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  1. Yes, Scottish Cup. Offence duly taken on chin. We’ve been horrific this season.
  2. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh. To be fair, I’ve not heard much positivity surrounding him from Motherwell fans and he was very poor earlier this season at a Pittodrie. That said, I seem to recall him ripping us a new one in last season’s League Cup semi......
  3. I’m very much in the Mcinnes must stay camp. As for Taylor, I’ve made my feelings clear. To counter your points on him playing in a team that performed there are a few points of note. Taylor was fortunate to play in a considerably better Dons team that included Hayes in his pomp, McGinn while interested and with pace, Rooney while he could move and an up and coming Pawlett. Arguably also Ward in goals, Logan still rampaging, Reynolds, Shinnie and either Robson or McLean in front of him. I think he did ok but was by no means responsible for the team’s performances while he was around. In terms of Taylor himself, he was actually ok in an opponents box but regularly went missing in ours late on in games when the pressure was on. I thought he was a bit of a fanny to be honest. He’s just been relegated from League One (an unfair argument perhaps given my earlier comments on a team’s performance). However, nobody else in League One appears to be looking at him which tells a story. He left Aberdeen because he didn’t like it, not sure what he thinks has changed.
  4. Highly unimpressed with this (Ash Taylor allegedly returning not the photos of his burd). Thought he was average first time round prior to being relegated from League One.
  5. On that basis we’ve done you a favour by handing you 5 cups recently.
  6. I will be supporting Hearts because if they win they absolutely deserve European football.
  7. I believe he was on at least that prior to turning down the Rangers job. He was offered a considerably more lucrative and longer duration contract to stay with Aberdeen. I think it's more like £450k pa.
  8. Funnily enough i was just having this chat. Clarke will be on a decent wage and recently signed a new deal in which he will have wanted Killie reimbursed well if he departs. A departing legacy. Similarly, McInnes is on £500K a year with Dons and extended that deal last year. Both will be more expensive than the SFA would have bargained for. How much was McLeish on per year as Scotland Manager?
  9. I was afraid someone might say that. He won our Player of the Year last night. Hoping that's enough to convince him to stay with us if he has that option....
  10. Indeed. I think Europe actually hinders our chances of decent signings. Either we take out eye off the market to travel, or we rush someone in without proper diligence and drop them in the deep end. As regards Rangers, i said as much a couple of weeks ago. The only thing i'd add is that some of their recent pre-contract signings are strange. Hastie, Stewart, the alleged approach for Lowe etc. All players that do relatively well at other SPFL clubs but won't improve Rangers of raise them above the rest.
  11. I wouldn't worry about that. Nobody other than Celtic will ever win the league in Scotland ever again. The ball is burst. It's why nobody will invest - it's embarrassingly boring as feck.
  12. Agree with this. I suspect this is why clubs like Motherwell and Aberdeen have to make late transfer window signings. We have to wait for all the money to be spent and see what's left.
  13. Would that surprise you? I mean, can you imagine the SFA touting either of the cheeks' managers in the press just before a big weekend of matches for both clubs? While i appreciate it's a nightmare for Killie (and you), he's the only decent option and therefore the correct decision.
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