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  1. And be of no help to the home based players for the Euros.
  2. No matter who it is and the circumstances , what weird creep takes out their phone to take pics at a funeral wake? No respect for the family.
  3. Group of us did it at last Wembley game. All had a good time.
  4. Delivered earlier, hopefully get a read this weekend.
  5. IIRC on an early version of the TAMB, there was a poster called Sonny who had done a lot of research. He found Callander had a significant part to play in where football was 1st played. There was some good reading back in the early days of the TAMB, before it became a watered down club forum.
  6. A unique eccentic legend. Got to meet him a couple of times, came across totally down to earth. The same week too as Florian Schneider, they both happened to have their biggest hits at the same time. Golden Brown followed by 7min French flop of La Folie, only The Stranglers. Watched them in Eurpoe and all over UK it's hard to believe I'll not see him perform live again, gutted. RIP Dave.
  7. Celtic will get awarded title. just usual carnage before they get to a decision😂
  8. Bomb the Bass - Beat Dis was another on banned list.
  9. Firs Park is still there, all be it an overgrown tragic wasteland, stand and enclosure were demolished. Brockville is now a Morrisons. https://www.footballgroundmap.com/ground/firs-park/east-stirlingshire Main stand pic on link is from Fergie era, with SRPS railway yard behind, yard is now retail park.
  10. Looking for laptop recommendations/advice preferably with SSD & dedicated graphics card. Budget £600/700.
  11. Some of the players didn't seem to want to contemplate a change, moaning to their journalist pals that they didn't like it. Charlie Adam admitted that until Le Guen, he didn't think eating healthily would benefit him.🤣 He did say, he followed the advice and benefited from radically changing his diet.
  12. The outrage of players when Deila tried to change the menu at Lennoxton. Over the years any foreign managers, that have tried to advise players to eat healthily, they always seem to get derided. Thankfully it does seem to be changing now with younger players.
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