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  1. Which just so happen to be exactly 90° set from our flat earth as to appear round when we view them.
  2. Seems a lot of folk here going to same gigs as me! Some month for them. Kasabian at the hydro Shed Seven at O2 The Charlatans at the o2 Gerry Cinnamon at the Barras.
  3. goodguy

    Ticket Sales Slovakia

    They also seemed to be slow to release blocks, someone not familiar with system could check see all the greyed out areas and only limited availability in others and think they'd missed out.
  4. goodguy

    Gerry cinnamon

    Album is really good. Sold out two shows at the Barras as well with the 2nd one selling out in 5mins.
  5. So only believe videos you post? Glad that's cleared up.
  6. Then why are you posting videos to try and convince people of your point of view?
  7. Got tickets for Kasabian this morning, seemed to be a real hassle for some reason. Standing not available right away and only getting offered crap seats for a while. Liam Gallagher also announced this morning btw. Same night as The Charlatons which I already have tickets for though.
  8. You could also add Listen Up and Half the world away too.
  9. That drumming is murder, to quote a good friend of mine "it's like a skeleton having a w@nk in a biscuit tin". Purpose of a drum corps is meant to be every one playing the same thing together...
  10. goodguy

    Poppies on shirts?

    I probably won't be booing but we all know it's going to happen.
  11. goodguy

    Poppies on shirts?

    Can't wait for the outrage when GSTQ gets its usual reception. They'll spin that as disrespecting armistice day as well.
  12. goodguy

    Poppies on shirts?

    Remembrance is meant to be a respectful and sombre affair. Poppies on football shirts, on cars, card displays etc. is just tacky.
  13. Not the first time he's been in the papers. Bit of an attention seeker by the looks of it.
  14. goodguy

    Broony is back!

    Report on BBC website saying it was Broony who initiated it, although it is a quote from Mark McGhee... Also says its not a one off game. Maybe he just regrets his decision. No idea how anyone can say he turned his back.
  15. Its certainly dispelled it for me. Looks like our drop in supporters is beyond repair.