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  1. faddyisyerdaddy

    Shed Seven 4Th December Glasgow

    There's four of us going. So far only got 2 tickets, really struggling for some reason. Was easier getting tickets for the Roses next June!
  2. Hi I've got the begging bowl out. I'm looking for 2 standing tickets for this gig at the Academy if anyone has any spares or is looking to sell. My email is cdpatterson68@yahoo.co.uk Cheers
  3. faddyisyerdaddy

    Benefit Fraud

    If the wife is genuinely disabled then I'm sure the authorities will be able to establish that fairly quickly. Based on the OP this couple have wangled two council houses, no doubt denying someone else on the waiting list . Doesn't sound fair to me.
  4. faddyisyerdaddy

    Benefit Fraud

    I would grass and let the authorities investigate. If the wife's illness is genuine it should be fairly straightforward to establish. The second house scenario is quite frankly taking the piss though.
  5. faddyisyerdaddy

    Germany Tickets Wanted

    Hi looking for 1 ticket for the Germany game, preferably West Stand, my email is cdpatterson68@yahoo.co.uk thanks.
  6. If there is a better intro than this I've yet to hear it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TGRHO_yUTE0
  7. faddyisyerdaddy


    Some people on this thread are saying" but he didn't cost us a goal". That was more luck than anything else. Forsyth was a bombscare the entire match, this idea that he came onto a game in the second half also needs put to bed, he was horseshit the whole 90 mins.
  8. faddyisyerdaddy

    Transfer Rumours

    To the tune of sex bomb 6 one 6 one, we won 6 one, and baby you can bite my sh ite
  9. faddyisyerdaddy

    Jack Harper Exclusion

    When I read this in the paper this am I actually had to check the date to make sure it wasn't April 1st. Sharia has made a total coont of himself. Oh and Dom Thomas should be in the starting 11 never mind the squad. Raging.
  10. faddyisyerdaddy

    English Cup

    Bristol is about twice the size of Aberdeen. Cambridge is almost 3 times the size of Kilmarnock.
  11. faddyisyerdaddy

    My Match Thoughts

    Last nights game did not suit Chris Martin. However he was decent against Georgia when he came on and took the ball in on his chest and got us up the pitch as the game petered out. I still think he has a contribution to make but only in matches where we are spending more time higher up the pitch.
  12. faddyisyerdaddy

    Gibraltar Attendance

    The team needs our support EVERY game
  13. faddyisyerdaddy

    Gibraltar Attendance

    If we don't turn up in huge numbers it hurts the team not the SFA. Just don't renew your travel club membership.
  14. faddyisyerdaddy

    Recent Images

    Cheers I've already saved it as my wallpaper on my iPad I might take it up tp Tesco tomorrow. I just had it in my head that the quality wouldn't be that great but it's worth a try.