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  1. Cheers Davy, £24 paid across today.
  2. Hi Davy, can I book two seats on the bus from Limassol please. I'll send the money through PayPal once confirmed. Cheers, Barry Ross
  3. Hi Davy, another two interested in tickets for the game. Cheers
  4. Fresh legs should have been put on once we went 3-0 up. Crichton and a number of other players were visibly out on their feet in that last 20 minutes. Not sure how Kerr could have missed that.
  5. Anyone know which stand is the designated family one? It could be the crap out of date internet browser at my work but it doesn't appear to say which one on the SSC website.
  6. Anyone know which row the pillars in the north stand upper are in? In section 407 row q.
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