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  1. I think if we get bulgaria and norway at home we will qualify.
  2. So as it stands at the moment who with be in the semi playoff with us and who potentially will be in the final against us? sorry if this has already been discussed.
  3. Wish he would show a glimmer of getting it right
  4. I didnt require hindsight I knew he would be a failure last five games 14 against 2 for they said he would make us hard to beat!
  5. He wasnโ€™t a decent option he was the best option out of mince
  6. The 4th thatโ€™s like hitler blaming the concentration camps on the ss
  7. So you get to talk pish supporting a manager that is clueless I pay to watch his shite tactics think Iโ€™m allowed to speak up
  8. A Kilmarnock manager should be no where near the scotland job and I stick by it, hope I eat my words but I think we have no chance in the playoffs in March with him in charge!
  9. Tell has heโ€™s not cut out for international management has he moved us on? Does he have an idea of a starting 11? Is he better than wgs? No to all!
  10. Never ever placed a bet against scotland or rangers, probably why i gave up gambling 5 months ago! ๐Ÿ˜
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