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    This looks the most doable for me / us, but is it safe to assume Moscow for the purpose of booking flights or is it likely to be played 3 days on a camel away from the capital, what’s the most likely scenario and when will we officially find out ?
  2. Thanks for all the info guys. Although its a 10 day trip, that includes a Dubai stopover, so we are actually only in Singapore for the week. The weekend is taken care of (Fri, Sat & Sun), due to all the street carnivals & concerts on around the F1 event, like Kylie, Queen and Adam Lambert, K C & Sunshine Band, Bastille and loads more are on at the Padang each night after the races, maybe not every bodies taste but it's included in our F1 package. We have however booked a round of night golf at the Marina Sands Golf Club under the Floodlights, something different, including the unique PAR 6 hole at 730 yds long and the "Island" hole (tee, lake, green in the middle). Travelling out of Singapore is not something we are considering once we get there, quite happy to stay in and around the city and explore. Weather dependent we may have a "beach day" on Sentosa island.
  3. Heading out to Singapore for 10 days at the end of next week, I am there over the weekend of the F1 night race, so that's a couple of days taken care of (Sat & Sun) but looking for suggestions for the remaining days. What I could be doing with is advice from people who have recently been with the Must See's, Don't waste your time and money on & Worth a visit. Any advice accepted.............Over to you lot ?
  4. Was at the Palace game there just before Xmas and decided to drive. Easiest thing to do is contact the ticket office at Stoke and advance purchase a Car Park ticket, they only cost a fiver, the official Car Parks are situated all around the stadium & this will guarantee you entry. The Britannia Stadium is situated in the middle of an Industrial / Car Dealership area about 3 miles out of town and on match day there is absolutely no on street parking within a fair distance of the ground, there are however a fleet of shuttle buses bringing the fans out from the town centre, but if using this method it would seriously hamper a quick get away after the game and you would still have difficulty finding a secure area to park. Stadium is only around 1/2 mile from the M6 Motorway so if your looking for advice, spend that £5er !!
  5. Got the opportunity to go to Chengdu in China for 10 days, anybody been and if so, whats it like ?
  6. Thanks guys all good info, what's the rough journey times by train / plane down to Shanghai and Xi'an.
  7. I have a mate going out to China (Beijing area) to work for a 12 month secondment period through his work starting in December. He has suggested that the boys could arrange a trip out some time to see him, although he will be working he could spend the weekend and evenings with us. There are now only 2 of us giving this very serious consideration, but, never having been in the far east before I have a few questions for the Message Board Alan Wickers !! before putting holiday requests in at work and starting to dream up an itinerary. Would you recommend it and is it suitable for a full 7 or 10 day trip or would you suggest a stopover in Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur etc for a few nights as a better idea. Is there an ideal time of year to go, been warned not to go at Chinese New Year as the whole country is in shutdown mode and it's difficult to get around or find anywhere open to eat. What is the preferred routes and airlines, looking on Skyscanner there is not a great deal of difference in price and timescale between all the options available. What are the MUST SEE things to do in the Beijing area. Any other nuggets of information or help are always useful
  8. I have received the same email as discussed above, but what it doesn't make clear is, (unless i am missing something) have I to assume that by getting this email with the collection instructions that I have been selected to pick up in person ? It is not a major issue, in fact if I have been selected it's a bit of a god send as I am actually staying in Vale Do Lobo about 500 yards from the Ria Park Hotel, although that's not the issue, it's the fact that the email mentions posting out tickets today and pick up instructions for over there, with no clear definition of which category I am in
  9. Thanks mate, same as Germany game, we should be over about 3 ish.
  10. Cheers, can you stick us down for 5 from Sunny Motherwell then. Is Ted playing pre match again ?
  11. Sammy, will you be open in time for running buses to the Poland match from Club 100 or will it be the usual script from the Bellshill Ballroom ?
  12. There are 13 at the moment, possibly 15 of us staying in the Vale Do Lobo resort which is the next place up the coast on the way to Faro. At this moment in time we have not arranged our match day transfers. Could you see it being an option dropping in and picking us up ?
  13. "Scored the fastest hat-trick in top class football as well. There you go." No he didn't. (just being pedantic) Ian St John v Hibs when playing for Motherwell circa Aug 1959 in a L C tie at Easter Road. From memory, Fox scored for Hibs, then St John netted 3 times in 130 seconds. But some Ross County player (Ross !!) scored 3 in about 90 seconds
  14. 9 of us on the 9;30am Easyjet flight....(hopefully) after a Friday night in Liverpool.
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