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  1. I think it would be naive to say that the US would be a friend to us, they are only friendly when we are compliant to their interests. Scottish independence is definitely not in their interests and they would not support us in making that happen. Furthermore, they would DEFINITELY not fight for us in the event of negotiation with the rUK. the US would want as much integration as possible, staying in NATO, keeping the nukes and continuing to be a compliant lapdog of the US. I don't know about you but I don't want to see an independent Scotland being dragged into imperialist US wars like Iraq again. Secondly, I think her admiration for Clinton and Pelosi goes further than them just being women. If her admiration was based purely on their gender then she would have shown the same admiration for Margaret thatcher who was THE pioneer for women politically. The politics of Pelosi and Clinton are equally as rancid as Thatchers, but they are not as toxic politically in Scotland as Thatcher is and that's the bottom line. Sturgeon sooking up to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton is nauseating and does nothing for us.
  2. Why? He was vice president to Obama. The US position is to have "unity" in Europe to keep the Russian monster at bay. Trident is an American nuclear weapons system, the very last thing they want is for the UK to breakup and potential have those nukes moved to another location. It makes no sense that Biden would be a supporter of Scottish independence, even if he has Irish heritage. The US is absolutely not an ally to Scottish independence, they are neutral at the very best.
  3. I'm pretty confident given what Barrack Obama said about Scottish independence that Nancy Pelosi (if she has the cognitive capacity) does not support the breakup of the United Kingdom, it's not in the US interests for that to happen. Secondly, it doesn't give you pause for thought that she is a corrupt, neoliberal out of touch hack of a politician?
  4. Ok, so your reasoning is that you might not vote for independence because there is a slightly higher chance that you might get a Thatcherite Tory government from 30-40 years ago as part of the UK? The world has changed a lot since then, I am pretty sure the closest you are ever going to get to that is what we currently have with Boris. I am not sure voting to stay as part of the UK is what you want for Scotland either. At least if we are independent your vote is worth more as 1 in 5 million as opposed to 1 in 65 million.
  5. So what's your idea of a good right wing political party? Surely it can't be the current conservative party in either Scotland or England. In your view which right wing government has been good?
  6. Nah, don't try and weasle your way out. What you are suggesting is that any view which does not agree with polling borders on conspiracy. It is perfectly fine to be skeptical of polling which does not align with ones intuition, unless you are once again suggesting that polling is sacred? My intuition does not always have to agree with the polling, that doesn't mean that a poll does not inform me in some way about what "might" be going on. There is no such thing as a completely impartial political analysis unless you are a machine who just processes data and draws probability from that. Other factors always come into play and that's where intuition also matters
  7. I don't "trust" any poll, I take them for what they are and form an opinion based on my own intuition like everyone else does. Are you a robot without intuition whose only metric for political judgements are based on polling? I doubt it.
  8. Looks to me like some SNP voters are moving to Labour as well. Probably were traditional labour voters whose priority wasn't independence.
  9. You certainly aren't quoting me? I've never stated that the SNP have moved too far to the left, quite the opposite. I do have a lot of issues with their woke branding of politics though. I think their focus on identity politics is a distraction from actually enacting progressive socialist, economic policy. It's just an easy way to appear as progressive without actually doing anything of substance. Works well for the comfortably middle class
  10. I know what you mean, the kind of people you are talking about weren't even interested in listening in 2014. Even with a case and some solid answers there is no guarantee those maybes will vote yes on polling day but having answers is the absolute minimum that we can do.
  11. I share your concerns in the last paragraph. However, the Unionists are always going to say that now is not the time for a referendum based on X, Y or Z political crisis that is occurring at the time. Why do the SNP never turn the argument back on them and say that it is only with independence that Scotland can deal with or have avoided crisis X, Y and Z in the first place. And here is how we would handle it, or here is our solution. Perhaps instead of taking the awful 4 nation approach that lead to the UK having the highest death toll in Europe, the Scottish government could have decided much earlier on to have enacted their own policies to protect people and made the case that only the Scottish government would make the right decisions to protect people. People need to be constantly reminded what it means to be part of a union with the UK and how we could be better off as an independent country, the general public are NOT good at putting 2 and 2 together. It's the job of the SNP to do that for them and make people enthusiastic about independence. They have been FANNYING about for the last eight years and sucked all of the enthusiasm out of the population with their inaction. People will lose faith, they cant take for granted that the general public will just vote for them forever because they are the only vehicle to independence. That is why it is so important we have other pro indy parties who will hold them to account.
  12. George Kerevan echos my thoughts pretty well about both the SNP and Alba. Unfortunately Salmonds ego will not allow him to step aside and let someone else take the reigns. I have no idea who would even be there to replace him anyway. The SNP's move to the centre politically has attracted a lot of well to do middle class types who are enthusiastically pro EU and more than skeptical of independence. The party have campaigned hard on "stopping Brexit" and gone all mousy on the issue of independence because they know where their new voters are coming from. I think the movement is effectively dead for the time being despite both the SNP and Greens making gains in the council elections. Where exactly do we go from here? I don't have a clue, there just doesn't seem to be any appetite for an independence referendum from anyone. We could use the current political climate to capitalise on recent events but I don't think the SNP have the answers to any questions asked of them in 2014 nevermind making an argument for independence based on what's happening right now. Yes voters still view them as the vehicle that will get us there eventually but I think the clock is ticking and they will start to lose working class voters as the cost of living crisis takes its toll and they see no movement towards another referendum. It's fucking depressing
  13. It may well be closer to 95% than 80%, I don't know but polls are never a perfect reflection of reality, you should know that. Or do you only completely trust polling when it suits your political agenda? In my experience of talking to different people, including members of my own family quite a few have voted for the SNP but did not vote yes in 2014. Ill look at the data but I bet if you had a reporter on the streets sampling SNP voters and asking them if they'd vote for independence you would not get 9.5 people out of 10 saying yes.
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