cheers. Blootoon87 X 2
  4. Blootoon87

    Davy Bus

    Evening Davy. I don't suppose you have two spare seats left? Cheers.
  5. Blootoon87

    Davy Bus

    Evening Davy. I don't suppose you have two spare seats left? Cheers.
  6. Blootoon87

    Scotland Under 21's

    A bit off topic but is anyone watching the U19's v France just now? Been pretty impressed with the technical skills of our young players the last couple of years across all age groups. Hopefully bodes well for the future. The French team have some absolute monsters in it. 0-0 at half time.
  7. Blootoon87

    To stay or go?

    If he goes, Tommy Wright would be top of my list. Anyone but Moyes.
  8. Blootoon87

    To stay or go?

    Stay. Mostly because I'm seriously underwhelmed by the probable list of replacements.
  9. Blootoon87

    Who should be our number 9?

  10. Blootoon87

    Scotland Players In Action 2016/17

    Darren Fletcher just scored for West Brom.
  11. Blootoon87

    Why no friendly?

    Any more word on the potential Luxembourg game?
  12. Blootoon87

    Poppies on shirts?

    Throw us both out the group.
  13. Blootoon87

    Charlie Adam

    Charlie Adam should be nowhere near the squad. He's hardly playing a blinder for Stoke as has been suggested. I read somewhere last week that he was the slowest player in the premiership going by sprint speed.
  14. Those odds are for Scotland to vote for independence by the end of 2024. Simply for the result of the next referendum is Yes 1/2, No 6/4.