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  1. Mitrovic making up for his penalty miss against us. Well done Serbia
  2. We both had AstraZeneca. Second jag was around the end of May. I’ve had no symptoms at all. My wife’s fever has gone but she still has no taste or smell.
  3. Thanks. My wife still feels shit but she’s out her bed. I’ve no symptoms so hopefully the vaccines are doing their stuff. I was at Croatia game and in the pub for the other two. I think having had the double jag I maybe (wrongly) thought I was bulletproof. Im self-employed so the two weeks of work isn’t ideal, but at least the suns out.
  4. London for a couple of days, then Bognor Regis for a week with a couple of day trips to Brighton and Southampton. The track and trace have certainly got their work cut out.
  5. Just got back from the South of England yesterday and me and my missus have both tested positive today. We both had our second jag 6 weeks ago. She’s in bed with flu symptoms and no taste. I’m feeling ok, for now anyway. We were pretty strict with the mask/ social distancing/sanitising rules. Because we were double jabbed we thought it would be safe to go away. Beginning to regret that decision now.
  6. Sold out now. Can’t complain. Still got Croatia tickets.
  7. Do you need ID for the hampden games? Can’t see anything about it on the tickets app.
  8. I had them in the original ballot. Tried to buy four, then two and it said the item you have selected is no longer available. Maybe just singles left.
  9. Just tried to get two tickets for Czech game. Think they are sold out.
  10. Few folk tweeted this now.
  11. Aye you are right. I had us above Greece, but they would “have” only had the 4 points they got against the lowest ranking team deducted as apposed to our 6 points. Thanks for the English lesson though.
  12. Thought I had got my head round most of this, but still don’t get how Israel, who just finished second bottom in their group, managed to get in the playoffs. Also, am I right in thinking if it was the old format off the 8 best third placed teams, we would of qualified for the playoffs?
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