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  1. Would anyone be so kind to give up 3 minutes of there time to fill out this short survey on Net Zero Carbon for my final years dissertation, its been a long 6 years doing this part time can finally see the finish line finish line! If anyone can be arsed to respond it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Are these friendly games likely to be 100% pick up or will they have an e ticket like hampden? Just wondering if its worthwhile buying the tickets to get myself a couple more points
  3. I assume they keep aside tickets for the north stand for those of us who can not afford to buy the match package? It would be unfair/discriminatory if these tickets were all sold to members who can afford to pay out that amount money at one time.
  4. Majority of rangers fans are horrible horrible people So many of them have crawled out from the cracks, all the fans who have been to 1 rangers game in there lifetime giving it the big one, fuuuuds
  5. Has anyone booked up for the England game yet? Tempted to take the risk with flights while they are still cheap
  6. How clueless are you. He’s was one of our better players tonight and has been in the last few games.
  7. also looking for one more ticket, pm me if anyone has any spares
  8. Have your train tickets from Inverness to Glasgow been sold? 

    i will take them of your hands if not 

    1. choomaroot


      apologies I havnt been near a computer for weeks-hav sold them but beware,if you hav booked the 09:37 home from Glasgow on the sunday morning yourself-it doesn't exist anymore,there is no connecting train at perth,i only noticed this by chance and scotrail put me on the 11:10 home

  9. We have a holiday booked to Florida later on this year. My brother and family decided to book up too, only realising after he booked that there is a question about criminal records (which he gone and got himself last year for getting in a fight, regretfully) I've had a look online and he could apply for a visa although this seems t take anything up to a year. Others are saying they have no access to the UK criminal record database and to just answer no to the question on the ESTA form and and he will be fine. Anyone had any similar experiences? We will still be going with or without him
  10. Just arrived home from tblisi, had a great time and thought city was brilliant. However atmosphere at the match was zero. pubs before were good fun and a good sing song, but match was just dire. fair enough we lost goal in first half but surely it should be our job to get even more behind the team, people just seemed to loose interest or be too pished.
  11. Looking for 1 to 4 tickets for the Germany home game. Pm me if any spares going
  12. A few tickets available from this site, anyone bought from here yet?
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