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  1. Any ideas on how to get back to Aberdeen area after the game as your Granite City Scots buses are all full and last train leaves at 9.40pm fae Glasgow... What a joke, 9.40pm on a Saturday night... Any help guys??
  2. Thanks Squirrelhumper for the link but, unfortunately, tried them and they are all booked up...
  3. Right, I am looking for help on how to get back fae Hampden to Aberdeen (well Stonehaven to be precise) after the Cyprus game... I am originally fae Stoney but live down in London and am coming home for the game... On checking, last train back to Aberdeen leaves at 9.40pm fae Queen Street going North... I have travelled with Ellon Tartan Army in the past but have just found out that they are no longer running buses due to lack of interest... Any help on transport links or, indeed, a North East Supporters Bus that would have 2 spaces available for me and my pal... Happy to pay in advance to secure our seats on buses... Any cars going down with spaces, happy to jump in and contribute towards petrol etc... Cannae believe it was easier for me to organise return travel fae London to Aberdeen than it is to get home fae Hampden... 9.40pm last train on a Saturday night, what an absolute joke... Suppose I am spoiled for having access to a 24 hour transport system down here... THANK YOU
  4. See you there... I have to work till 3.15pm but I will down for the 2nd half... MON SCOTLAND
  5. Rob Roy off Edgware Road (Paddington)... Very small and gets packed out... Hootenanny in Brixton is another one.
  6. Hi there, Are there are special buses running on Tuesday 18th November from Aberdeen area down to Glasgow for our clash with The Auld Enemy. Me and my boyfriend are trying to arrange travel from Stonehaven. We are able to come into Aberdeen if necessary. The trains look expensive. Thanks, Doreen.
  7. If anyone stuck for a place to stay, you are welcome to crash at my house overnight but its out in Romford, Essex (about 40 minutes from town).... I'll be at The George Orwell on Sunday

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