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  1. Couple of factors in Orkney. Liam McArthur is very well thought of here and seen as a very good MSP. The SNP candidate isn't exactly seen as the warmest, most approachable person. A lot of people here vote for the person rather than the party too. Having said that, I am really surprised at that result - all the indications were that it would be fairly close.
  2. That's not true - observers from both Lib Dems and SNP at the count in Lerwick agreed Carmichael was just ahead before the counting of the Orkney votes started. Reporters from both Shetland News and the BBC in Orkney have said that umpteen times.
  3. Orkney. Like Shetland, just flatter, greener, quieter, friendlier and with less heroin. Grand photos Bob, glad you enjoyed your stay, you pretty much summed it up in your first post! For any whisky fans, the Scapa Distillery now has a small visitor centre and is doing hourly tours - free dram included. Well worth a look if you're ticking them off the list.
  4. He didn't cover himself in glory for Germany's winner in Dortmund last year either. I think he's decent enough, but nothing special.
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