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  1. I think we are going to have a big spike in cases over the next month as Football fans coming back from London help spread the disease. Speaking of which, what a fucking plonker Gilmour is. He was interacting with family who had travelled down from Scotland to see him play against England, I cant believe the total lack of professionalism that we allowed this to happen. What a global embarrassment to Scotland.
  2. We have prioritised risk into age groups and by those who have medical conditions that put them at a much higher risk of dying from the virus. ALL of those people who have had the chance to get vaccinated have had their first shot, and once you have had your first shot you will get your second within 12 weeks, as per what has been advised. There is no prioritising of young people above an older generation getting their second shot, what you're saying simply isn't happening. In addition, although the risk of death to young people is much lower there can still be some serious health consequ
  3. Probably because 20 and 30 year olds are still at a serious risk from the virus and they need to be vaccinated? And because it is not a question of either or, both are being done at the same time.
  4. I was born in 86 so I am too young to remember but if the attitude of some of the players is as described in this thread then no wonder we were shite.
  5. Strachans a prick, he's the one who said we were genetically inferior to Slovenians and he'll never be forgiven for that.
  6. Climate change predicts more chaotic weather patterns, so what we are seeing now with excessive rain and cold spells is something that will probably happen more often in addition to more extreme heat waves and droughts. The extremes are only going to get worse over the next decade, it's quite scary.
  7. I think following the twitter accounts of several SNP MPs was a huge contribution towards me not voting for them. I got off twitter though, it wasn't adding anything good to my life.
  8. I cant remember what airport it is, I think it's Prestwick but as you come off the plane at the terminal it has this slogan "Scotland, the best wee country in the world" and you might not think that's a problem but I hate it. To me, Scotland is the best country in the world simply because it's our country, but we are are not wee. This kind of belittling language has to stop, we will be the best that we can whatever size our country is. Our contribution to the world can certainly not be considered wee. I'm a St Johnstone fan and we get the "You do pretty well for a wee team" pish and I hat
  9. It's part of the hypocrisy of the unionist position, Union Jacks ok Scotland flags bad. We've let them get away with that crap since forever. We don't always need to be on the defensive, let's own it. If we want to convince the mibbees aye mibbees naw crowd then we have to lead them over the finish line because they are not going to follow a government that seems unsure about who it is or where it wants to go. If we want independence we have to own it. They will be swayed by the wind on the economy and although we need solid answers, we also need to push that agenda with confidence.
  10. They are letting the unionists drive the narrative. When unionists make disparaging comments about flag waving nationalism the SNP should reply with "and so what? We are proud to be Scottish", not this timid nonsense that placates their derisory attitude towards the country. It's been timid half in, half out independence since 2012 and that can only get you so far. To actually get across the finishing line you need to have your head held high and bring the people with you. I know none of this is material in the sense that it has nothing to do with policy relating to people's every day liv
  11. It's not me who keeps throwing jabs, you keep misrepresenting what I say. Not sure what your problem is?
  12. We need to do both. We need to make people feel more pride and confidence when they talk about their country, we need to more effectively address the three words wee, poor and stupid because none of it is true and a lot of people still believe it. As much as Nigel Farage is a complete bigot we could learn a lot from his completely unapologetically English brexit campaign because he almost single handedly beat the establishment. The man spoke with complete confidence and he brought people on board. We don't have a figure like him in Scottish politics but we could do with a completely unap
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