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  1. Be interesting to see how UEFA deal with the Internationals. Can see the Nations League being scrapped to make way for the playoffs in September then bring World Cup qualifiers forward to October and November from March and June, leaves March for friendlies prior to Euros. A later World Cup in 2022 certainly gives them a bit of room to move things.
  2. If Im correct the final could be at any of the 4 semi finalists. So we could end up playing Serbia in Sofia or Oslo? Im convinced that as a host nation UEFA will give us every chance to be there. Wouldn’t shock me if the play off venue was ‘randomly’ drawn as Glasgow.
  3. Patterson hasn’t played a game a right back for Cardiff since the early part of the 17/18 season. Most have been played in midfield of up front.
  4. Yes, went off on Saturday with a bad injury
  5. Yeah Goopti is best, we got a private cab for 6 of us, return to Rimini for £31 each, airport straight to digs and back again.
  6. Flights booked to Bologna for the Saturday morning and staying in Rimini for the two nights
  7. Looking at accuweather for March can be in early to mid 20’s at the time of year in Kazakhstan.
  8. bossman4

    Nations League

    While a draw tonight would take it out our hands I would guess that we would still get a play-off, albeit versus a League B side. There are still 8 play off spots for league A and B for teams that dont qualify. You would have to think that of the 24 teams in A & B, 20 of them will qualify outright, would fancy the likes of a Serbia maybe sneak one depending on who they draw.
  9. He doesn’t look well, I’ve thought that for a while hand after watching his press conference after the game on Saturday I’m convinced something isnt’t right. whether its drink or not who knows but hope it’s nothing to serious.
  10. There was something mentioned about this on talksport recently, may have been Snoddy himself actually. Was pretty much the above. His big concern seemed to be risking his relationship with West Ham just as he's got himself back in the good books with them.
  11. He did, think it was Dominic Matteo who burst down the left on the counter and played a ball into the middle but Ferguson’s first touch was to heavy and took it to close to the keeper and it was cleared.
  12. Only a suggestion for those fans willing to do it, could certainly ease queues in Tel-Aviv and Haifa.
  13. Surely in these circumstances and given that this has been outwith the SFA's hands they could arrange for fans to collect from Hampden before traveling.
  14. Would say now that NI wont have any stadium big enough to do it, talk over here when it was mentioned a few weeks back was NI being used as a training base.
  15. Fletcher only just coming back from a bad injury, played his first 45 mins at the weekend for Sheffield Wednesday since December.
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