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  1. One thing i notice watching this, how much a tallyman Kevin Gallacher became that campain. looking it up 6 goals in 10 internatioanl in 1997 and only 3 in his other 50 odd caps and two and how crap the pitcure quilaty was in the 90s i cant remember it being that bad back then. 😄
  2. Scotland V Latvia now on , wont spoil it for you, but anyone under 22 will see something there never seen 😥
  3. https://twitter.com/ScotlandNT/status/1239598618560155649 Anyone who needs there footy fix can watch Scotland all week on youtube right now Sitting Watching Scotland V Sweden right now.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51319879 James Scott heading to Hull for 1.5 million aparently.
  5. Going by his stats, he seems to be. 6 feet 5, 24 years old, seems to be a regular starter over the last few seasons for them Would hope someone in the SFA would be keeping tracks of him.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Elliott_(footballer) Speaking of Center back,think ive just discoverd a Scottish lad playing in the MLS called Jack Elliott playing for the Philadelphiai Union
  7. I've known he was eligible for awhile.but i thaough it was just a grandparent, but aparently his dad Scottish. Cant say ive seen him play much, so dont know if he be a improvment on what we got.
  8. Zack Rudden has just went on loan Plymouth from Rangers Still only `19, hopefully he dose well as we need more strikers to come threw.
  9. How old is he 17 ? Would expect him to called up to the next under 19 sqaud when ever that is.
  10. Think it a curse of having clubs the size of Rangers and Celtic in our league, that most Scottish players can make a decent living if they end up there that they dont have to challenge themself to go to a bigger league. Players from countrys like Croatia,Sweden and Romania have to leave if there going to make a decent living from football.
  11. Joe Baker should really have played for Scotland if it was not for eligible rules at the time making him having to turn out for England. Could easy have been our record goal holder.
  12. Like I Said in another thread. The real test will be the last game against Portugal, who in the last 6 years have been semi finaliest twice ,Runner up's twice and last year they won it.
  13. Hate to say it, but Tierney becoming a bit of a sicknote under Mcleish Lost count of how many games he missed now. Makes me question Celtic handling of the lad by over playing him.
  14. Great start for the lads! Going to be intresting to see how they get on against Portugal, Who been the team to beat at Under 19 level over the last few years
  15. Aye This is the game i'm worrying about the most. A long distance trip with a 6 hour time differnce as a first game in a group, has all the hall marks for going wrong with a Scotland team. On a selfish note dose not help it a 3pm kick off in the uk, When we all still at work. May need to sneek away early that day 😆
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