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  1. Can anyone recommend where to watch the Scotland v Russia match today in Washington DC ?
  2. Yep, done that already but thanks for the tip anyways
  3. Long shot - but am trying to find one ticket for England v Columbia on Tuesday 3 July in Moscow. Does anyone know anyone with a spare ticket by any chance ?
  4. Hi Joe Yep, got one thanks in Molly's if you get any more blue polo shirts I would be interested in buying one of them too. cheers Mark
  5. Hi Joe Do you have a large left in the blue t-shirt ? I'll be in Molly's this avo Cheers Mark
  6. Looking for one England v Wales ticket. Can swap for a spare ticket I have for England v Russia or can pay cash. Also looking for a ticket for Ireland v Belgium and one for Italy v Sweden
  7. I'm looking for one ticket for each of the following matches at Euro 2016: Match Number Match 16 England Wales 18 Germany Poland 19 Italy Sweden 22 Belgium Ireland 26 Switzerland France 35 Italy Ireland I'm also looking for 2 tickets for 30 Germany Northern Ireland I have spare tickets to swap to the following matches (with difference paid in £): 1 France Romania 4 England Russia 13 Russia Slovakia 51 Final
  8. Message for Amber Morton - I picked up your Supporters Club card and other things in the stadium for you. Send me a message and I'll arrange to get them back to you.
  9. Does anyone know which sections the German fans are in at Hampden ?
  10. I'm looking for a ticket if anyone has a spare one and can help me out ??? Many thanks
  11. goggs


    I'm looking for a ticket if anyone has one spare and can help me out Many thanks
  12. I've got 3 spare tickets in the Jock Stein Upper Stand (£50 each). 2 of the tickets are next to each other in area 442 and the 3rd is close by in area 440 (but I'm sure you could get seated together if need be). I'll be travelling over by train from Edinburgh and should be at the stadium by about 18:30. Send me a PM if interested. Cheers Mark
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