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  1. A million thanks for this Davy , payment sent, could you confirm you have it ? Your efforts are much appreciated Thanks Tam Rough
  2. Hi Davy, looking to book 5 from Paphos, if OK can you send me the PayPal address and I'll pay just now? Many thanks Tam Rough
  3. Hi Davy, I'm looking to book 5 seats from paphos if possible? Could you send PayPal details if OK and I'll pay just now? Many thanks for this Tam Rough
  4. no posted in a while, followed Scotland all my life, brought my weans up to do the same but right now im losing the enthusiasm, honestly cant remember the last time i went to a home game and enjoyed the atmosphere, maybe the 3-1 game against ukraine but even then it felt toned down to what i remember as a boy. Last couple of times i've honestly been scared taking my boys to the game incase it sickens them to the point they dont want to go back due to the lack of atmosphere, my problem is ive brought them up to support Scotland first and if they want a club team thats up to them , coming from Glasgow my obvious fear is they choose one of the old firm over Scotland because they do have atmosphere ( even though its mostly bigoted). So if a singing section, green brigade, choir section, whatever brings atmosphere back then im all for it......
  5. Been reading all the pessimism on here as to how the labour vote will still happen in the general election. Having worked, been a shop steward and still a trade unionist in glasgow which is tradional ' monkey wi a red rosette' country i have the following comment to make. the conversations i have born witness to over the last 18-24 months are as follows:- ' Alex Salmond addressed our conference today, had he been a labour candidate he would have been given a standing ovation' - ' its got to be a yes if for nothing else you could stick a rizla in between labour and the tories' - ' Red Blue both Tories' - ' Labour are finished in Scotland' Might only be small snippets of conversation, however 2 of the above comments were made by a regional organiser of a trade union and a branch secretary of the same trade union, the others are made by normal working class guys in canteen conversation. My big point being - these conversations and statements would have been tantamount to blasphemy even as recently as 5 years ago, if labour aren't finished at the very least they are about to get a good kicking next may, in my opinion hearing what i hear , normal working class people are now sick of the 'new' tories.
  6. For me its Davie Cooper, never really got a run in our side till he was in his late twenties, had a gap in betwen his first set of caps and when he became established, i'm not an old firm fan but for me its between him and mo johnstone for the best player ive physically seen playing for us.the coop just edges it.
  7. Listened to this today - picked me up a bit , now this would be a new song we could all sing ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP7xG_bHOIs
  8. you tube Gerry Cinnamon - Carpe Diem would be an excellent replacement
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