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  1. Scotland v Belarus 2005 Scotland losing 1-0 with about 20 mins to go, Centre back plays straightforward ball to Right back on sideline, under no pressure he miscontrols it for a Belarus throw in. I stood up, said "enough" out loud and walked up the stairs saying to myself that was it, I was never going to another Scotland game. And I never have been back
  2. I went to see Blondie at The Barras in 2000 I very rarely watch the support act so sauntered up from the bar just in time to see approx last 10 seconds of their set Asked a guy standing next to me who the support were as they were leaving the stage "Some unknown welsh mob called The Stereophonics mate".....
  3. Thanks Chaps--We're staying just down the road from Sendlinger Tol, think its actually the next U bahn along so we will try Kennedys Cheers
  4. Going to Munich for the Xmas Markets with my wife next Month Shes a Celtic fan and wants to watch the Europa League game on 28 Nov whilst there.. Anyone recommend any pubs that might be good to watch it in ? Thanks
  5. In no particular order.. Eubank Snr's instruction to "go to the body" was not intended to protect Blackwell, he seen that punching to the head was not having the desired effect ie to stop Blackwell, so "going to the body" was a tactical, not humanitarian move Headguards serve one purpose only, to protect against cuts, wearing them in professional boxing would make injuries worse not better -- Most serious injuries in Boxing as caused by an accumulation of punches, not the one punch KO, if you wear a headguard you will get hit more often as the headguard means you see the punch a split second later, that split second make all the difference when trying to avoid / block a punch --EDIT, just seen AAID already covered this above 🙂 Far from banning Boxing, I have just supported a campaign aiming to bring back Boxing in Schools in England at moment... I firmly and passionately believe that Boxing does way more good than harm -- I am not a parent, but I have a niece (12) and nephew (5) at school whom I dote on, I want both to get into Boxing asap -- For me Boxing teaches discipline, self control, respect, patience all much needed qualities in people -- A friend of mine at work who is a massive MMA fan said to me only yesterday that Britain would be a much better place if every child learned a martial art at school .... None of this is to belittle the tragedy of Patrick Day and others, I personally have watched "live" as in on TV, 4 young men lose their lives as result on Boxing, and seen many more serious injuries -- But I will be at Farooq v MacGregor next month cheering both men on ...Boxing is the toughest, most brutal sport of all, of that there is no doubt, but that's only part of what Boxing is.. BTW, for anyone interested , this is the campaign I mention https://glovesupknivesdown.co.uk/
  6. I should maybe have got this one ....... 😉
  7. Taking on board and respecting all points of view expressed, absolute bottom line is this... No player who is desperate to play for Scotland and knows he has slightest chance of doing so would arrange a weeding in early June. I don't know about anyone else but I don't want to see the best 22 players Scotland have available in future squads....I want to see the best 22 players who are desperate to play for Scotland in future squads....The is, unfortunately, a big difference, and imho there is quite a few players not doing themselves any favours right now
  8. Well done to Taylor - Though he would win tournament from start, still do... One minor, recurring niggle...Seen a few reports that said along lines.. " Taylor joins Scots Boxing legends like Buchanan, Watt, McGowan and Lynch as a World Champion" ... So, exactly how many weights does Ricky Burns need to win world titles at to get any credit from Scottish media and fans ? 😠
  9. They do this at the Boxing all the time ... Adam Smith explained the fans know it's going to happen, the boxers know it's going to happen, the broadcaster knows it's going to happen, but they still have the Presenter apologising because if the do and someone complains to OFCOM, as they invariably do, the Broadcaster doesn't get fined, but if they don't they will get fined... So let's hope BT Sports taken the fine out of Lineker's pay cheque......
  10. I obviously have no evidence to back this up, but I did hear a story a few years back, aparently from a court worker of the time, that the real reason Ferguson got jailed was he swaggered into the Court, with his hands in his pockets, whistling - basically giving it the proverbial "big I am"....and that had he been humble, shown a bit of remorse and the like he'd have got community service, or a suspended sentence or the like
  11. People of UK - We've made the stupidest decision of March 2019 NY Giants - Hold our beer... First read of the trade at 6-45 this morning, still angry and numb about it
  12. Details please ! Massive Who fan, never been lucky enough to meet any of them
  13. Judging it purely as a film i.e. a piece of entertainment and nothing else, I would say it is average at best - I found it pretty slow and, dare I say it, downright boring in parts.. Overall, it was watchable - just, but I wouldn't watch it again.
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