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  1. Never ever placed a bet against scotland or rangers, probably why i gave up gambling 5 months ago! 😁
  2. We are all hurting with this mate, i dont want an ex-rangers player or manager for the job, i just want the sfa to dig deep and get us a manager that has been tested at a higher level.They make a fortune from us turning up game after game they need to start respecting this! I am still with Clarke at the moment and until the playoffs.
  3. We have the manager? his last job was the kilmarnock manager, let that sink in for a minute...
  4. previous managers tried him out Clarke is handing kilmarnock players caps like killie pies!
  5. Jobs for the boys act from Clarke, hes simply not good enough, Jack is simply the best for the role.
  6. I totally agree! Surely the manager has got to see that in training!
  7. albathebrave

    Hazard Out

    I honestly can see us getting, one of the worst doings at home ever on monday night 🙁
  8. i was like get Taylor tae! then i seen him with some clearances brilliant! a way better side than us? belgium are way better that most countries.
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