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  1. SMcoolJ

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Celtic Aberdeen Rangers Celtic to win the treble treble. Dons to come treble runner's up again. SFA to screw everyone other than the two untouchables. Doncaster to do something stupid. Taxes to go up. Bear to shite in the woods. Boring as feck.
  2. SMcoolJ

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Pffft, so tiresome. 😜
  3. Don't know the details as have only seem snippets on Twitter and I don't know the current deal for sake of comparison. However, the new TV deal seems to suggest that old firm semi finals and finals are rewarded with bigger pots of cash than if both don't make to a semi or final. I'm sure there's an upside, but is this not rather alarming at first view? Hoping someone here has more info and can explain this a bit better......
  4. I go to games too but I like watching other Scottish teams on the tele. I won’t be getting Premier Sports so just more games I’m going to miss unfortunately.
  5. SMcoolJ

    league cup

    I liked that. 😂
  6. SMcoolJ

    The Mighty Rangers

    This latest statement is priceless. Traynor sounds like he's sat with a lawyer for 10 minutes, been convinced he has a point, learned a couple of big words and then gone off on one. Problem being, the verbiage he uses between the big words just make him sound like a spoiled twelve year old ranting about a lack of pocket money. We've had our run ins with Collum, including him chalking off three legit goals we scored against Hamilton in one game, but this witch hunt is completely unwarranted.
  7. SMcoolJ

    league cup

    It's at this point the SPFL announce they have given the remainder of the tickets to Celtic......
  8. I believe most Aberdeen fans on here are suggesting that the booing of Logan by an element of Celtic fans started because he was a victim of racial abuse. However, that is completely different to your assertion that Aberdeen fans are implying that Celtic fans are racist because they are booing. That is definitively not the case. Whether he was a victim of racial abuse remains up for debate as far as you are concerned. What remains relevant, irrespective of the foregoing, is that elements of Celtic's support started booing him in the immediate aftermath of Logan speaking out. I think I've stated on here before that the relationship between Logan and Celtic fans has taken a very different meaning in recent times. I just don't think we can forget how it started though.
  9. I was more quizzing the need for the word "future" in TM's post "Leaves them open to all sorts of future shite if this appeal is successful." The whole thing is already "shite" and a total farce. As already posted, different rules apply to different cases (clubs) and it's totally unacceptable.
  10. SMcoolJ

    league cup

    That was only for Tier 1 purchases. Admittedly, the Tier 1’s could buy as many as they wanted. General sale starts soon. I think we’ll sell all 20k.
  11. Is there a team that rule doesn't apply to when things are bad?!
  12. It's about time we had a player or two that opposing teams and their fan's hate. We're far too nice.
  13. When Boyd first came on the radio/TV, i actually thought he was ok. I recall about two seasons ago, he was getting pelters from Aberdeen fans. He scored and indulged in a similar celebration to yesterday's - i genuinely thought good on him and others around me were laughing too. However, his recent proclamations seem to have taken a bit of a sinister tone and some of the stuff he's been saying in the press, aside from being utter nonsense, is uncalled for. I actually think the press stuff suggests he's the one that lost his sense of humour. It's a shame, until recently, I think he had a good thing going with the Dons fans and that can only be good for our game.