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  1. jamkam


    Hi Davy can have 3 seats Rimini to San Marino thanks.
  2. jamkam

    We're on our way.....

    On same flight to Luton tomorrow -- Tirana flight on friday morning.
  3. jamkam


    Also pickup on saturday 1000hrs to 1430hrs !!!
  4. jamkam

    Airport transfer

    I have received 2 quotes from 2 different companies for 24 euros return --SPEED TAXI and MERR TAXI
  5. jamkam

    Davy Bus Departure Times

    Is there an update of which bus evryone is allocated on?. Thanks.
  6. jamkam

    Home ticket website issues...

    I had that issue -- phoned hotline and they said you have to select a name using the head and shoulder tag when assigning ticket to person.
  7. jamkam

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, I am listed on bus 16 for 03 seats, you have me listed as not paid, can you check as I paid for 03 seats on 29/07/18. Thanks jamkam.
  8. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    I bought the blue shirt same size as I would buy in the shop fitted me okay.
  9. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    Sorry I do not know how to put a link , but glad that someone else was able to.
  10. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    yep its up now about same price as the home top was.
  11. jamkam

    Scott Brown retires..... again.

    Everyone has there own thoughts, I`ll just say cheers.
  12. jamkam

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    can only agree.
  13. jamkam

    SSC Renewals

    Age over 65
  14. jamkam

    Davy Bus - Bus list & payment details

    money sent. thanks
  15. Can I have 3 seats please, thanks in advance.