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  1. Restless-Native

    International Fixture Dates

    Just wondering if if anyone knew of any 2019 changes to fixture dates? need to put in for holidays next week
  2. Restless-Native

    SFA Official Laughing

    The blazer started off clapping the away fans (non sarcastically IMO) The away end started booing towards him as by this point the players had left the park and were still angry. He continued to wave. One Scotland fan went right up to the barrier and threw his yellow away top in his direction. The blazer then shrugged and waved his two arms forward as if to say “enough” / “away yous go” albeit in a serious looking way. Fans booed even louder and he left into the depths of the main stand. He did look annoyed. True story
  3. Restless-Native


  4. Restless-Native

    Croatia Xmas Market

    Planning an Xmas market in Croatia currently. Any advice on routes and places to stay would be appreciated Planning going any midweek in December dates tbc And any other general croat info 👍🏻
  5. Restless-Native

    FAO The Boycott Israel Brigade

    Bit cheeky! Boy is just trying to tell folk what it’s like
  6. Restless-Native

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    Sent you a msg Thanks
  7. Restless-Native

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    Due to last minute change I’m just looking at options. How would you recommend doing a day in Jerusalem?
  8. Restless-Native

    Airport Security Thread

    Thanks DTS
  9. Restless-Native

    Airport Security Thread

    I’m changing flights in Antalya in Turkey. Am I right that I won’t require a visa as I’m remaining within airport?
  10. Restless-Native

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    Any day trips for the Wednesday from Tel Aviv anyone knows about? Change plan so there now instead Haifa
  11. Restless-Native

    Davy Bus - TEL AVIV to Sammy Ofer Stadium, HAIFA

    Any more room? 1 seat required from Tel Aviv. Due to a change of plan in Haifa
  12. Restless-Native

    Train Tix or Supporters Bus from Inverness Slovak game

    Managed to get two for the Thursday 12 quid each cheers anyway mate
  13. Looking for 2 tickets for train down to Glasgow from Inverness on 5th October day of march or 2 seats on supporters bus down? (1 coming back as 1 off to Slovenia) cheers
  14. Restless-Native

    List of away games

    Cheers, was having problems loading and couldn't mind off top head. Cheers
  15. Restless-Native

    List of away games

    Thanks a lot pal