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  1. A drummer drumming and playing keyboard at the same time is impressive, I can't even speak when I'm hitting the kit
  2. Families losing £20 a week Brexit shambles but at least these 2 cunts have come to an agreement. We dodged a bullet voting no in 2014
  3. I was looking into solar panels but going to wait until after cop 26 as I think they might start offering hefty grants
  5. Our living room is being decorated, whole house is in upheaval. I was watching my 65 inch TV from about a foot away in my bedroom almost side on. 😂
  6. Atrocious. Lacklustre Played at a training session pace.
  7. I've got an event this weekend called dramathon. I'm ill prepared for it so thought I'd do a slow training run tonight, averaging 6min Kms. Absolutely blowing out my arse.
  8. I watched the first 2 lilyhammer series, don't know why I stopped watching, really good too.
  9. It's a weird one, it feels like a teen drama, something I'd avoid like the COVID but is saved by the fact it's in Norwegian.
  10. Ragnarok on Netflix is enjoyable. Halfway through series 2.
  11. I think the guy got booked for simulation
  12. Exactly my thoughts too. This is something we can build on, we should be taking 5 or 6 from the Faroes, keep the momentum going
  13. Is fishing a sport? Then have more primus
  14. I think you must be right, he had a right wee wry smile on his face at the end
  15. Patterson looks lost. McGregor needs to be doing more. Robertson needs to be doing more down the wing Mctominay is out of his depth
  16. I don't rate dykes at all We still make everything from the basics up look really difficult
  17. Im not getting this game and its making me feel thick as fuck, does the song i post have to link to the previous song posted i know ye said there's a theme but fucked if I can work it out.
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