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  1. pammyf

    Bologna airport to Rimini

    Pam we are getting train from Bologna to Rimini its costing 20€ each return.
  2. pammyf

    Where are you going to stay?

    Just booked the B&B Stazione Bologna, right next to the station and has great review's, £75 per room includes breakfast 😁
  3. pammyf

    Where are you going to stay?

    We are staying in Bologna on the Friday, where's everyone staying? Had a look at the best western not sure if its too far out?
  4. pammyf

    How to get to San Marino

    Where is everyone staying in Bologna on the Friday and which train is best on the Saturday morning? Thanks Pamela
  5. pammyf

    We're on our way.....

    We are on the 19.55 Edin to Luton tomorrow 😁
  6. I have one, given to me as a gift. If you like them don't buy one ... End of!
  7. Haha, yes we went through it was our bus that crashed into the bollards. Still had a fantastic time as always.