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  1. 2 seats from Larnaca, Davy, cheers
  2. Get a grip mate, how old are you?
  3. Payment sent, Davey, cheers again
  4. Hey mate, had my compo approved today, like you, no fuss. We should get double-compo after missing 2 flights
  5. No-one should be paying the higher price if they don't want to, the standard £2 delivery charge will be on a drop-down?
  6. If I can reserve 3 seats, that'd be great.
  7. Be plenty tickets for sale in the home ends as per
  8. He picked the fixture, didn't he? I'm going to blame him, too right.
  9. I noticed a £2 refund on my account. As for no SSC/SFA staff over there, here's hoping no-one is in need of assistance. As for £88 a ticket, a final phukk you from Regan!
  10. There's only 30 tickets been picked up 😁
  11. Think yourself lucky you're not a Syrian migrant
  12. Doubt it. Read on here before they are made to pick up their next ticket at the venue but that's hardly a punishment. Tar and feather them, make them wear a harvester t-shirt. Name and shame!
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