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    Well played guys, you deserved this win (that Forrest guy!) , good luck at the playoffs. Cheers from Israel.
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    Well that was the best weekend me and the wee man will possibly EVER have!! Sitting in the plane bound for Amsterdam still completely buzzing - just met Marco van Basten and watched the France team come through the airport! Met great new Colombian pals and now have an invite over there next summer 🇨🇴 A thoroughly amazing occasion, made ever better by the actual match - six goals, VAR involvement, dodgy keeping, torrential rain - just immense! Hotel was great too, loads of ex-players staying there including Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle, Dion Dublin and Carlos Queiroz who joined us all last night in the bar for a few beers. Here’s to Qatar 2022! 🍻🇶🇦
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    Chripper and friends, Any chance you could create your own thread to have your mind numbingly boring tactics/formation debate and leave this thread to folk who want to discuss Scotland players in action? Much obliged.
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    PASTA Mick will have whitewashed his bedroom ceiling by now ! 😄
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    If you think the Scottish are bad, you should see those Irish mob that turn up for Scottish league games... 😛
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    Funny how Alan always is MIA from threads like this, you know ones where the catastrophe that is the Conservative party are being discussed and how they have managed to create an economic and political mess of such gigantic proportions it almost defies belief. He will no doubt surface in the smoking ruin of it all to post a thread about an SNP Councillor who dropped a sweetie wrapper somewhere 10 years ago.
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    Parklife wasn't talking about you; he explicitly says that he's referring to the poster with the highest number of reputation points. However, to be fair, thinking he was talking about you does make you come across as dumb as fuck.
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    Lets be honest, Rangers are a cunt of a club. The (majority) of fans are bigoted cunts, the people in charge are moronic cunts, they just cant help themselves.
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    1) International level is the pinnacle of football. With no disrespect to the English Championship but it's two tiers beneath. 2) Better management and the players from those countries know their jobs and they play to their strengths. Our players simply look like they have no idea what's being asked of them. 3) People can may not like this, but I don't care. Scotland as a nation has been Anglofied. We seem quite happy being a cuckold nation. We're submissive and meek and we have no passion left. England own us. An example, on Friday "STV" showed the England match, and on Tuesday they'll do the same. Not exactly a sign of a nation who loves itself.
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    Some Celtic fans on this thread really need to take a look at themselves. Is it really too hard to just say the truth, the constant deflection and denial is pathetic.
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    This is the weirdest RIP thread I've ever read. You'd never have thought on p.1 we'd have had 6 pages, ending up at Noah's Ark. Could only happen here.
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    Deary, deary me. Rangers get a home draw. Greet like a wean. Rangers get an away draw. Greet like a wean. I'm starting to think fitba's maybe not for you Scotty.
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    I wrote this on Indy eve - such an opportunity missed. "And so, here we are. As darkness falls over Scotland on this late summer evening, all the work has been done. The speeches speeched, the canvassing canvassed. There's one more opinion poll due out tonight - but who cares? As we go to the Polling Stations tomorrow, remember that it's about the future. The future of Scotland and the people who live here. We have had some glorious and not so glorious times as part of the union, but you can't make progress looking in the rear-view mirror. The past will always be. It happened. It's gone. This question is about us. It's about the confidence we have in ourselves to make something better. Something that takes us from where we are at the moment, a wealthy country with poor and hungry people, to a country that values its citizens and rewards them appropriately. Vote well, friends. May your choice reflect your hope and not your fear!"
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    Fuck off you complete bellend.
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    Did you not used to wank over Arsenal or am I getting you mixed up?
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    wow, so all the shite you post, is when your sober?
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    What a sad, desperate for attention loser you truly are.
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    Was he booed onto the pitch on Friday because he’s a Rangers player? its not the first time this has happened and there was a fair amount of whataboutery the 2 pervious occasions with Black at Easter Road and Jack again at Pittodrie. The standard response I’ve had was “its because he’s crap” but I’ve seen players play for Scotland who are so bad they make Ryan Jack look world class and none of them were booed. Keep the club pish to your Saturday afternoons and turn up at Hampden to get behind EVERY player, I’d never boo a player for Scotland because I didn’t like him or his club domestically. Disgrace.
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    You’re lot are just as bad, “Utter Vermin” both of you, you live for each other and basically couldn’t survive without each other. As previously mentioned 2 cheeks same arse, unlike most non old faces firm fans on here who seem to lean to hate Rangers more than Celtic I disagree with that as I despise you both equally. Merry Xmas x
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    The best bit is we managed to get the rugger buggers to fork out top dollar for feasibility studies into something that was never gonna happen. Get it up ye, posh twats!
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    Now I'm just short and stout.
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    If theres one thing worse than an adult wearing a football top, its an entire family doing so.
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    Good look to Maribor and Hibs.
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    It’s no every day FIFA make a wee video about yer laddie! 😃👍🏼🇷🇺
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    I really do hope those cunts felt as sick when that equaliser went in as I felt at Hampden last year
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    Don't mention the VAR
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    Sorry to break it to you but Durrant WAS the victim. Whether he had fully paid-up membership of both the Larkhall True Blue flute band and the North Lanarkshire division of the Ku Klux Klan, no amount of history rewriting will ever change that simple fact.
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    I would have sympathy, but the Celtic away support are absolute scumbags. That mob run about the country breaking seats, invading pitches, singing and shouting sectarian abuse and being general clowns. Mostly with impunity. They cannae then expect anyone to listen to their greeting when the big bad polis arrest them. They should be arrested. I agree the treatment of football fans is shite, we are treated like weans. But the Celtic away support are one of the reasons why it's like that. And the rest of us have to suffer it.
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    Excellent stuff from Steve Clarke. Sadly long overdue though, worst still, nothing will change Rangers as a club and a fairly large section of their fans are simply not wired right. They see this shit as part of the whole package. An absolute embarsssment to society 👍
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    Right, two guys died in a plane crash.... sad. I cannae get all this wringing of hands over someone 9 out of 10 folk had never heard of? 4 weans died in a house fire down south and yet plays second fiddle to this story.
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    Generally Rangers fans think officials are pro Celtic, Celtic fans think officials are pro Rangers, every other teams fan know that the officials are pro Weegie. Saturdays decisions were outrageous, theres no way that the SFA can think that that is acceptable. Dallas should be sidelined/demoted for a long time, same for the linesman. The ref at McDiarmid isnt much better, I watched the game and just assumed that Weah was booked. Defoe should be banned for diving, you could say he anticipated contact and went down, I will call it what it is, he is a diving cheat. We almost have a title race, theres 4 teams doing very well, and creating a bit of excitement in our game, theres another 3 marooned at the bottom fighting for their lives, it should be exciting, but people are speaking about the refs being at best incompetent, or at worst, and most likely cheats. FFS SFA get it sorted, if they cant do the job, sack them, if you cant replace them here, get foreigners to do the job, they cant allow the same things to go wrong every month.
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    Dunno, you support a team that literally thrives of bigotry, so you'd be the ideal person to answer that.
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    Ormond, Rolling Hills, Big Raymond, and ron. Hidden in plain sight the whole time...
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    What Alan really meant to say was that Angus MacNeil bought a flat and not a house in London to live in while he is at Westminster. Under the rules on MPs expenses at that time, he was able to claim back the interest on the mortgage, but not the principal a practise that was not uncommon. After the MP expenses scandal, the rules were changed and mortgage interest was removed and MPs can now only claim either rent or hotel accommodation. Because his home and constituency is so far from Westminster and it takes so long to , he stays in hotels because on a per night basis that is less than renting a flat. He also points out that as he originally bought the flat in 2005 for £220,000, the mortgage interest on it is much less than his outlay on hotels. FWIW, I think that the reforms were overdue and welcome but that's not really the point is it. It's not exactly the picture that Alan is attempting to paint though is it. Still, its pretty much par for the course from him to throw around smears based on downright lies and dissembling. Class Act.
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    Nae luck Ormond 😕 I have have checked out Albawings website, here is the customer complaint address if you need it : Mr Ron Hill Glenlivet Way, Hun City Alba Gu Brath 👍
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    I'm going to go against the popular opinion amongst our support and say that I don't think most of it is down to him being an Irish Catholic living in Scotland. Maybe for a small group of hun fucks but not the majority who dislike him. Clearly he didn't deserve to be hit with a coin but if Hearts hadn't had the goal chopped off leading to him winding their fans up then it wouldn't have happened. He was an Irish Catholic for the previous 93 minutes of the game and nothing was thrown. I think if a Scottish protestant manager had reacted the same then so would have the halfwit who threw the coin. I believe we have an arshole Hearts fan who shouldn't be going to football games, not an anti Irish Catholic bigot.
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    My wedding night....
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    Which would make those players fucking arseholes
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    As a Dundee fan, get to fuck with this shite. United did nothing to your club, petty hun crap because they didnt bend over backwards to help, WTF did you expect.
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    I think a large proportion of folk who voted Yes already do use their passion in those areas, hence why the whole campaign started. Imagine if the greedy bastards in this country contributed 10% of their wealth to sort out the same problems.
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    Can I just address something that's really bugging me? These "suicidal passes" and "gilt edged chances" that McGinn was responsible for were really not as big as they're being made out to be. The one in the first half was a really stupid pass, but it left the Albanians 2 on 5 with McGinn also closing fast to make up for his error. Even Mane and Salah would have had work to do to create a goal. The 2nd half one was an underhit volley that came to pretty much nothing. Can we please calm the fuck down and try and focus on the positives and look at the 10+ outstanding moments he had winning the ball and moving us forward? Anyone can make a shit pass, but few people can do the rest of what he did in the game.
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    With your popularity on here the private function will be in a phone box.
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    Dinnae fukkin read it then ya miserable dik
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    All these folk wishing Columbia to go out as they have been horrid and dirty, no chance. They could crucify ten babies and make a campfire out of them and I'd still want them to go through against england
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    That wee moment with my son and the Colombian fans has just won me an all expenses trip for two to the Final!!! YAASSSSSS!!!!! ✊🏼🇷🇺⚽️🇨🇴
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    I know you’re trying to be clever here and in some way, try and save face after making such a cunt of yourself about Hillsborough recently but I’m afraid in trying to equate the two events, it has simply taken you right back down cunt alley. For a start, I’m not sure who you mean by ‘ in relation to the charges than those handed out to the murdering cunts responsible for Heysel “ Do you mean the 14 Liverpool fans that were ultimately convicted ? Or the Belgian Officials that were convicted ? Or maybe you mean the Belgian Police Officer that was convicted ? What about the chap from the Belgian FA that was also convicted ? I think the only folk that got off were EUFA. Your post is all over the place and you seem to be comparing dog turds with cat piss to make a point. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are 15 or 16 and have had a bottle of Strongbow. 👍
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    Colombians are tremendous! Especially after this!! A great wee moment, and the highlight of our 12 days following Poland. Basically what happened was the wee man was distraught after the Colombia game when Poland went out. The Colombians all gathered next to us and started consoling my son, patting his head, giving him souvenirs and chanting ‘Polska!’. The wife filmed it, it went on Twitter and went viral. I even took a call live from Bogotá yesterday for Colombian National Radio!! 👍🏼 On another note, Russia is an absolutely fantastic country to visit! Amazing hospitality, really friendly people, cheap, scorching weather! Cracking trip from beginning to end! 🇷🇺
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    Not as precious as thinking that the England fans would see you as something other than a clown Behind their smiles, deep down they would despise you more than Scotland fans
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    away and shite ya fanny

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