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  1. One-eyed man in the land of the blind springs to mind. Wilson not fit yet and depends which Main we’ve signed but both we be ahead of him soon.
  2. Poor performance. That was the most pre-season friendly like European performance I’ve seen yet. Hoping Leigh, Bryson and Ojo are fit for next round. Cosgrove missed another couple of sitters so he needs binned.
  3. Devlin was decidedly average last Thur night. Taylor can't be worse and frankly, I wouldn't have been surprised at his inclusion even if Devlin was "fit".
  4. Completely agree with you. A mix of nostalgia, music, humour, feel good and horror. Like you say, it doesn't take itself seriously. Not normally my thing but it just works and I've really enjoyed it.
  5. Not normally my kind of thing but I've thoroughly enjoyed it all. Season 3 has been the best yet I think - only got the final episode to watch.
  6. Bad goal to lose at the end for Aberdeen. We tired and took our foot off the peddle. Inevitable given it’s our first game but a stupid goal all the same. Cosgrove’s finishing was dreadful and he could have had a few goals himself. 33 team attempts and only two goals pretty much highlights the issue. Gallagher looks excellent. He’s joined us having played half of a season which was evident. Thought McGinn rolled back the years. Looks fitter, faster and leaner. Starting another season with Considine at left back though is totally unacceptable. Appreciate it’s circumstantial due to Leigh’s injury but not good enough all the same.
  7. That’s a decent reason to go ahead. Anything that upsets UEFA is good in my book. Notwithstanding that, it would be a shockingly bad idea.
  8. Morris remains good friends with McInnes. Presumably, this is from their St Johnstone days. I think that’s one of the reasons we got Lowe on loan last season. Now hoping for some Chelsea cast offs/loanees (of which there are no shortage)......
  9. Someone on Twitter claiming they have a reliable source, who’s been right so far in this window (I know!), suggesting that mcGeough will come to Dons on loan (with option to buy) later today......
  10. Was that before or after he’d feined injury so he could come off to save being further embarrassed?
  11. During the medical traces of deodorant were found on his body. Celtic have to be careful. (Stolen from Twitter)
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