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  1. Zebra Taxi always has the same price for the airport at about 110kn. You can book 24 hours in advance or more on phone number or e-mail: +385 72 900 900 ili +385 91 1900 900 e-mail: zebra.narudzba@gmail.com
  2. From "Kvaternik square" drive tram #11 & #12 (on west way)
  3. Where do you have accommodation ? .... tram No.6 don't drive across " Kvaternik square" ...
  4. You have the local bus No.290 from "Velika Gorica - Airport - Kvaternikov square " .... than you can go with tram ( depending where you're going ) Ticket cost 4kn for 30 min. (only half pound) Bus No.290
  5. I confirm ... bookings registered ... For now: Bus 1 - 40 Bus 2 - 40 Bus 3 - 45 Soon Bus 4 ...
  6. Yes, There are more available seats in bus 3 ..... please, send request to e-mail macgregor@net.hr Thanks
  7. hi there ,can you do 2 passengers on bus from zagreb on day of game  to game and return to zagreb please ,pm me details thanks 

  8. Thank you for your trust, we see you in Zagreb ... I hope this trip will remain in memory as one of the best ever
  9. Please, all information on e-mail macgregor@net.hr ...
  10. Tartan Army Croatia will organized buses from Zagreb to Ljubljana (and back) .... all information on e-mail macgregor@net.hr
  11. Why you don't want to stay in Zagreb at Saturday evening ? We will throw a big "Tartan Army Party" in Zagreb with Ted Christopher and one local music band. ... and buses (three for now) in Sunday (11AM) for Ljubljana ...
  12. Thank you, mate ... It was an unforgettable day ... video: ŠKOTI u ZAGORJU Mreža TV (about Scots in Zagorje) pictures (from FB): Tour in Zagorje (first chapter) Tour in Zagorje (second chapter) Tour in Zagorje (third chapter)
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