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  1. Good to see matches being brought forward ahead of Scotland play off matches.
  2. standard Scottish football being the laughing stock
  3. Findlay has rashly given away penalties recently, a symptom of being a young player I guess
  4. Scott McKenna out for the season apparently.
  5. This seems to be happening then in terms of a blanket four year ban for Russia and all of its athletes?
  6. What was McKenna thinking giving away that free kick. As good a strike as it was they have had an overload on set pieces far too often this afternoon, the defensive organisation that I thought we’d see from Clarke doesn’t seem to be in evidence.
  7. Strachan started a bizarre formation v Gibraltar at home a few years ago - was forced to change it when they scored. Don’t think our players are necessarily good enough to adapt to playing hugely different formations
  8. I think he could do a good job for us at sweeper
  9. I didn’t see those games though I imagine he was taken off v Livingston as Celtic were down to ten men and his age might have been showing? He’s the type of player we are crying out for.
  10. Have seen several Celtic matches this season and he has been outstanding, particularly v Rangers and v Cluj.
  11. Still the best midfielder we have, a leader as well. Desperate times but the playoff matches are the most important in a generation and crucial we give ourselves the best chance. Appreciate it was him that retired but would definitely be asking the question of him.
  12. thought McKenna might have got the shout - he's back in full training today.
  13. Norway look to have unearthed a superstar in Haaland unfortunately
  14. I see that Gilmour is a midfielder - is he defensive or offensive or can he do the lot?
  15. Millbrae Road is about a ten minute walk from the West Stand and is handy for driving back north.
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