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  1. faircity

    The Mighty Rangers

    Still reckon the two crackpots are the same dude, incredibly sad existence if this is the case.
  2. Really like Lowe, some engine on him too. Seems to be enjoying his football up here so fingers crossed his deal it extended. McLellan looked good in the final I thought and again last night. Time to say thanks but no thanks to Wright, he's just not good enough. Pretty bizarre for as rank rotten as Aberdeen have been, they are right on the coat tails of Rangers, Hearts, Saints and Brazil 1970.
  3. I was working so only managed to see the second half, on reflection it might just have been outside, but the guy clearly stood on his foot as he was going clean through on goal. If the ref thought it was a dive then the yellow was correct, but Thomson wasn't that far away and if he couldn't see the contact then he needs taking out the back of the stand and shot.
  4. Craig Thomson at it again. A truly horrendous referee, booked Cosgrove for a dive when it was a clear penalty kick.
  5. faircity

    The Mighty Celtic...

    But so is Tommy Wright, with probably a lesser budget, yet he is holding us back while Clarke is the Messiah.
  6. faircity

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Calendar year? Our season runs from August to May though. Top in December, while it's better to be top in December than last, ultimately it means bugger all.
  7. An insight into the future of our super duper new TV deal.
  8. faircity

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Look at what Steve Clarke has achieved. Okay, what has Steve Clarke achieved exactly? That dinosaur Tommy Wright that you are slagging off has Saints 3 points behind them with a game in hand. Hearts are 1 point behind and so might Aberdeen be if they win their games in hand. As good a job as he is doing, he is hardly the second coming of Guardiola, I think you need to settle yourself down a wee bit.
  9. faircity


    Ahh good on you, a man after my own heart. I love a good Sunday session too, a real man's drinking day.
  10. faircity


    Pele was shit. Not fit to lace the boots of Messi. End of.
  11. faircity

    The Mighty Rangers

    Surely if he wants his name removed then it should be removed.
  12. faircity

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Celtic. Rangers/Aberdeen. If Aberdeen get a striker and replace Kenny MacLean then Aberdeen will be second.
  13. Morelos is a halfwit. There was no need for that, ten a side now.
  14. Just waiting on Cilla Black to stroll along then we can wrap this wee charade up.
  15. Deary me. They really do want the Huns back challenging don't they? By hook or by crook. A disgusting decision that doesn't even warrant debate.