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  1. Just a nudge to one of the worst offside decisions you'll see anywhere in football from the Well v Hearts game on Saturday. 2 Hearts players playing the linesman onside clearly wasn't enough 😂 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50713338
  2. I'd say his biggest problem, in addition to not being a particularly good footballer, is that he is absolutely wild on the drink. Something that shows no sign of improving at present.
  3. James Scott is going to be a smashing player. He has everything, but needs to be more ruthless(greedy) in front of goal which will come. I've seen Maguire seamlessly alternate between centre half and defensive mid since he broke through at reserve/U20 level. Certainly the manager sees him in the def mid role for the first team as he is a terrific footballer, but maybe just a bit slight for centre half. Both are excellent footballers with another batch of promising youngsters waiting in the wings at Fir Park.
  4. Cooper is rotten. He's rotten for Leeds so it isn't a surprise that he is a million miles away from the standard of International football.
  5. To clarify I'm not saying the last 3 managers as in McLeish, Strachan(who picked him regularly and was a mainstay of the team) or Levein. I was meaning the last trio of coaching staff as in McLeish, Grant and McFadden and their apparent lack of compassion shown to Snodgrass.
  6. There was certainly an issue regarding his family and being called up then not used. Going by the (alleged) details, he was treated pretty shabbily by the last trio of baw sacks which led to his hiatus from recent squads. I'd be surprised if he has forgiven the SFA for that episode, though I would be happy enough if Steve Clarke talks him back round.
  7. It is Clarke's to turn down, which he may well do as he dislikes certain board members. Should he do so, Gemmill will be the new manager.
  8. I've heard from a few folk that would be be privvy to this kind of info that it's become an open secret that his health is deteriorating. Absolutely mental appointment anyway, but even more baffling if it subsequently transpires he's seriously unwell.
  9. McBurnie is honking to be honest. I've never been more baffled by a players valuation as much as I am by McKenna's. He's the very definition of a cart horse. Stinking, outdated tactics as usual from McLeish. This result would see almost any International coach get their jotters, but not in our case.
  10. A bit of both I think. He's been playing every Well game and every Scotland U21 game (including that daft summer tour with the full team) for the last 3 years.
  11. Less than 6 points will see the calls for Robinson to go get louder. His league record is abysmal and the cup runs papered over the cracks of that. His recruitment in the summer has so far proven to be an unmitigated failure and his tactics and systems aren't befitting of a UEFA pro licenced coach. If he starts with 3-5-2 tonight and loses then I reckon there will be loud shouts for him to be gone before Saturday.
  12. I have to say, I've been to both our games with Livi this season and haven't been impressed with them at all. If anything, I'm bewildered at their continued good form as they are rank rotten from what I've seen in the flesh. Admittedly I haven't watched a live TV game or highlights of the other games they've been involved in, but fair play to them as they are doing something right. On the back three argument; Motherwell have persisted with it for 15 games so far this season and virtually all of last season and it isn't working for us. The manager is so determined to continue to shoehorn players into that system rather than find a system that suits the players. Teams have worked out our game plan, hence the abysmal start to the season we've made. We've got some cracking footballers who aren't seeing game time as we have a manager so clouded by stubbornness that he continues to put a disjointed side on the park with no real way of playing. I think McLeish must be in close contact with Robbo as Scotland are certainly in the same boat.
  13. 2 folk who were at the match in Israel witnessed it happen just after full time and have no reason to lie or even talk about it unless it happened. I'll take their word for it if you don't mind. Hopefully someone had the camera phone out recording it and it makes its way online as it may well start a clear out at the SFA. The SFA, especially folk like McRae, have less than zero respect for fans. We're the shite on their shoe and a mere inconvenience when they are on their all expenses paid trips.
  14. Had similar messages from those who were there saying McRae was giving it big licks to the fans. Cupping his ears, laughing, waving and clapping with glee when the blazers were getting it tight. Classy stuff from a reprehensible cunt.
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