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  1. GlesgaArab

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Seems odd to me that you describe people that oppose his racist views as closed minded rather than the racist himself. Too right he’ll have difficulty shaking it off and so he should. His apology was lacklustre at best, I’m sure he caveated it with a comment about it not being illegal. Yes we all mistakes and we should accept responsibility for them. For Mackay, I think that should include not being involved in the Scotland set up. Is he such a catch he’s worth the baggage? You say the fans and players wouldn’t give a feck, I disagree. You might not care if our national game has a bigot for a manager but you can’t speak for everyone (eg. Anya?). Cmon, the snowflake patter belongs in a Katie Hopkins (is that her name?) column.
  2. GlesgaArab

    Thanks Gordon

    Thanks for making me a better father Gordon. Was so disillusioned with the campaign, missed the Lithuania away game and took the wee man to see Paw Patrol live.
  3. GlesgaArab

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Hope Tom is right, Mackay seems to be the favourite with some of the bookies which is worrying.
  4. GlesgaArab

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    I love the ridiculous combinations folk always come up with. But seriously, Willie Miller and Tosh McKinlay for me.
  5. GlesgaArab

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    If they appointment Mackay, will not be renewing SSC membership for first time in 15 years. Its bad enough having him as performance director, he shouldn’t be anywhere near the managers job. what sort of message does that send out.