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  1. Kill your pets (huge unnecessary cause of global warming)
  2. If never really been suicidal but I did wake up a few times suffocating and from what people were telling me it sounded like panic attacks. I bought a supplement called 5-HTP which helps by increasing the production of the serotonin. I have not had any of those nights again so I would say they must have worked and you should give them ago before. Only mentioning this because Ally was talking about serotonin.
  3. Great tit most likely. My neighbor has an overgrown bamboo forest here in Ohio so I'm really lucky for the ole bird-watching. Cardinals, Red-cockaded woodpecker, American robins, Carolina wrens, Hummingbirds, Flycatchers, Bluejays (cunts) Nighthawks, Waxwings, Finches, Cooper Hawks (although I think people who stand on spiders are cunts there is something enjoyable seeing hawks hunt) I hear owls often but not sure what kind.
  4. I just stumbled across this movie by chance, the wife had a conversation with me and I never heard one word because I was completely tuned in . Thoroughly deserved oscars. Ive not seen bohemian rhapsody, but Viggo played one of the most convincing goomba's seen since the likes of frank vincent.
  5. Will that be his music pulled from sports events and the like?
  6. Just buy a mirror phone mount thing that hold the phone. I caught a guy drive into the side of me in the second month. You need to have alot of memory and it's a pain in the hole if you have sat nav on your phone but my picture quality is better than any of the dash cams Ive seen.
  7. Wool socks are the absolute best for keeping your feet warm. Normal socks underneath and wool socks over the top. Sorry about the space heater post I thought this was another thread.
  8. an electrical space heater on the cars engine water pipe for 20 mins has got me out of a jam or two if my engine block heater is knackered.
  9. I don't have time to read all the above but: One film that sticks out is Orphans. It's a movie that does not get enough credit. Ratcatcher does get credit but it's probably been mentioned already. A book that stands out for me is Children of the dead end. I don't even know if that would qualify as Scottish but it's mostly set in Scotland. All slightly morbid examples but f*** it.
  10. Homo sapien did not hunt or out compete neanderthal rather than neanderthal got a taste for the wee sapien women and there wains were infertile.
  11. if all non sub saharan africans share one common african ancestor, does that not mean were all negroes anyway? or does getting bleached in the dark and pumpin cave'wumin make us a new species 🤔
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