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  1. DundeeDave


    Payment sent, Davey, cheers again
  2. DundeeDave


    4 seats for me, please. Cheers.
  3. DundeeDave

    Austrian Airlines

    Hey mate, had my compo approved today, like you, no fuss. We should get double-compo after missing 2 flights
  4. DundeeDave

    Davy Bus Passenger Details

    Sent you an email, Davy, cheers
  5. DundeeDave

    Israel tickets on sale

    No-one should be paying the higher price if they don't want to, the standard £2 delivery charge will be on a drop-down?
  6. DundeeDave

    Davy Bus

    If I can reserve 3 seats, that'd be great.
  7. DundeeDave

    Help with tickets

    I paid £2 just because.
  8. DundeeDave

    Help with tickets

    Be plenty tickets for sale in the home ends as per
  9. DundeeDave

    £88 a ticket

    He picked the fixture, didn't he? I'm going to blame him, too right.
  10. DundeeDave

    £88 a ticket

    I noticed a £2 refund on my account. As for no SSC/SFA staff over there, here's hoping no-one is in need of assistance. As for £88 a ticket, a final phukk you from Regan!
  11. DundeeDave

    WHeres the scotland fans

    There's only 30 tickets been picked up 😁
  12. DundeeDave

    Random ticket pick ups

    Think yourself lucky you're not a Syrian migrant
  13. DundeeDave

    Random ticket pick ups

    Doubt it. Read on here before they are made to pick up their next ticket at the venue but that's hardly a punishment. Tar and feather them, make them wear a harvester t-shirt. Name and shame!
  14. DundeeDave

    Random ticket pick ups

    The gaps will be obvious with no chance to sell tickets on to people who are actually going but can't get tickets. I'd ban harvesters from applying for Israel tickets.
  15. DundeeDave

    Random ticket pick ups

    That makes it interesting for people who aren't going but have bought tickets.