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  1. I've got Audio-Technica ATLP120, hooked up to Ruark R4i.
  2. Jon Cutler

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Surely it will be more suprising if he doesn't play.
  3. Hopefully Shinnie will get a 2 game ban.
  4. Jon Cutler

    Pete Shelley

    His '76 electronic/synth recordings Cinema Music & Wallpaper Sounds is superb. It finally got a release couple of years ago.
  5. Jon Cutler

    League cup final thread

    Having watched the last 2 games, does Edouard always have a languid style of play ?
  6. Jon Cutler


    The usual Monday night pantomime show from Stewart.
  7. Jon Cutler

    Time for Eck to go already!

    As proved in the recent quarter final at Easter Road.
  8. Jon Cutler


    Ended up short of time, just got currency card from Thomas Cook.
  9. Jon Cutler

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    We ended up just using the scheduled bus service to get there.
  10. Jon Cutler


    What are the better options for currency, get before travelling, wait till there etc?
  11. Ian Maxwell is living up to the same incompetence levels as Stewart Regan.
  12. There was Rosebank sampling at Falkirk Whisky Festival couple of weeks ago. They were showing the artists impressions of the new distillery.
  13. Jon Cutler

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    They were talking about that stat on Off the Ball yesterday. Celtic would have put AEK Athens out if they had produced a performance like today's one.
  14. Rosebank distillery is opening back up in 2020, visitor centre also. Ian McLeod distilleries bought it few months back. I've got 2 bottle 16yr old and 1 bottle 12yr old.