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  1. I think its actually ridiculously easy to qualify for the Euros since they expanded it to include half of Uefa. I don't have a problem accepting that there have been 34 Uefa European countries better than us this century, though I think Latvia's qualification was a little unrepresentative. If European international football were the equivalent of the Scottish domestic league system we'd be something like Brechin.
  2. That's just the same as saying that a team fifth or sixth from bottom all their players must be bad and performing badly. Its just not true and doesn't make sense. Bad teams still have good players and good teams bad players, its always been the case. Sometimes they just happen to be the best available in their squad. Overall Sheffield United do well because the positive contribution of the overwhelming majority of the team (maybe nine players) makes up for the lack of an effective centre forward. Just look at our national team, there is a massive diversity of quality across different positions. We are an average to poor team overall but that doesn't mean we don't also have talented individuals in certain areas of the pitch.
  3. Maybe just because they have invested all that money in him and have no one better to use as an alternative? Doesn't mean he's been any good. He's only scored in one in six of those games for instance. Mcgoldrick who never scores at all has actually been picked ahead of him most of the season.
  4. Maybe its not a case of the commentator trying to make us sound bad, maybe we just are. I mean you can mute that volume but its still a pretty far stretch of the imagination to try and perceive us as a quality football team. You'd have to be incredibly biased or just have very low expectations of us to try and put a positive slant on our performances this campaign. Not even the most sychophantic nationalistic ass licker could get away with that with any amount of credibility. At least tonight's result in Moscow gives lie to the assumption that Russia are somehow a top class team. They are not, mostly very limited talent but still far too good for us.
  5. What is clearly being ignored here is the fact that we happen to already have a decent quality midfield, best for over two decades so that makes him surplus at the moment. If he was a centre back, forward or right back, even goalkeeper it'd be a different story
  6. So this is how he is setting out his argument and defence :- I don't want to be part of the Scotland squad as I wish to rest up and relax so I can be fresher for future Arsenal games which are of greater importance to me' And actual Scotland fans are swallowing this? If every player had this attitude to international football (basically that its not in their interests to play it if they have been injured within the last two months) then it would be extinct in no time. Really better to have left it at no excuse at all than that, yet many will persist in denial and ass-licking as they ever do for certain of our players with bigger reputations.
  7. I'd have Marshall number 2 on the list as the other options are so desperate. How's he not make the list yet Oli Burke somehow does? Crazy saying Tierney is irreplaceable when he is replaced every match in the starting line up by our best player Robertson. People seem to be confusing the concepts of ability and irreplaceability. I voted for Mcginn as my one and only selection but the remainder of the midfield are about as good as each other , we've got plenty of decent options there. Defence (other than left back) and attack though nobody actually deserves to be starting, its a question of filtering the least undeserving.
  8. I'm a 'Well fan too but Gallagher got a three year sentence for smashing in someone's skull with a baseball bat, it wasn't an unpaid parking ticket infraction or something, quite a big deal. Apparently our players are too nice though so maybe a bit of wanton GBH is what's needed to fire them up.
  9. Pretty much sums it up well.Not mentioned Souttar though, probably the best of a bad bunch and the most likely to develop in to a useful international level centre back.
  10. Both true. There's as many youngsters been involved the last three years or so in our squad as most any continental rivals. Why should Wales be the yardstick of what is ideal, are they that great? Also the selection of teenagers with little first team football is a reflection of lack of choice, the weakness of the mid twenties group of players and as a cynical device to get them capped to prevent them playing for England. We are already well stocked with midfield options, we don't need to pick a kid that has played six minutes of first team football and expect him to immediately improve us. At least Hudson-Odoi had the chance to show he could perform at first team level before England picked him. Also we don't need to prioritise building for the future when we still have a good chance to qualify (albeit through a dubious backdoor route) for next year's Euros. If Gilmour was a striker or a right back or centre back there would be much better justification to take a gamble on him but we already have plenty of players playing at a good level competing in that position. Just the usual typical kneejerk reactions every time we lose a big game. There's always people saying throw in the under-21 team, but those under-21 players from the past are then the ones that fail with us as senior players in the future anyway, proving themselves no better, or even worse, than their predecessors.....and so it goes on. The delusion that the next generation are so much more talented than the current one still endures though.
  11. mcnish

    Liam Cooper

    He was out for the last few months of last season but had only been playing in the under-23 squad up til then so my point still stands
  12. Gilmour stands out a mile from seeing him in our youth teams and definitely has massive potential, we have ample midfielders playing at a high level though so he may as well be playing for the under-21 team than making up numbers in the senior squad in a lost cause for now, at least til he's played a few games for Chelsea at least. Johnston has a decent amount of experience and could make an impact off the bench I'd say, definitely a better option than Burke anyway. Don't understand the big love in for Hornby. He's no first team experience so you have nothing to judge him on, nor was he pulling up any trees for Everton under-23 side. His reputation is based on scoring a few goals against Andorra under-21's and just shows our pitiful desperation that he is seen as the immediate answer to our striking deficiencies
  13. mcnish

    Liam Cooper

    So highly rated he has played in an entire four matches for them at the age of almost 21
  14. Being Captain in football is largely an irrelevance and involves scarcely any responsibility beyond carrying an arm band on your shoulder so there is no logical reason why it should affect Robertson's performance.
  15. Only within the realms of this forum. Much like Jack Harper, we love having a kid playing at the lower junior reaches of a big glamour club
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