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  1. A total reality check is needed, the most this job pays is 750,000 which was the reported salary that O'Neil was offered, McLeish probably wont be on that. Its utterly laughable that people are suggesting we should've went for Billic and Klinsman, these guys have worked in jobs paying 10 times as much.
  2. Maybe someone like kenny mcdowell as he’s meant to be a top coach, I’d like a guy like Gary Caldwell or Scott gemmill involved also.
  3. He really wanted the job when most distanced themselves from it. He’s always struck me as the type of guy who you’d love to play for and run through a brick wall for. Anyone with a rangers background of any sort is always going to get slaughtered on here. Lets get behind him
  4. Phone Strachan and get him back asap
  5. I think Smith and Gemmill would be very smart, Smith has an impeccable record as a manager and gave us some amazing results and performances the last time he was in charge. Wouldn't have an issue with Clarke either tbh.
  6. Amazed at the reaction at Smith, I would have him back in a heartbeat, exactly what we need at the moment, his record speaks for itself. Why not have Gemmill working alongside him for a campaign?
  7. Hobta83

    Regan Gone

    Good riddance, he's been utterly useless. Time for someone with a good bit Business acumen that also comes from a football background.
  8. Friday Edinburgh-Rome-Tirana Sunday Tirana-Gatwick-Edinburgh 8 of us going
  9. Hobta83

    SSC Renewals

    I think the away games should be treated differently, currently I like the away points system, its very fair and the stats back up that its not very difficult to get on a run of points.
  10. Anyone had a look at getting in and out of Albania?
  11. Agree, a break from the norm and great to visit new places. Going to try and do both
  12. Was aware if that, was just wondering if it was already specified if there was a month that the 3 team groups didn't play
  13. Any idea what month we will play in being one team short, September, October, November??
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