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  1. رجل إيرلندي

    Aberdeen tickets

    😂 I did wonder if anyone here would think that was us! Yeah, disappointing result for Aberdeen but I'll certainly be back again. Fingers crossed for better next time.
  2. رجل إيرلندي

    Aberdeen tickets

    Just in the door after our flight back to Gatwick was delayed by three hours. Just wanted to say thanks to Parklife for helping me with tickets to the game. Had a great time in Aberdeen, what a fantastic city. I adored Pittodrie too, wonderful historic football ground with real character. I've long had a slight soft spot for the dandies, what with thier European pedigree so I was delighted to get to the game. Brewdog brewery and bar was good too, if a bit too trendy for me! Cheers guys 👍
  3. رجل إيرلندي

    Aberdeen tickets

    Yeah, I did thanks. Looking forward to it. Been wanting to tick Pittodrie off my list for a long time. Should be a good weekend 👍
  4. رجل إيرلندي

    Aberdeen tickets

    I can assure you that's not the case.
  5. رجل إيرلندي

    Aberdeen tickets

    Sorted 👍 Thanks Parklife
  6. رجل إيرلندي

    Aberdeen tickets

    One last call... Looking like I'll have to give it a miss at this stage.
  7. رجل إيرلندي

    Aberdeen tickets

    Bump. ... anyone able to assist? Nice little donation to charity for anyone who could help. Thanks
  8. رجل إيرلندي

    Aberdeen tickets

    Seemed like a clever idea at the time!
  9. Good evening gents, Registered here as a member years back. Ignore the silly user name. Had an Algerian girlfriend at the time and made a half arsed attempt to learn Arabic but that's all fallen by the wayside now. Anyhow, myself and my brother (Fulham season ticket holders from Epsom) will be in Aberdeen of the weekend of the 24th and 25th February. Main purpose of the visit is to do the Brewdog brewery tour, but I chose this particular weekend as I was hoping to fit the Aberdeen v Celtic match in as an added extra, as I've long had a soft spot for the dandies but have never been to Pittodrie. Was thinking I would be able to purchase tickets online from the Aberdeen ticket office. Plenty of tickets available by the looks of it but having called them they will only sell tickets to people with a booking history, which I don't have. Any dons fans here willing to help a brother out? I'll happily repay the favour and assist with Fulham tickets in future (don't laugh). Touts don't bother, but I'll happily throw a few pounds to a chosen charity of anyone who would assist. Many thanks, Steve