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  1. Finished it last night was enjoying it up until final episode ; not sure what happened there you re right tho very subjective what ive noticed over the years ; since the advent of big budget tv series ; american ones is lot of the times they really milk each episode so lot of times is not that much going on we had north and south etc back in 80s , but would “Sopranos “& band of brothers be the series that set the standard in early 2000s for me ; Mad Men was my number 1
  2. What about the M&S classics of the 70s they had pink / yellow / brown icing sugar on one side and sports motifs ; rowing etc ... was also a markies version of Bandit named Bandido..... Also breakaways were good i had cherry jaffa cakes from a shop here last month - recall slovenia etc origin ; not great tho
  3. Bide is well used in Abdn/shire far ( faur ) di ye bide ? not sure the term “bidey in” is that used much though these days a live in partner always seemed kind of dated even back in 70s Aberdeen....
  4. Suspect jason bateman watched a lot of breaking bad... i googled the helen character as thought i detected a bit of irish ; shes actually from newcastle edited to add ; peter mullans wife ; scary/crazy character now been amped up to cringe factor with the young guy
  5. am not a huge guy ritchie fan at all but i actually loved it - i hated snatch - over hyped i thought i saw lock/stock when it came out - was living london at the time ; in fact first night was by borough market - before it turned into a tourist trap - film was different for sure but still felt contrived - problem was a lot of geezers down there starting acting like that... was in wh smith in wimbledon one lunch time - poor vinny was sitting at table by himself for his book signing - zero punters there - after he d been in the film - admittedly was during the week
  6. Gallipoli Woke... - beneath hill 60 & bbc version of birdsong are my ww1 picks could get all 'arthouse' with all quiet on western front & paths of glory etc.... but prefer above = the documentary 'they must not grow old' i thought was outstanding tho
  7. There’s seemingly a US version where Stallone not only saves the pen , but runs up the field and scores.... was mentioned on off the ball few months back i did see it titled as ‘victory’ tho , as was looking into renting in here as part of the kids education.....
  8. Yeah ; only personal opinion - prob a bit tainted as i had read / enjoyed book years earlier ; and had pictured a ‘radger’ character bit like reading Rebus for years then john hannah comes along ..... ken stott more like what i had pictured
  9. I saw it in calgary when it opened ; was full , you could tell the large number of expats by reactions to certain things ie the whole 1690 pin / orange lodge scene where as locals not a scooby obviously not a shade on original; but pretty decent for a follow up so many years later the granton star cause/3 short film series was outstanding too james mcavoy tho ( great actor imo ) was badly cast in the filth lead role
  10. am always amazed there isnt much attention/coverage to the sweden 58 world cup - i read the book by Gary Imlach ; where his dad is playing - i have seen footage of the france game - was a narrow 2-1 defeat .... with superstar Just Fontaine scoring
  11. Calgary - ive heard of joe wicks thing so maybe give it a go - i invented a pretty lame circuit training sesh for kids/teens -not that impressed ; especially the walmart inflatable punchbag.....
  12. Yeah ; i had Bobby Clark ping one past me from edge of box at harlaw when he was PE teacher - felt a bit like Kes.... listened to an interview where Robbo says his first Dons moment was a book signing at fine fare bridge of dee - i was at that one too ; as my Mum knew jocky scott from his daughters sunday school ; sure was forclubs 75th anniv .... was def after lge cup win
  13. went for a jog few days back - didnt last long tho.... is -11 here and frigid - spring here like winter in UK typically....
  14. think we scored an early kenny miller goal following schoolboy defending in the box from Norway
  15. Was the old Criterion bar opp station ; last time i saw it was a sainsburys local or similar
  16. thought this was a good read https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/The-evidence-on-Covid-19-is-not-as-clear-as-we-think
  17. i was just trying to think of a film i saw some 20 ish yrs back ? was titled 'pretty little liars/thieves' or similar -as i know this is name of current tv show - was 2 girls , and a guy i think - they were models/dancers ? - sure it was set in Scoltand ; eastern european angle ? - anyhow on the search - i googled nicole kidman (as sure one of the girls was red head...clutching at straws) then came to "the railway man" another good film - bit of Scottish in it ...... which also reminded me (Eric Lomax character) of Chariots of Fire ; aside from Eric Lidell , there is classic St Andrews shot...... still no idea about original film tho ; = found it ; beautiful creatures
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