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  1. bookerman

    2020 Draw Thread

    Aye This is the game i'm worrying about the most. A long distance trip with a 6 hour time differnce as a first game in a group, has all the hall marks for going wrong with a Scotland team. On a selfish note dose not help it a 3pm kick off in the uk, When we all still at work. May need to sneek away early that day πŸ˜†
  2. bookerman

    Nations League

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_UEFA_Nations_League I'm pretty sure there a overal ranking that ranks the teams in order where the finish , so for example if we where to finish second we would need all the teams above us to qulify to get a playoff spot. Win tonight and we get a playoff spot either way so let just do that ......
  3. bookerman

    Israel- Albania

    Let be honest here, You wouldn't fancy this current alex mcleish team to win a playoff semi final away from home, but it 16 months or so away from now, so who knows what kind of form we be in by then. That is if we even finish first, which i have my doubts.
  4. bookerman

    Team for portugal

    Looks like Tierney Pulled out over a loading issue”, WTF if he not carrying a injury and they agreed to let him go back to celtic just to rest that out of order. He dose not deserve special treatment over the rest of them. Considering we played 7 games under Mcleish and he only turned out in 3 of them, How are we suppose to learn if we can even play half the systems if he dose not even play.
  5. bookerman

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Havent seen him much but Liam Kelly seem to have started the season well at Livingston, Only 22 so could be one to watch. Would be good to get Robby McCrorie out on loan somewhere to see what level he at too.
  6. bookerman

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    http://sportingvideo1.com/20180922/wv5ba680921e693012719324-2041718.html Just found a link to the Malaga game if anyone intrested, still 0-0
  7. bookerman


    Think it shows how desprite England are getting going after dual national even after they been capped with the limited pool of english players playing first team football in the premiership seem to be getting smaller year after year. Example of this the Mctominary situation where southgate tried to speak to him to get him in the england fold. Think Ireland faceing a simler problem with Declan Rice, England seem to be trying to get him back even after he allready played 3 games.
  8. bookerman

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Aye just great to see him invold and playing regular and contribution at a decent level. Shows a good mindset he has as he could have just falling away after the Brighton chapter put him back a couple of years.
  9. bookerman

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Found a link to it on reddit soccer streams 10 minuite to go but he just went off, there 3-0 up.
  10. bookerman

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Watching it now, set up the second Malaga goal with a cross after beating 3 men.
  11. bookerman

    Scotland u21 squad

    it matter if we finished a point behind second as them extra 4 points would more of less guaranted us a playoff place. Assuming we win our last 2 games. We droped 2 points either way for the playoff postions for dropping points to the bottom 2 teams.
  12. bookerman

    Scotland u21 squad

    Great result for the under 21''s but even if we where too win our next 2 games, may not be enough for a playoff place. As only the best 4 second places team make the playoffs. Droping 4 points to Andorra and Latvia may come back to haunt us.
  13. bookerman

    Team for forthcoming matches

    Dont think we had much options on who we could have choosen to play as we seem to be one of only a few teams in a 3 team group. Means while most team are playing 2 competive Nation league games each cylce, we only playing one.
  14. bookerman

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    http://freezersports.com/pre/pre13.php Anyone who intrested Jack harper has just scored his first senior goal for Malaga to put them 1-0 up πŸ‘
  15. bookerman

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Think if he plays for our under 17's in a offical qualifying game that him tied to us, Unless he make the one time switch to england after, not sure of FIFA rules on switching countrys.