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  1. I liked the format with the leaders taking turns to question each other. There was still quite a bit of talking over each other, but it was certainly better than the BBC debate. Douglas Ross performed really poorly yet again. Anas Sarwar performed quite well again. All the opposition parties implicitly accepted the inevitability of the SNP being the biggest party, with each of them talking about how they would hold the SNP to account.
  2. I think the point of peak effectiveness to expose any of the supposed rumours I previously heard may well have passed. We have been living under stringent restrictions for the past year, meaning that none of the stuff I heard about would have been possible recently. The First Minister has been at pains to point out that she hasn't seen her parents for ages. I'm sure all the tabloids are following all her movements very closely, looking for even tiny slip-ups - as evidenced by the big deal they made out of the story about her being without a mask at a funeral wake. The papers would be
  3. what is the vaccination rate like over there, and what brand of vaccines are being used?
  4. Until Tuesday. Parliament recalled for 'tributes' on Monday and then campaigning recommences the following day.
  5. I haven't proactively checked his site in years. But I had a wee look last month after Pete Wishart made a comment on twitter. The comments on his posts are absolutely mental. The lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum there.
  6. I don;t have insomnia, but I have chronic tinnitus in both ears which means I can't fall asleep if there is silence. The things that helps me get to sleep is podcasts. put them on when I go to bed, and set a 20 minutes timer on them. It very rare that I am still awake when they stop playing after 20 minutes. I've read elsewhere that background noise can help for insomnia as well.
  7. The persistent blunders from AZ when they release press releases have not helped either. They keep exaggerating the efficacy of their vaccine and then have to issue clarifications. I'm glad I received the Pfizer vaccine.
  8. Even if you put the Alba support a couple of percentage points higher, they would struggle to gain more than one seat. Assuming the constituency polls are accurate, then you are correct - the Alba votes may not take any list seats away from the SNP. However, it may take list seats away from the pro-indepndence Greens. If the same people voting for Alba were to vote Green, this has the potential to deliver even more Green list seats than Alba can hope to gain. This is because the Greens already have an established base support and additional list votes have the potential to push them
  9. Mr Salmond is a deeply divisive figure who vastly overestimates his popularity. Ms Sturgeon is much more popular amongst the general population than Mr Salmond ever was. The court cases and enquiries have merely strengthened this position amongst the majority of the population. Getting support from the likes of Nigel Farage is not exactly going to help Mr Salmond either. Recent polls have shown Mr Salmond to be as unpopular as Boris Johnson, and I don't think any sane person would seriously argue that Mr Johnson would get much of a vote share in Scotland. An SNP majority is the only
  10. He has been given multiple opportunities to apologise for his historic inappropriate (but not illegal as proven in a court of law) behaviour. Yet he has failed to take this opportunity. I don't think any journalist is likely to directly ask him why his new party is standing in lists where the SNP have a good chance of getting additional seats. However, if he was directly asked the question, I highly doubt if he would give a direct and justifiable answer. There is likely to be a lot of words about telling people to vote SNP in constituencies while ensuring a supermajority for independence
  11. Unless there is an SNP majority, there is zero chance of us getting a section 30 order. It doesn't matter if Alba were to win a bucket load of list seats. The lack of an SNP majority makes that a moot point. The Green Party are already a pro-independence party and they are the perfect vehicle for people wanting to ensure a "super majority" via the list vote. Therefore this argument of having a new party to get an independence majority is nonsense The Alba party is merely a vehicle for Mr Salmond to continue his battle for revenge. His drive for vengeance against those people he
  12. Craig Murray is about to get a jail term for contempt of court. If he wants to be a real martyr he could directly state why he thinks MR Robertson is immoral. But he know fine well that could end up with him facing a second conviction
  13. This is exactly why the Unionists keep saying No to a referendum. Their tactic is to delay as long as possible, bringing up every possible excuse they can, so that we start fighting amongst ourselves. The Salmond fiasco has been a gift to them. They just need to sit back and watch both factions fight each other. It would have been much simpler if Mr Salmond had just faded into the background and let the SNP take forward the fight for independence. I completely understand the argument that there is a need for an alternative approach to ensure the SNP keep independence front
  14. It is hilarious. As others have said, you might not find it so funny if you are easily offended. But given that you are hanging out on here, I'm guessing that's not the case 😀
  15. It appears clear that if they outline full details of certain events in the lead up to Alex Salmond going to Nicola Sturgeon's house, this will name one of the complainants. Can somebody answer a question I have about the court order? If person X is a complainant, does this mean that Mr Hamilton cannot state that Person X was involved in certain events in the lead up to Salmond and Sturgeon meeting, even if it is not stated that person X subsequently came forward as a complainant after those events? Is the mere presence of person X's name in the report a breach of the court ord
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