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  1. Good to see you were able to live up to your own expectations. 😉 You couldn't spell ticket let alone pick one up on Friday 😂
  2. Can I book 4 seats for the Dublin TA please Davy... Cheers.
  3. Same as that, with almost 1400 on 3 points I reckon most people would of been trying bang on 12..
  4. Great little documentary. Here's a piece from a few years ago, apparently his father was from Orkney... http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/fate-of-scotland-s-first-black-footballer-revealed-1-2845754
  5. For anyone coming over next weekend and a fan of craft beer and whisky, there is a festival on in the RDS (big hall next to ground where Leinster play and only a 10 min walk to Aviva). www.irishbeerandwhiskeyfestival.com Tickets are a tenner but a 2 for 1 offer is available using the code THEIRISHTIMES.
  6. Hope it's better than Cardiff on a football day.!!
  7. Keep checking ticketmaster.ie regularly. Returns are quite often put on sale there but they sell quickly.
  8. This problem is so common now with Loganair they told me they had taken on extra staff to deal with all the claims. Anyway, after a couple polite emails and about a 9 week wait, 250 euro compensation per passenger was paid..
  9. Let's hope it continues. With England ranked 8th and us 9th and the world cup draw next year, the 6 nations will be huge. Would be great if we could knock them from 2nd to 3rd seed..
  10. AFAIK yes, I have the Garmin 500 on my Christmas list. Try to get out every 2nd/3rd weekend or as much as I can get away with. It's like planning Scotland matches as disappearing for 5 hours on a weekend morning doesn't always go down too well.! Try to do 3 or 4 sportives over the summer also, done Ring of Kerry last 2 years, 170+kms with over 11000 cyclists, great day out..
  11. Anyone with balls to leave it till last minute could now pick up cat A tickets for 100 quid on viagogo.
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