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  1. Has anyone actually said that an independent investigation would be a bad idea?
  2. Reconstruction talks have broken down. Hearts relegated.
  3. "Reasonably good prospect" sounds like about a 60% chance. Unless something is an absolute slam dunk, this as good as you will get from a QC. I have read the main section of the dossier (not the appendices). I assume the appendices contain considerably more compelling evidence somewhere?!
  4. I don't disagree. I think we played 64 games in one particularly busy season. Included about 10 games in the Scottish Cup alone.
  5. I'm finding it difficult to see how 2 teams are going to play 11 games in 3 weeks. That's a game every other day.
  6. Apologies if this has been mentioned already. Teams have been instructed by SPFL to start training on 11 May. Games to be played behind closed doors starting 10 June. Games will be televised on Sky, BBC and BT Sport. 9 league games and cup games to be played in 3 weeks. Season will then finish giving teams 2 weeks off before starting pre-season again. (England starting 1 June)
  7. Quite an extraordinary decision. I can only assume that our Compliance Officer has been on the end of a car brakes tampering threat.
  8. I'm fairly sure you won''t see the irony in that post?!
  9. I agree with you. Traynor is making Rangers an absolute laughing stock. Someone at Rangers must realise this? It's almost like the club has nothing to lose.
  10. Aye, that would swing it for me. Canna be doing with dodgy haircuts. I really liked Stewart. Too much of a football player for McInnes though and probably not enough of the headless chicken defensive winger type that he likes..
  11. I'm a bit surprised that Barker is going before Stewart is. Suspect that comes down to a signing v loan signing and wages.
  12. Aberdeen won't finish in the top six unless there's a material change. Absolutely no footballing identity, no style, no pace, no urgency, no tempo. We are horrific to watch. Gallagher's inclusion last night must be contractual? There's no other plausible justification for him playing 90 minutes (or being in the squad for that matter). I actually think McInnes might have lost the players as none of them seem to be trying for him. Hoof, hoof, hoof. St Mirren should be rubbing their hands at the prospect of Sunday. If they're in any way ambitious they will win.
  13. Dons rumoured to be trying to get Tommy to accept a deal to swap Devlin for Kennedy now.
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