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  1. I've been tidying out the loft recently and have a box of programmes from when I had a wee fad collecting them when I was a teenager. They are currently gathering dust and taking up space, not had a chance to list them but probably about 100 varying in early 80's Scotland and Scottish teams in general, a few European finals, testimonials etc. I doubt that there are any of value (and I trust that you would tell me if there were!!!) If anyone has any interest, let me know and you are welcome to them. Cheers,
  2. Finally, someone with positive input........ decent boozers you say? Do tell! Looked at booking that Holiday Inn, the reason escapes me why I didn't book. May have been no twin rooms available!
  3. Thanks for the info lads, I now know where not to go. Anyone suggest where to actually go? Got a hotel in Chisleton which hasn't burned down and has a bar if all else fails
  4. Looking into organising a shift get away to Chester for the May meeting next year. I know that there have been TAMB trips there in the past. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to places to stay/eat, train travel etc? I know it is a fair bit away but with my mob we need to start talking about it now or they will never muster themselves in time! Thanks for any info
  5. Was thinking more of somewhere my friend didn't have to travel too far to hence Leicester Square/Covent Garden. Can't say I had considered 'over the water' before. Sounds a bit too much like Fife :-) Anywhere in particular you would suggest? Preferably somewhere we can get a drink after 11pm and not struggle to get a taxi back to our hotel!
  6. Probably Italian or steak and mid priced. Won't be meeting until about 7 and probably have a drink somewhere first where we can have a blether without having to shout. My friend has not met my mates before, nor I hers so would be nice to have a civilised meeting first.
  7. Hope you don't mind if I hijack this thread. 4 of us are heading to London that weekend for the Redskins/Bengals game. Planning on meeting up with an old friend on the Saturday night. We are staying at Victoria and she and her pal are staying a bit further East around Mansion House tube station. I reckoned that meeting somewhere in the middle around Leicester Square/Covent Garden would be easiest. Any recommendations around there for food/drink? 1 of my mates not keen on Indian or seafood. Cheers.
  8. Thanks for the info guys, I'll certainly have a wee look.
  9. Heading down to London next month for an NFL game and taking in the Fulham Vs Huddersfield game on the Saturday. Last time we went to Craven Cottage, we got off at Hammersmith and had a few beers up that way. Does anyone have any recommendations for pubs around Putney bridge?
  10. Like many on here who have complained about the sizing of the 'free gift' t-shirt, I got fed up of the small sizes ages ago and this time decided to get the shirt for my son who is 6. I thought the 8-9 would fit him ok but shockerooni it is a bit nippit on him. Does anyone have 1 in the next sizes up they don't want or would swap? Whisper it but, i would be prepared to buy it if required. My son actually liked the shirt. Tried the SSC but they don't have spares, only getting in sizes ordered. Cheers for any help.
  11. Toronto win in OT. Sounds like a great first game. Hope you enjoyed it!
  12. Sport options was the company. Must be worth it from a business point of view to continue offering trips to England matches though!! They dropped us like a hot tattie almost as soon as they took over the business from Jimmy and Eddie at Passport travel!
  13. I would like to do this but, can't understand why it is always on a Thursday which makes it difficult to travel down for without taking 2 days off work.
  14. Cheers for that Wanderer, i'll have a look. Panthers not on next years list. I think they are trying to bring over as many different teams as possible as the years progress so maybe in the next couple of years for Carolina. Next years schedule is Jacksonville/ Indianapolis October 2nd Wembley St Louis/Currently unknown NFC East team October 23rd Twickenham Cincinnati/Washington October 30th Wembley
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