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  1. You’re judging him on one pinpoint cross. I’m judging him on two seasons.
  2. Kazakhstan and San Marino away. We have a negative goal difference and 3 points! Worse than that, the players look scared and lacking any in sort of confidence/flare/drive. I genuinely wouldn’t have been surprised it tonight had finished 1-1. McKenna is a good player but he looked like a shell of himself again tonight. Something very wrong.
  3. I wouldn’t limit that comment to his crossing. He’s incredibly basic. Not good enough.
  4. I thought you were going to say that you'll reserve complete judgement until after San Marino play Scotland on Sunday.....!
  5. Even if my opinion/assumptions are incorrect (which they are definitively not) why is the club releasing an orange strip for any reason whatsoever given the context? Hardly the actions of a club trying to distance itself from bigotry. Negligence at best.
  6. Nobody here is looking to be offended and this has nothing to do with snowflakes or what has been deemed acceptable through the generations. Rangers are unashamedly cashing in on sectarianism. I think your first case as devil's advocate has gone badly.
  7. Someone on our WhatsApp group just said that the Scottish Cup is now wide open. This was based that on it being an absolute gift that the next Celtic manager would not continue Brendan’s whitewash legacy.
  8. He has. Lennon in charge. First game is Tynecastle tomorrow night followed by Hibs on Saturday!!!
  9. Decent result for Dons on Saturday. Saints always tricky for us. The Shinnie saga seems to have taken a slightly different tone all of a sudden. Until recently, I got the impression he was 70% gone, can't help thinking he's 55% staying now! 😆
  10. i think the rule is that clubs are entitled to up to 20% of the ticket allocation if the safety certificate permits it. Some of the response on Twitter are extraordinary!!
  11. I can see a lot of people turning their back on our game. I'm beginning to get sick of it myself. Can't see Steve Clarke hanging around for much longer.
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