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  1. Raging? Not in the slightest. You fuckin mink.
  2. Also forgot to add that he runs away from testing himself in a decent league. Shitebag.
  3. He can't have any complaints about the red card there I dont think. Needless.
  4. faircity

    Safe Standing

    The reason folk are going for plastic is because fat cunts like Boyd "running" around on grass results in yer park being left looking like it hosted the World Ploughing Championships.
  5. faircity

    The Mighty Celtic...

    That's coz you talk shite. Shite that would give Rolling Hills/Chripper * a bad name. * Delete current guise.
  6. faircity

    The Mighty Celtic...

    The power of red cords.
  7. The major difference being that the overturning of the Morelos red was nothing short of scandalous.
  8. My take is that he seen it, he couldn't have failed to see it, he just deemed it not to be a red card. There has been evidence of, let's be honest, rank favouritism shown towards Rangers by match officials but in this case I just think he judged incorrectly, nothing sinister. What's worse is why on earth would you appeal the award? It was a shocking challenge, clearly there was zero chance of it being overturned, double the ban then you will cut out all their ridiculous appeals.
  9. So basically you are saying the ref needs downgraded for being right? Or was the ref wrong?
  10. faircity

    Safe Standing

    So that's what Pouring Gills looks like?
  11. faircity

    Safe Standing

    Let's all join in. Cluck cluck gibber gibber my old man's a mushroom etcetera. Scotland forever.
  12. Man you are almost single handedly killing this place. I suspect that is your aim.
  13. Yeah but there are huns and there are Huns, you are the lower case version 😘. For now!!
  14. I don't like Boyd because he is a shite pundit. It says more about Sky than him that they are willing to pay him a wage.
  15. I didn't say Boyd was a scumbag, just pointing out that raising money wouldn't necessary prevent him from being one. Maybe you should ask the person who called him one in the first place.