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  1. i was like get Taylor tae! then i seen him with some clearances brilliant! a way better side than us? belgium are way better that most countries.
  2. it's a good perdicament to have!😉
  3. aye i agree, but i thought young taylor had a really decent game.
  4. we played Far too deep, just allowed a them to have wave after wave of attack! all of our players must be stood to stand off! hardly seen a challenge go in but you know what when we did, we won a lot of the ball!!
  5. Cyprus 8th june looking for two bus spaces Cumbernauld area or stirling
  6. when people say that someone touched on a subject! 😫 i know its a word "texted" but i fcukin hate it! going forward is another one! ahhh cracker i heard one once when someone made a suggestion at a meeting and a workmate said " lets put that in the ideas fridge and snack on it later" 😖
  7. Been close to it twice in my life once with gambling problems and another with health problems glad to say never had the balls to do it.
  8. Certainly not totally yet but every generation we get more and more anglofied as you call it.
  9. if the people of scotland are refused a referendum i think there will be riots.
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