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  1. SMcoolJ

    Red card watch

    You're debating the Morelos red card being overturned. I agree that it remains up for debate, although, my view is that they got it correct. However, the point I'm making is that the exact same factors which were used to overturn the Morelos red card were completely and utterly discounted in Devlin's case despite being even more compelling.
  2. SMcoolJ

    Red card watch

    Haven't seen it yet but from what I've read on Twitter etc, it's another decision from Thompson that fans the flames! I think the correct decisions would have been a yellow to both Morelos and Brophy!
  3. SMcoolJ

    Red card watch

    That is considered subjective unfortunately. However, what was wrong with the decision to uphold Devlin's red was that the tug by Brophy on Devlin was completely discounted (ignored) in the appeal process. The tug on Devlin, as well as being a foul, meant he was in the wrong place and more than likely why he tugged Brophy in response. The red would have to have been overturned if the full passage of play was considered. In the case of Morelos, the red card was overturned because the panel looked at the full passage of play and because of the barge from McKenna on Morelos. I actually think they got this decision correct - they saw the bigger (full) picture. What actually makes this worse is that the reason the panel discounted the tug on Devlin was that Thompson didn't give a foul for it at the time and apparently the the panel can't review a decision already made by a referee at the time. Notwithstanding the fact this is exactly what they did do in the Morelos case, it's clear that Thompson, who was around 30 yards away from the incident, didn't see the tug on Devlin. The fact he didn't give a foul doesn't mean he made a decision, it just means he didn't see it. Thompson can't have seen both tugs - he can't have given a foul for one and let the other go - they were identical. The problem is that you have two separate cases with a completely different set of rules applied which result in different responses to the appeals. Why the inconsistency? It makes the Compliance Officer, the elected judiciary panel and the entire process (oh and the SFA) look very poor at best.
  4. Didn't seem like anyone from Motherwell did. Terrible game of football. McInnes yet again focuses on trying to counter the strengths of other teams rather than focusing on our own. This was evidenced by dropping Lowe for Considine. We were poor throughout and largely because we got sucked into the brawl that Motherwell wanted. Consequently there was very little football and very little between the teams. Tuesday night will require pace, energy and desire. Three things McInnes seems unable to inject into the team at the moment.
  5. About 5 episodes into Ozark. We are continuing to watch it but remain a bit unsure! I really like Jason Bateman - he does dark like nobody else. Someone told me that there's someone from Trainspotting in it - maybe the preacher? Enjoyed Goliath. Although, did think the ending to season 2 was poor (other than the outcome for the businessman which was horrific and creepy). Has anyone watched Big Little Lies? A little bit "chick flick" in places but have to say i thought it was excellent.
  6. For a minute there i thought that was the SFA spelling of Steve Clarke......
  7. Not a problem Marky - we’ll look after him.
  8. Jim - get yourself up to the Dutch Mill. Taxi from train station and then taxi to game. However, worth it for an excellent pint of Tennent’s and first class chilli cheese burger. If you’re keen to walk from train station to game there’s plenty on pubs on the way - my picks probably being Blackfriar’s in the Castlegate or Brewdog at end of Union st (the hot wings are really good)
  9. This is now getting really silly. Clarke was clearly frustrated with the decision (rightly so) but rather than vent his spleen (see Gerrard) he made a rational and thought through statement. He even read it from a script so as to stay within what Killie considered appropriate boundaries. The SFA has completely lost the plot and the stranglehold they have on our game and the "inconsistency" in the way they conduct and apply themselves is going to see it die a slow,, contorted and dishonourable death. Next, they will make up a story about Murrayfield being a viable option for football over Hampden simply in order to lower the asking price of Hampden so they can steal it from Queens Park - all while wasting lots of people's time and effort. Absolute charlatans.
  10. SMcoolJ

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    I'm a bit surprised that Souttar hasn't had more praise on here for last night's performance. Maybe the surprise is that i didn't think he could be quite so decent! I thought he looked good throughout. Won most of his headers, good on the deck, quick and composed. Was unlucky to get booked. Him and McKenna could be a good pairing (or two of three).
  11. Not sure I'm quite at this stage yet. Although, I am very disappointed with the cub's handling of the issue. That said, I believe despite AFC having stating that there would be no further comment from them on Devlin's red card being upheld, the club has now decided (i think, in part, because of fan pressure) to go back to the SFA with a request for transparency and an explanation of how this particular decision was reached. It was, after all, an extraordinary decision.
  12. SMcoolJ

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Wow. This could get silly.
  13. SMcoolJ

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    I can see what Gordon and McGinn were trying. Quick ball and counter. Probably our only chance to get it forward. Went badly wrong though! I don’t totally agree with comments about not giving someone the ball when they’ve someone on them - that’s when you want it ‘cos you know where the opposition is. I agree that you don’t do it on your own 18 yarder. McGinn didn’t protect the ball. Shame, because he’s been good.
  14. SMcoolJ

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    With the exception of McDonald, I agree.
  15. SMcoolJ

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    It’s not WWF tonight is it?