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  1. https://www.sportbible.com/football/football-news-reports-say-russia-is-in-the-frame-to-host-delayed-euro-2020-outright-20201102 Few folk tweeted this now.
  2. Aye you are right. I had us above Greece, but they would “have” only had the 4 points they got against the lowest ranking team deducted as apposed to our 6 points. Thanks for the English lesson though.
  3. Thought I had got my head round most of this, but still don’t get how Israel, who just finished second bottom in their group, managed to get in the playoffs. Also, am I right in thinking if it was the old format off the 8 best third placed teams, we would of qualified for the playoffs?
  4. mwng

    Next Manager?

    Clarke and mcinnes don’t want the job. Take a gamble on Darren Fletcher. He’s done it all as a player and unlike McLeish,would get the respect from the players. Pick the right players, get the best out of them. Ffs it’s not really that hard a gig. Not getting to the Euros when they are getting played at Hampden , with the easy route we’ve got ,doesn’t bear thinking about. No chance of getting there with dinosaurs like McLeish and Grant
  5. My mum was born and bred in Fife and she used to say “Ben the scullery”. I occasionally use it just to get a Wtf look from my kids.
  6. mwng


    Said it’s either Saransk, Nizhny, Novgorod or Volgograd in the paper today. It was the record so it might be bullshit.
  7. mwng


    My mate lives in st Petersburg and raves about it. Fingers crossed it’s there.
  8. Arcade Fire in April and Roger Waters in June. Both at the hydro. Hopefully the missus has got me something for Christmas.
  9. Radio 2 for the quiz in the morning. The victor gets to pick the station for the day. 6music if it’s me, planet rock if my mate wins.
  10. Did this last week. Unlucky with Fulham losing late goal. bristol city, hull, fleetwood and Luton 25/1 3 of them had convincing wins last week and hull were unlucky not to beat villa.
  11. http://<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/mtKJ-yQc040" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. That is Martin Compston at his local wine bar? This one is my favourite. Still watch it now and again to cheer myself up. https://youtu.be/mtKJ-yQc040
  13. I was under the impression the Iceland chant was in response to the "your just a shite San Marino". Thought it was genius at the time.
  14. Without trawling through the thread someone tipped torys no majority at 12-1..sure it was you
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