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  1. Apparently I bore people with my tales of travelling watching Scotland, and growing up my two best mates were Del (Derek)and Rod(erick) and thus I got labelled Uncle Albert.......true!!
  2. We are on the Manchester - Paphos flight on Friday and were planning to taxi it into the centre of Paphos to our hotel and then walk to a few pubs.
  3. Davy, thanks for all your help (oh and the info on Zivania!!) my mate Stuart would be interested in a ticket , should you be able to get them sorted. Cheers Mate. Andy/Uncle Albert (The Manchester TA)
  4. We got flights and B and B for £265 Manchester-Paphos- Manchester from Friday until Tuesday with "On The Beach"
  5. Davy, can I just thank you for all your hard work involved in planning and ordering the busses. If I see you in Cyprus there is a pint with your name on it.
  6. Payment just made Davy. Thanks a million for all your hard work. Uncle Albert (Andy Lamb / The Manchester TA)
  7. Looked at larnaca but living in Manchester we found direct flights to Paphos (and thus avoiding the chance of missing connecting flights in Germany/Austria) so we have book Manchester - Paphos.
  8. Davy can I be a pain? I booked two seats from Larnaca but we have found direct flights into Paphos from here in Manchester, can I cancel the two from Larnaca and book two from Paphos (they are booked under Andrew Lamb/ Manchester TA) sorry to mess you about. I owe you a pint!!
  9. Andy, I am going Manchester - Frankfurt - Tirana. I did look at Istanbul but decided to go withthe Germany option.
  10. Being the sole member (as far as I know) of The Manchester TA, I will be going with The Stockport TA, but they are going after the game and I have another night after in Tirana. I will give you a call when we get over there. Did you say Mario et al, were going Frankfurt to Tirana on the Friday? I may meet them at the airport as well.
  11. Have you got any Andy?? 😁 ........................Only joking Mate, see you over there for a catch up and a pint or five.
  12. Davy, money sent just now via Paypal for 1 x person (me). Thanks for organizing the bar.....I owe you a pint over in Albania. Uncle Albert/Andy
  13. Anyone else doing Manchester- Frankfurt the onto Tirana on the Friday? The good/bad thing is on the way back I have a six hour stop over in Frankfurt (an excuse to head into Frankfurt for a few beers or be sensible and get a few in the airport)
  14. The Manchester Tartan Army.

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