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  1. Totally agree. It hurt us in the Scottish Cup final because Christie had been playing and we had to rearrange due to him being unable to play. Some irony in him scoring the winner in this years League Cup Final too, a player that would never have developed had we not had him on loan. If we go for Morgan, the conditions have to be that he can play against Celtic and that we formally agree on an option to purchase at a pre-agreed price at the end of the loan period.
  2. I wonder if that means we know GMS's decision onthe NYC bid? Another player on loan from Celtic would be utter fecking madness.
  3. Shaughnessy has been offered a pre-contract with the Dons.
  4. To be fair, apparently he couldn’t get out of his house tonrrain because the electric gates wouldn’t work......
  5. I think he was all lined up and ready until Derby signed Cole and agreed to free up Lowe again.
  6. Hopefully not. We’ve paid a fee to Birmingham. Still a bit sh1tty all round. Sorry.
  7. Feel bad but we’re about to offer him a pre-contract.
  8. Aberdeen and Motherwell rumoured to be discussing a deal that would see Reynolds and Cadden swap clubs. Given Cadden’s age, this deal would presumably have to include a development fee paid to Motherwell.
  9. Lowe returning to Aberdeen??? (Rumours that Derby have landed Ashley Cole.)
  10. McKenna is in Glasgow today - as is the entire Dons squad as they travel back from Dubai. McKenna agreed to speak with Heart Radio. This is, I suspect, where the speculation linking him to Celtic is coming from.
  11. So you (your contacts) are saying that Rodgers called Klopp because he was worried about the Aberdeen challenge three seasons ago and had Ward recalled? Also, you're suggesting he's doing the same with Stewart now. I think it was more to do with Mignolet and Begovic both being utter sh1t and Klopp looking for another option? Ward was playing really well at Aberdeen and Klopp was entitled to think he might have filled the gap for the second part of the season. Also, Birmingham want rid of Stewart who only has 6 months left on his contract, they have taken him back to try and cash in on him. I'm struggling to believe that Rodgers would even consider such moves let alone have the ability to convince Klopp and Monk what to do with their own players.
  12. Totally agree with all of this. Someone pointed out that he became a full time pro quite late in his career and this may be a factor.
  13. Birmingham want rid of him. He only has 6 months left on his contract and i guess they've taken him back to try and sell him.