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  1. Bought. Can't wait for it to arrive and look forward to more Scotland related stuff.
  2. I find this bobble nothing but great. It was about time some sort of more discreet and stylish Scotland related stuff was made available. Loony Alba t shirts were/are quite good in many ways but my dream is to see something along the lines of Spirit of 58 Wales emerging within the Scotland support sooner rather than later. And this effort goes in the right direction so I have nothing but praise. And I don't think it is overpriced at all. Granted it ain't cheap, as someone else already pointed out, but if you take into consideration the research work and the quality of the material you'll see that it is well within the standard price range for similar products outside the more mainstream markets. The only low is the price for the p&p outside UK but still I will grab it once available. All in all, great job Reuven and hopefully we will see more similar stuff appearing in the future.
  3. Which pubs would you suggest for pre match in Shawlands? Any real ale pubs there?
  4. Sounds interesting. Any info on how long does the trip take form the pick up to the ground?
  5. Sometimes, when you don't have a clue about people's intentions or reasons, it would be wise to shut the f**k up.
  6. Oh, excellent. I know I shouldn't have gone down the pub yesterday night... Can't even read correctly.
  7. Atmosphere wise, if it wasn't for the Poles it would have been one of the poorest I have ever experienced at Hampden... Five songs in the whole 90 minutes of a crucial game. It's granted that the importance of the match distract from proper supporting (which is very understandable and I take my fair share of blame for this), but yet I would have expected something better. I have not witnessed any trouble or single incident involving Polish fans all day despite bumping into them constantly. Of course their way of supporting the team is rather different from what you get in Scotland and in the UK, but this doesn't mean they were out for confrontation. But maybe, coming from different shores, I'm just much more used to that.
  8. Cheers for the link. I'll try to see if the ship outside Poland, although I would prefer a scarf with an English text...
  9. As it says on the tin... I was too disappointed after the game to stop and pick up one, but I'm after one half and hald scarf for my local pub. I've been scouting the net/ebay for days but nothing appeared so far. Any spares?
  10. Nice design, but my question is: are you going to produce them in "one size fits all"?
  11. Happy to leave it to you guys, as long they will be available not only in XXXL size as appears to be the norm with such items.
  12. I was thinking more about a proper football related logo, such as this one (with the suitable amendments, of course)
  13. That's the type of hat i was thinking about, with a Scotland logo printed in navy blue on the white part. I'll try and get a quote asap.
  14. Interesting to hear such a feedback. I will keep you posted if I actually finalize it. My idea was to do a classic 80s looking blue-white-blue with a equally old style printed logo on the side. Maybe in full colour, or in two tone (white/blue).
  15. I am so desperate to find a decent one (for size/design/print or embroidery etc) that I am seriously considering having some produced myself...
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