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  1. I had mixed feelings about Celtic's progression last night. Nothing to do with "rivalry" as such, more the fact that if they get to the group stages, the financial gap widens further, versus, it would be nice to see the Scottish game represented at the top table to heighten the league's reputation and perhaps the chance of additional sponsorship/funding. Actually thought that Celtic might sneak it at the end. They'd have gone through if Hayes had started. 😉
  2. Think the wide view is that golf is a declining participation sport and the US is no exception to that. Will try and dig out some references. There are three majors in the US which does not seem fair for a global sport. Clearly the USPGA is the weakest of them. Unfortunately, like everything else in sport these days, money is the key factor. I'd prefer to see a fourth major that is moved around Asia/Africa/Middle East - this would do more for the sport's interest levels.
  3. USPGA at the weekend was a farce. Instead of trying to widen the net on a declining sport the PGA chose to sell out to the highest bidder and preclude half the world from watching it. I subscribed to Eleven Sports and managed to HDMI it to my tele - but it was crap. If is wasn't a major (which s shouldn't be but that's another topic), i wouldn't have bothered. I feel a conversation with SKY coming - anyone got any tips on getting a decent deal? I believe Amazon Prime has picked up some of the EPL (I'm not so bothered about that) but if Sky has now also lost Spanish football, that's an issue.......
  4. To be fair Aberdeen have a 30% sell on clause in Ryan Fraser's contract so if he goes for anything north of £10M (which is entirely possible), he'd be double our biggest transfer fee too! I'd imagine it's also the scenario whereby Celtic have made their biggest transfers?
  5. Can’t argue with that.
  6. Good night for Scottish football. Shame we couldn’t add to it.
  7. Is it ‘cos he’s black?
  8. Yup - he’s our Forrest.
  9. SMcoolJ

    Golfers Forum.

    Really sad news about Jarrod Lyle. Has made the decision to end cancer treatment and go into palliative care. Fought long and hard but his body just can't take any more. Inspirational lad.
  10. SMcoolJ

    EPL players price tags?

    Just shy of £3k.
  11. If squad size is anything to go by we aren't in the top ten big clubs in Aberdeen.⛷️