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  1. If we are talking about a small number of colt teams why not run them under the SFA badge; it’s different but it’s less divisive. The SFA appoint a permanent manager who creates a team out of players loaned from the clubs. The SFA pays each team a loan fee for taking the player. The SFAhave a lovely big stadium sitting empty 40+ weeks a year for them to play in and there are a number of lovely training facilities around the country they could base themselves at. if you really wanted to be innovative, you could have a league rule where any player who has been picked for the Scotland
  2. Ha, Scotland just went 1-0 up from an excellent Hornby goal, so it shows what I know.
  3. It's on twitter, youtube, facebook and Twitch. Christ it's depressing though - the style of football is like a throwback to the 90s. Edit: youtbue link
  4. The difference is in the consistent standard of player in England. In a Prem Scottish team, outside of the OF, the standard of player probably varies from good Championship player to poor league 2 player even within a matchday squad. In England the standard of player in the Championship won't generally be any better than the best non-OF player, but it certainly won't be as bad as the worst in a typical Scottish squad. There is a lot of snobbery down south about the standard of player in Scotland, but for me the reality is that although the standard is much more variable, our best is definitely
  5. I can't be arsed to check but presumably Bournemouth extended the deal of every single player in every single one of their teams (from the top team to the U16s)? If not he is a disingenuous turd. The reality is, had Fraser injured himself in the last game of the season, he would not have moved clubs and would likely not have secured himself a multi-million pound signing fee. We all like to say what we would or wouldn't do in this kind of situation, but I can tell you for absolute certain I wouldn't be walking away from a million quid for any company. Fraser is undoubtedly a turd in my opi
  6. They seem to have stopped marking which players are or have been tied to a Performance School. I found that an interesting additional piece of information to give a suggestion of how that system is functioning.
  7. I don't doubt it, but in terms of real change right through the team, probably later. The PS system is all about changing the type of player we produce to become more skillful, fitter, more tactically aware etc. We will require more than two players for this to fundamentally change the makeup of the squad, and therefore the type of football they play and the success we have with it.
  8. Is this the first time we've seen the performance school boys in such numbers at U19 level? I don't recall seeing too many before, other than the odd outlier like Gilmour. If this is them reaching u19 level in numbers, we should expect it to be another two years or so before they really start to threaten any spots in the full squad, and that would only be the real exceptional talents. Is it fair to say then, that we shouldn't expect there to be any real change in the full squad due to the performance school system (which I am still very positive about by the way) until perhaps 2025
  9. Agreed. However, if they are determined that they are going to do it because it is apparently so good for youth development, then it should be the national youth teams or some proxy for them that are entered into the competition, not just shit colt teams from the bigger Prem teams.
  10. I've been saying for years that this should be the 'solution' for Colt teams. It could be one colt team for all Scotland players, split into U21, U19 etc. groups or done Geographically (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Tayside and Central, Highland etc.) or any number of other ways. It seems like a great way for them to develop together and a great way to promote our best youth players. They could play in cup competitions or even, dare I say it, in the league pyramid...
  11. Definitely this - in my view the technical ability of the current youth teams, especially those who have come through the performance school system (u17s) is exceptional in comparison to previous generations.
  12. Wasn't it Mark Wotte who set these up?
  13. On some occasions we have played England at youth level we have been out-skilled, often we have been out-muscled; it's difficult to see either of those things happening with this group. They have a decent amount of skill, and by and large they are bloody huge too!
  14. Really? You would think a guy earning a basic salary of over 1.5m Euro a year could pay for that himself!
  15. I thought Charlie Gilmour had decided to represent England. Good to see him back in a Scotland squad.
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