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  1. McInnes not had a great start to season. Very lucky to get through League Cup against Dundee. Poor league form. Another disappointing European exit. Eye-bleedingly bad football on show with no plan B. McKenna, Wright, Gallagher, Bryson and Ojo now out all seemingly long term injured. Granted last point not exactly his doing. Playing three central midfielders at home against the then bottom of the league club is a poor show. No pace, no creativity, lumping it up to an isolated Cosgrove. No urgency, no tempo and no desire in the team. He's going to have to bust a gut to get Shinnie back on loan if that all continues. It's been pretty sh1t so far.
  2. Don’t disagree with that. But there were different levels of individual poor tonight and I think the players feed off of each other. I know I’m singling out O’Donnell but that’s what I saw. Forrest was on a hiding to nothing playing in front of him.
  3. It’s really not. People that aren’t good enough is where the change starts.
  4. I think we were hugely outclassed tonight. They knew which buttons to press and that didn’t just come from their pre-match diligence, that came from seeing what was in front of them as it unfolded. We played like a team that has a play-off to rely on. The one advantage to this is that we hopefully weed out the shite. Wasn’t overly impressed by McTominey, I’d start Christie, a ball wining Centre half needs to play with Mulgrew and clearly O’Donnell isn’t anywhere good enough.
  5. Jack is a good right back. Played there plenty of times. Also, clearly has the ability the retain and pass the ball and not shit his pants. O’Donnell’s level of player is exactly the problem we have. Not limiting my criticism at him but he stood out as the most shit tonight. And pipe the fexk down. We’re all pissed off.
  6. As much as this pains me from a club perspective to say, Jack needs to play right back.
  7. Kris Boyd “centre halves were poor, Dyzuba is what, 5ft 6”?” Dyzuba is 6ft 5”. What a feckin’ moron.
  8. Well, that’s another major tournament we’ve decided not to participate in.
  9. O’Donnell is beyond basic. He’s now entered the hot potato stage of uselessness.
  10. Completely agree. Why doesn’t Cooper have a shot at Dyzuba - Mulgrew getting our muscled every time?
  11. Best touch O’Donnell has had all night. He’s like an 8 handicapper pegging it up at the Open.
  12. I will preface this with “we’ve been shit”, however, it will take some convincing for me to accept that Scottish refs are worse than this moron. Totally out of his depth.
  13. It was a poor performance and worryingly negative from McInnes given the new recruits and the way we have been playing. That said, both goals were individual errors. They were a decent enough side but not much, if anything, between the teams. I think we've left ourselves too much to do and the issue will be not conceding.
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