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  1. bookerman

    Things for next season

    How many players who have looked good at youth level over the years but never deliveroped further. Sure we all got storys who we thaough looked like players but for whatever reason never made it. What i'm saying there a big differnce from standing out in the youth teams and adults football. That why I try not get to excited by the latest youth talent untill they start making a impression on there first team. Think it only then you can get a idea how far there going to go.
  2. bookerman

    Toulon Tournament

    Billy Gilmour was voted player of the tournament not bad for a 16 year old! and mikey johnston was voted third. proves we do have talent, fingers crossed thies two can make the jump to first team level in the next few years.
  3. bookerman

    Toulon Tournament

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Toulon_Tournament_squads Think again all there squad was born in 98, 97 while our's was a mix between 97-01 Just think they have a bigger group of playes to pick from.
  4. bookerman

    Jayden Stockley

    You suggesting Scottish football league 2 level ? You could easy put it as a Scottish team take's a punt on a lower league player from England, who turns out to be a bit of a huddy and couldent hack it up in Scotland so dropped back down to a level he came from.
  5. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Kind hoping norway get a a winner to knock Germany out..... WTF looks like they just have
  6. bookerman

    Under 17s

    its over now 3 - 1 germany
  7. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Screw that we going out germany has just scored
  8. bookerman

    Under 17s

    4-2 WTF is going on! , come on holland !
  9. bookerman

    Under 17s

    the scotland game not getting streamed just the Germany Holland game http://livestream.sx/live/netherlands-u-19-vs-germany-u-19-live-stream.php
  10. bookerman

    Under 17s

    3-2 now could we actully do this !
  11. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Big turn around holland Germany 1-1 but more important to us we scored 2 early goals in the second half 2-2 so game on !
  12. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Germany are 1-0 up at half time, but it dose not matter cause we going out anyway with norway winning 2-0
  13. bookerman

    Under 17s

    Think im right in saying if we beat Norway and Germany fail to beat Holland we go threw, cause we beat Holland on head to head if they win ?
  14. bookerman

    Under 17s

    what a weird group this may turn out to be. Holland beat Norway 6-1 Germany beat Scotland 3 - 0 Norway beat Germany 5 - 2 Scotland beat Holland 2 - 0 Could maybe actually see us winning the group if we beat Norway
  15. bookerman

    Under 19s Elite Round

    The under 19 elite round round is always difficult to Qualify from with only one going threw. just found a link but germany just has scored! http://www.stream2watch.org/stream/76250