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  1. He's just resigned from the SNP according to STV News online.
  2. Grew up on it - my dad loved the stuff so had a country channel on the radio in the car constantly. That and my mum's preference for trad jazz! Can't beat a bit of Sydney Devine..however, for some reason, we couldn't stop playing this song on the jukebox when I was at college (for clarification that was in the early 80s...not when the song originally came out).
  3. It wasn't Ladies Day - we were there the day before. We were drinking champagne so I can't comment on the wine options. It was proper bottles of champagne but good quality plastic glasses. Food wasn't great. You had to go back into the grandstand and it was just the stuff on offer in there. Can't remember what it was but I remember being unimpressed. We were there for the start so there were lots of seats available at that time. Filled up pretty quickly though. Think it was just the basic club ticket but I'm not sure as I didn't sort them - I'll try to find out.
  4. We were there last year on a Club ticket - absolutely loved it and found it way better to Ladies Day at Hamilton Race course but we didn't hang around for the post-race nonsense at either racecourse.
  5. Good place that's well worth a visit. I prefer the beer at the West Brewery - I have done the tour there which was good.
  6. Really looking forward to this tomorrow - purely as a spectator as my ligaments are gubbed. It will be interesting to see what advice Craig Brown etc will be able to impart to the teams taking part....
  7. The West of Scotland Tartan Army turns 20 this year and to celebrate we are holding an informal gathering at the Iron Horse on Saturday 28 April. We are hoping to spread the message to as many past and present members as possible but many email addresses have changed over the years. Tickets cost £10 each including a buffet and a free drink. Entertainment will be provided by an up and coming young Tartan Army DJ but with a few other surprises. If you would like to go, please email: jenblackwood@virginmedia.com to secure your place and arrange payment.
  8. My mate loved hers so much she had two of them but I just don't like it. I've had it five years. I find if I have to break quickly there's a real clunk like it's metal on metal and I don't feel confident in its ability to stop though it always has done to date. Not helped by the fact the motor of the windscreen wipers failed when I was on the motorway and i had to get myself to a safe place in pouring rain using purely the rear lights of the car in front to guide my direction. Initially I was told it would take four weeks for the part to arrive from Nissan and would cost £250 plus labour to sort. Thanks to friends on Facebook, I got the part via ebay for half the price and within four days. The guy who came to tow me to a garage said Quashqai's were known for problems with their windscreen wipers. It may just be that I've been unlucky and got a dud version but I definitely won't get one again.
  9. When you renewed, there was a tick box option for receiving information. However, I'm sure I ticked the box and still didn't receive the email.
  10. Have to say my old Ford Focus drove better in the snow than my current 2 wheel drive Qashqai though it's much better now I use winter tyres.
  11. No - The Birthday Party on Thursday night and Mary Stuart on Friday. Both getting great reviews and have very good casts.
  12. Everyone in our office has the ability to work from home - so we were told to do that today and tomorrow. So today was great, however, tomorrow I'm supposed to be getting a flight at 9.35 am from Glasgow to London to go to some already-paid for, very expensive theatre productions. Really hoping it's not as bad as they are predicting overnight.
  13. Ummm....I know it's a technicality but he resigned from Police Scotland. He wasn't 'got rid of' though granted the political and media pressure at the time might have meant he felt he had no option.
  14. It could have been even worse if the planners had had the money...the whole centre of Glasgow was due to be flattened and rebuilt with sparkly new buildings. The only thing that stopped it was the cost. It was a cracking programme - I found it fascinating.
  15. I get the Press and Journal through work and this murder regularly appears there. Don't think the Professor from Birmingham is helping with all his theories and the information that's been given to him by some 'mysterious person'. It's certainly an odd one.
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