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  1. Hi Davy can you put JamKam x 3, from Larnaca. Thanks
  2. I had to phone also as points missing for Albania [a], Israel [h&a]. I have got them added now. The girl at SSC was helpful.
  3. Davy, that`s my payment sent for 03 seats. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Davy can have 3 seats Rimini to San Marino thanks.
  5. On same flight to Luton tomorrow -- Tirana flight on friday morning.
  6. Also pickup on saturday 1000hrs to 1430hrs !!!
  7. I have received 2 quotes from 2 different companies for 24 euros return --SPEED TAXI and MERR TAXI
  8. Is there an update of which bus evryone is allocated on?. Thanks.
  9. I had that issue -- phoned hotline and they said you have to select a name using the head and shoulder tag when assigning ticket to person.
  10. jamkam

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, I am listed on bus 16 for 03 seats, you have me listed as not paid, can you check as I paid for 03 seats on 29/07/18. Thanks jamkam.
  11. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    I bought the blue shirt same size as I would buy in the shop fitted me okay.
  12. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    Sorry I do not know how to put a link , but glad that someone else was able to.
  13. jamkam

    New jerseys?

    yep its up now about same price as the home top was.
  14. Everyone has there own thoughts, I`ll just say cheers.
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