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  1. Who's to say those listed are people registering to vote? They certainly don't exist at the addresses I checked (occupant(s) lived there for more than 30 years...alone). Please keep in mind that the database I'm referring to here is/was located in Thames House (Security Service HQ).
  2. Most addresses I looked up had 1 occupant (pensioners that had lived alone for years) in real life but the database had around 10 occupants. If these extra 9 people (who may not be real people) could vote then it's a huge issue.
  3. I saw a database once (whilst in Thames House (Millbank)) of addresses in the UK and their occupants. I looked up places I knew and found that there were many more people listed as living there than actually lived there. Were/are these people allowed to vote? I don't know the answer.
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