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  1. faircity

    Ian Crocker - why have sky not replaced this guy

    Regardless of whether he is anti-scottish or not, he is a shit commentator. His idea of preparation appears to be to learn a handful of stats then repeat each one of them several times throughout the match. He should be removed because he is shite at his job.
  2. faircity


    The Huns seem to have no problems with smacking females about. From backing Gazza, to signing thugs like Flanagan who has no qualms about volleying his burd in the puss, to knocking their own wives around after yet another old firm pumping. Strange, strange people.
  3. faircity

    Time for Eck to go already!

    Just shrug them and everything will be okay.
  4. faircity

    Time for Eck to go already!

    Said ages ago I think Lennon would be a great pick as manager but straight away you would have a large section of fuckwits who would be out to get him for their own twisted reasons.
  5. faircity

    Scott Brown

    How much did he put in the pensioners Christmas party bottle ahint the bar though?
  6. faircity

    Portugal match thread

    He doesn't play for Celtic, you didn't expect a different answer from Reggi blinker did you?
  7. faircity

    Portugal match thread

    Actually better not.
  8. faircity

    Portugal match thread

    I'd have Andy Considine up front afore I'd have McBurnie.
  9. faircity

    Portugal match thread

    That clears that up then. Cheers.
  10. faircity

    Portugal match thread

    😉 I know, im at it.
  11. faircity

    Portugal match thread

    I prefer my full backs to defend.
  12. faircity

    Portugal match thread

    It wasn't his fault but still, he is atrocious.
  13. faircity

    Portugal match thread

    Not often I agree with you Macy but he is fuckin rotten. Also, for as long as I have a hole in my arse thon McBurnie will never be a striker.
  14. faircity

    Team for portugal

    Ehm improve maybe? Devlin is a far superior player than Hanlon.