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  1. BBC Scotland Euros Breakfast show said that while no direct discussion with PHE the SFA liaised with the Chief Medical Officer for North East England. They will have had to have provided bus and plane manifests, training footage etc. So based on the fact the 25 others have travelled there clearly the CMO officer is happy.
  2. That has baffled me a bit as well. Could have been a hotel staff member? Or were they closer to their families than we thought.
  3. Yes sorry just seen that. Also just realised that Group C goes first tomorrow so Austria and Ukraine cant really take a chance and play out a 0-0, incase a freak Finland result happened.
  4. We need a 2 clear goal win to get ahead of the Swiss.
  5. Exactly, its not that far fetched that they could still go through. All it takes in Finlad and Denmark loosing tomorrow (highly possible) and a draw in our match and they will go through.
  6. Yeah same starting team but this is the game we have to use the 5 subs of needed. Forrest, Fraser, Nisbet especially to create and get goals if needed.
  7. With the nature of this tournament we are far from out and need to pick ourselves up. We had 19 shots a goal ffs. That Dykes miss near the end was criminal, the Forrest one 9 times out of 10 it goes in. Big changes needed for Friday though. SOD looked like a rabbit in the headlights and just isn’t good enough at that level. He’ll do ok against the pot 5/6 sides but not in games like yesterday. I’d go with the below on Friday but for Patterson and Gilmour I think Clarke will pick Forrest and McGregor. We need Tierney back Gordon Patterson Hendry Hanley Tierney Robbo Gilmo
  8. Plus Middlesborough’s training ground is right across the road from the hotel, all in the same complex. The only other option I read late last year was staying at Mar Hall and using Murray Park (or whatever its called now) but that meant a drive every day.
  9. While Gallagher done great for us last year he is now behind Cooper and Hanley for that middle position. Can’t see him starting.
  10. The formal PCR test is only needed if you return a positive lateral flow test. Its is heavily reliant on folk being very honest.
  11. No you just need to take one test with 48 hours before the gates open. So anytime from 5pm on Wednesday 16th.
  12. Oh aye thats another test I get 😂😂
  13. Thats going to be a pain the backside
  14. There is different permutations depending on what groups the best 4 come from. It’s all here-https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020 There is a 50% chance we will play in Budapest in last 16.
  15. No test needed unless its changed in the last day or so.
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