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  1. Spirit of Eden is a masterpiece, EMI tried to sue the band for not making a commercially sound album. They failed but all record companies then subsequently inserted a clause in to recording contracts, that albums must to be commercially sound and viable.
  2. Anyone got advice/knowledge on consumer law, could they PM me.
  3. He should have been cited but when you see Shinnie getting away with his Superman dive few weeks ago, there's not much surprise.
  4. His '76 electronic/synth recordings Cinema Music & Wallpaper Sounds is superb. It finally got a release couple of years ago.
  5. Having watched the last 2 games, does Edouard always have a languid style of play ?
  6. The usual Monday night pantomime show from Stewart.
  7. As proved in the recent quarter final at Easter Road.
  8. Ended up short of time, just got currency card from Thomas Cook.
  9. We ended up just using the scheduled bus service to get there.
  10. What are the better options for currency, get before travelling, wait till there etc?
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