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  1. Weve got a night in vienna 2 nights larnaca, we were 350 all in
  2. Did you try the flights i wrote earlier as that was the correct prices at the time.
  3. Scotschic Did you get accommodation check this place out https://abnb.me/a3h0nfc7xX
  4. Ryanair fly to Vienna 14th overnight stay in Vienna return 17th 95 pounds, Austrian airlines fly 15th to larnaca we are flying ryanir back on 17th or you can get return with Austrian airlines but it is early flight back which means long wait for flight back to Edinburgh, if you go that way it is 119 euros for the return flight.
  5. Weve went edi to Vienna on the 14th then onto larnaca 15th back on the 17th via the same way
  6. If you look on the Cyprus posts Davy is running buses from larnaca to and back from the game.
  7. Scotskdy Check this link out it is an apartment in larnaca for 1 person on airbnb. https://abnb.me/ojuSBaCJvX
  8. Have you tried Airbnb we have got an apartment on finikoudes beach for 5 of us for 3 nights 40 pounds a head.
  9. We ar flying out 14th Nov to Vienna night in Vienna then fly larnaca 15th nov for 2 nights then fly nack 17th via Vienna 350 all in including accommodation.
  10. Hi Zander we are staying in st juliens do you have any seats left on the minibus.

    Regards mishgi

  11. hutton is past it. Marshall Patterson Hanley Martin Tierney Brown Mcarthur Ritchie Forrest Griffiths Snodgrass Goals could end up costing us so we will need a few.
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