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  1. For those based in Zagreb, Dejan MacGregor (Croatian TA) was offering to get home-end tickets. He posted details on Facebook. See https://www.facebook.com/groups/1900506466940551/
  2. I just bought 10 mins ago (no. 1887) so understandably a flurry of noon buyers by 4-pointers
  3. Hey Dejan (MacGregor)... do you have any local tips or insight for getting tickets through Slovenian FA or other channels? Appreciate any advice
  4. Five of us booked up this week... Aberdeen - Frankfurt - Vilnius, 30th Aug to 2nd Sept (Lufthansa).
  5. payment for 5 seats sent via Paypal. Many thanks Greg
  6. Most grateful for 3 seats if available. Many thanks
  7. Ticketyboo Mr Spice... We are in Hotel Cerro Alagoa!!! Thanks for all your efforts
  8. Five of us from Fri - Mon in Vila Gale Cerro Alagoa Hotel (Albufeira) and Monday night in TRYP Hotel, Lisbon Airport
  9. A rough tot-up on the Seating Availability Chart shows about 9500 - 10000 seats still available for sale for the POLAND game. Significantly less availability for the GERMANY match
  10. Me being an arse... and not applying scrolling technology!!!! Thanks Angus-Young. All tickety-boo and working fine (Sorry!)
  11. Anyone having same problems or am I being an arse... the Scotland v Germany Tickets link and Scotland v Poland link are both going to Scotland v Germany?????
  12. Glasgow - Lisbon on Friday lunchtime Lisbon to Aberdeen on Tuesday £268 All British Airways and all through LHR (express trains from Lisbon to Albufeira @ 2.5 hours)
  13. 5 of us out Friday and back Sunday. Aberdeen - Dublin (via LHR) with BA @ £260pp
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