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  1. He wasn't very clever for our first goal and he was completely lost for the corner at which Cosgrove should have scored. I just think he's just beginning to look like an accident waiting to happen. If it isn't an error, he'll lose you a big game by getting sent off for being an utterly despicable khunt.
  2. Well, the first 40 minutes went exactly as expected. No fight, no system, no football and no clue only to get a goal out of nothing to go in at half time somehow still in the game. To Mcinnes's credit, he made changes at half time (went 4-4-2) and clearly had the players wound up. We came out a different team. Fought, passed, pressed and actually played some football in Rangers half. Beaton was arguably Rangers best player in the second half. If Morelos spent less time rolling around on the ground and more time playing football he might actually be worth £10M. As for Rangers defence, they aren't winning anything with a back five containing Helander, Goldson and McGregor. McInnes needs to start with a 4-4-2 on Saturday and continue to be aggressive. He won't.
  3. i knew what you meant. I just wanted to re-emphasise my point! To emphasise yet further again, McInnes will fudge his Huggies tomorrow.
  4. This isn't an attempt at reverse psychology or expectation management by me, we are genuinely a bit shit at the moment. If you score early it will be a stroll. The only thing McInnes could try is to play two up front and he just won't do that (he wouldn't do it at home to St Mirren (no disrespect intended) on Saturday)
  5. St Mirren were better than Aberdeen on Saturday. Played some really good football. They should feel completely aggrieved at not taking all 3 points let alone a draw. McInnes continues to make backing him very difficult. The selections of Campbell and Gallagher (the latter of which played 90 minutes) were just absolute nonsense. Fair enough we've got £13k a week of midfielders in the treatment room (that's another issue altogether) but surely anyone can see those two just aren't good enough. Wednesday night will not be pretty for any Dons fan. Absolute humping on the cards. I'd bite your hand off for a 0-0 right now. Sad times.
  6. I hold you entirely responsible for the amount of absolute shite this will undoubtedly result in. ETA - Exhibit A would appear to have been presented.....
  7. He part funded it - I believe his contribution was around £2M (not suggesting that is to be sniffed at and very generous of him, but he didn't fund the facility himself). He very much chose the name himself.
  8. Dreadful decision making from McInnes yesterday. Not the first time we have been in total control when, out of nowhere, he makes terrible substitutions and deploys "game-management". As well as screwing with our own dynamic and motivation, it must give opposition teams a huge lift. The moment McInnes got involved yesterday 1-1 was a forgone conclusion.
  9. He has extremely white teeth, a perma-tan and he named the training ground after himself. Not a brilliant start for me! Could be our Charles Green/Craig Whyte - just hope he doesn't get bored. On he other hand, he brings in new and substantial investment, a hunger to compete and he seems rather well connected. I like Stewart Milne (bar a couple of silly mistakes) he's done a fantastic job for the Dons but i think he is battle weary and is happy to step aside.
  10. Excellent second half from Scotland. Clarke's half time talk certainly did something as we came back out playing pretty well and with a lot of confidence throughout the team. Some really good individual performances too. Clarke deserves credit for playing McGinn further up the field and for picking Naismith. I will admit that when I saw Naismith was starting in Cyprus i was pretty firmly in the "Clarke is clueless" camp. McGinn has pretty much stamped a "vital for Scotland" tag on himself now and I think we also finally have a right back. As for the McKenna bashing (which seems all the rage just now and i suspect in part because Aberdeen dared to believe he was worth some money), I actually thought he was a little ropey and very ordinary for 3/4's of this double header. However, when the confidence returned throughout the team in the second half yesterday, it did with McKenna too and I thought he was very good. He's just back from injury too which won't have helped. I don't think we have any better at the moment and as the confidence returns to the team and Mckenna gets fitter again, I think he'll be absolutely fine. I'd like to demonstrate that these comments aren't made through red tinted specs by saying that i thought Jack was superb in the second half last night.
  11. Remember - hot wings here aren’t the same as hot wings in the Windy City......
  12. I don't recall being so disinterested in the Dons (nothing to do with Killie, i was the same last Sunday and almost didn't even bother tuning into Red TV on wed). Hopefully the weather improves and it's a decent game - we badly need to find our mojo. Would recommend Brewdog (bottom of Union St) for hot wings beforehand or the Dutch Mill for a chilli-cheeseburger and one of the best pints of Tennents you will get. Have a good day.
  13. This. I'm fairly certain this is yet another reincarnation.
  14. Sold a player to Hibs and a player to Aberdeen? Not exactly an outstanding testimony is it? Anyway, i like St Mirren and was just having a poke back at an earlier comment so butt out. 😉
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