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  1. stmadoesboy

    Bus game day

    Likely be 4 from Jailer Tours group once you confirm details Davy. Cheers.
  2. stmadoesboy

    How to get to San Marino

    Yep, 3 of us flying Edi/Rome on Ryanair. Accommodation being booked in Rimini tomorrow. We’re travelling on saturday though. You booking train tickets now or waiting till closer to the time in case Ryanair change flight times? Noticed cheapest tickets are non changeable.
  3. stmadoesboy

    What currency?

    Currently raiding the kids’ piggy banks for English notes. In Tirana, will they change fivers or should I stick to tenners and twenties?
  4. stmadoesboy


    One pal had 1599 at 12pm and another had 1635 at 1pm.
  5. stmadoesboy


    I didnt yesterday, but numbers were down by about 300 on where I thought they’d be when I bought earlier. (If the tickets are going in numerical order) It’ll be close. There’s about 1600 folk on 5 points.
  6. stmadoesboy


    Success! (Although my pal is struggling when trying to buy 3 tickets)
  7. stmadoesboy


    Speaking as a nervous 5 pointer. Can all you 6 pointers STOP BUYING TICKETS 😂