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  1. Could be the defensive Jack Harper for all we know. If TA board members picked the Scotland team Harper probably have had thirty senior caps by now because he used to play for Real Madrid youth team
  2. August 19:- Pretty emphatic:- "If I had to choose between Scotland or Australia, I'm choosing Australia," said Dykes. "Scotland have a great team and my parents are Scottish. Obviously if I had the choice I would always pick Australia." October 19:- wavering slightly:- He said: “I grew up in Australia so I’d probably choose Australia if both of them came in for me. “But it’s hard. My parents are Scottish and I have Scottish blood. “If Scotland came and Australia didn’t come, then obviously I would like to play for Scotland. August 20:- 180 degree turn:- "I always
  3. Can't believe people are still arguing Hornby should still be in the senior team, I thought he'd stopped being flavour of the month by now. Not good enough to get near the Everton first team and discarded by them having not even impressed in Under-23 football, mediocre performances for a mediocre Belgian team who he lost his place at, and looked poor in recent under-21 games. Yet because he's not played senior football in England or SPL people can mythologise about him being a lot better than he is , as nobody can see him in action to disprove it. And James Scott as well?? Are we that des
  4. Tend to agree about why Robertson looks impressive for Scotland but trying to convert him in to a midfielder (already our only strong part of the team) isn't the answer. Alaba can adapt to midfield as he has spent a significant amount of time playing there at club level for Bayern. That doesn't mean any left back can automatically adapt to being equally competent in midfield. Robertson has no familiarity with the role(nor TIerney) , he might be a disaster there and it could end up undermining our midfield, where we already have several proficient players, as well as nullifying out best player
  5. I don't see Kent as being capable of making an impact in the English premier league. Still probably one of the top ten players playing in the SPL currently though, but that doesn't equate to being worth 10 mill. There's probably only five players in Scotland worth that, and four of those with Celtic.
  6. Sorry if you struggle with the concept of Roman numerals. Its an abbreviation of ELEVEN, as in the line up for a football team
  7. The vote they had on the BBC website was a lot more credible, no second rate jokers like Brownie up near the top and because they let actual people vote on it not of the Scotland Lesbian XI made the cut of course.... it was actually based on merit. Naturally a awful lot of the top players were from the mid eighties when I started following football and we genuinely had a serious, albeit still underachieving, quality football team. The fact people vote for the likes of Brown and Mcfadden as the best ever shows how low standards and expectations have slipped the last couple of decades.
  8. I think its actually ridiculously easy to qualify for the Euros since they expanded it to include half of Uefa. I don't have a problem accepting that there have been 34 Uefa European countries better than us this century, though I think Latvia's qualification was a little unrepresentative. If European international football were the equivalent of the Scottish domestic league system we'd be something like Brechin.
  9. That's just the same as saying that a team fifth or sixth from bottom all their players must be bad and performing badly. Its just not true and doesn't make sense. Bad teams still have good players and good teams bad players, its always been the case. Sometimes they just happen to be the best available in their squad. Overall Sheffield United do well because the positive contribution of the overwhelming majority of the team (maybe nine players) makes up for the lack of an effective centre forward. Just look at our national team, there is a massive diversity of quality across different po
  10. Maybe just because they have invested all that money in him and have no one better to use as an alternative? Doesn't mean he's been any good. He's only scored in one in six of those games for instance. Mcgoldrick who never scores at all has actually been picked ahead of him most of the season.
  11. Maybe its not a case of the commentator trying to make us sound bad, maybe we just are. I mean you can mute that volume but its still a pretty far stretch of the imagination to try and perceive us as a quality football team. You'd have to be incredibly biased or just have very low expectations of us to try and put a positive slant on our performances this campaign. Not even the most sychophantic nationalistic ass licker could get away with that with any amount of credibility. At least tonight's result in Moscow gives lie to the assumption that Russia are somehow a top class team. They are
  12. What is clearly being ignored here is the fact that we happen to already have a decent quality midfield, best for over two decades so that makes him surplus at the moment. If he was a centre back, forward or right back, even goalkeeper it'd be a different story
  13. So this is how he is setting out his argument and defence :- I don't want to be part of the Scotland squad as I wish to rest up and relax so I can be fresher for future Arsenal games which are of greater importance to me' And actual Scotland fans are swallowing this? If every player had this attitude to international football (basically that its not in their interests to play it if they have been injured within the last two months) then it would be extinct in no time. Really better to have left it at no excuse at all than that, yet many will persist in denial and ass-licking as they ever
  14. I'd have Marshall number 2 on the list as the other options are so desperate. How's he not make the list yet Oli Burke somehow does? Crazy saying Tierney is irreplaceable when he is replaced every match in the starting line up by our best player Robertson. People seem to be confusing the concepts of ability and irreplaceability. I voted for Mcginn as my one and only selection but the remainder of the midfield are about as good as each other , we've got plenty of decent options there. Defence (other than left back) and attack though nobody actually deserves to be starting, its a question
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