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    As a side note given what's been posted previously I wanted everyone to know that we buried my mum today. There were just four of us at the cemetery, practising social distancing. It was surreal and unnatural and I can only hope that we will be able to do it properly in the future. There are some wonderful people in this world though. The priest who attended was fantastic and the taxi driver who picked up my Dad helped him in and out of the car with no thought for himself, refused any payment and said he was proud to have been involved.
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    Welcome aboard old chap 🤣🤣🤣
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    I have better ones. This is a bit long so bear with me. Earlier in 1997 when we were playing Sweden in Gothenburg, the night before the game we were in the Dubliner. It was absolutely rammed and so we were upstairs. Sitting at a table next to us were McInally, a Swedish guy - pissed - and a couple of Swedish girls. The bloke was clearly giving it the big one about his celebrity pal. McInally was sitting next to one of the girls and was trying his hardest but getting nowhere. After a while, this Scotland fan turns up, wearing a matching kilt, tammy and tartan poncho - we nicknamed him the Tartan Clint Eastwood. TCE had a word with McInally and whispered something in his ear,McInally goes radge - "you f-off, I'm talking to this bird...". TCE is undeterred and just stands there. After 5-10 minutes, McInally goes off to the bar to get drinks. TCE sits down in his seat and within 30 seconds, is snogging the face off the girl. McInally comes back with the drinks, including drinks for the girls, and sees this. Puts the drinks down on the table, decides "ah, well maybe I'll talk to the plebs", gets pretty much ignored and pisses off. Fast forwards to the day after we've played Brazil in France 98. We're in a pub in Paris watching some games on TV and there's a group of pissed - but amusing - Scotland fans in the pub as well. I'm looking at this guy for ages trying to work out where I've seen him before, then it dawns on me, it's TCE. So I go over to him and he tells me the whole story. He'd met the girl the previous night in Gothenburg and had arranged to meet in the Dubliner. She'd got there a bit earlier with her pal and these two bloke - McInally and the Swedish guy - had sat down next to them and started trying to chat them up. The Swedish guy was trying to impress them that his "pal" was a big celebrity, she was clueless as to who he was but said to TCE she thought he might be Jimmy Nail! Over the next few years, I used to bump into TCE and his mates at various games and we always had a right laugh at it. Never saw him in in the poncho though, it was a great look. When we played Estonia in a friendly around 2005, we were in the same pub in Tallinn and McInally happened to be in with Chick Young. The pub had booths you could pull a curtain across and they were in one of those with a couple of local ladies trying to hide from the fans. Anyway, I said to TCE, lets get a photo of you with McInally, he won't have a clue who you are and he's so up his own arse he'll love the attention. So the next time he comes up to the bar, where we're standing, I say "Haw Rambo, any chance of a photo with my mate, he's a huge fan". So we take the picture and we're going to leave it at that but one of TCE's mates comes up and says "Haw Rambo, he's shagged your bird", pointing to TCE. McInally looks at him and goes "Aye right, in your dreams pal", until his mate says "1997, Gothenburg, night before the game, Dubliner Bar". You can literally see the cogwheels turning in what passes for McInally's head. Recognises TCE and fucks off faster than he ever did on the pitch.
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    You think you're becoming more pragmatic, can see both sides, with age and then an individual turns your country into a colony. And I use that word advisedly. Don't even need to defend their position. All arguments irrelevant because the debate is simply shut down regardless of the opinion of the people of Scotland. You're as well shutting down this thread because it's all irrelevant what any of you think. An individual and his team around him have decided your opinion doesn't matter. I respected the 2014 vote because it was the people that decided. That was more important to me than the result. I was proud of our people that day. Maybe 45% of the snp vote isn't enough of a mandate, maybe 80% of MPs isn't a mandate, maybe a majority of MSPs isn't a mandate... ...but something has to be... You can't block all and every democratic path. They're not winning any argument, they're not strengthening "the union" (if it can still be called that) in any way bar (possibly) legally. There was nothing to say Scotland could not be independent or decide if the people desire it. I don't feel vanquished, I just don't understand how someone can claim this as a fair position. I respect a unionists position, why can't some of them respect mine? And then it's always upto the people. They've basically said any vote by millions of new voters coming on the electoral register over the next 30, 40, 50 years (even if they allow it then!) is irrelevant if they want to make that choice again. We've to somehow feel blessed that an individual from an English constituency might, might allow a referendum if it suits them. As if that is more important than the electorate of 3million or so Scottish citizens on the matter. Thanks so much Labour. I feel blessed. I genuinely have been wavering on the practicalities of voting Yes. I will do so with a stronger conviction than ever before as despite the rejection I am sure the time will come. Not now, not in 5 years time but at some point. The respect has gone.
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    The ‘red’ button obviously had to go because it illustrates the BBC is synonymous with left wing bias. Instead it is going to be replaced by a far more neutral ‘Blue’ button with a typical daily schedule looking like this: 6.00-8.00: ‘Royal Wedding Highlights’ – don’t worry not the one where the alleged bastard marries someone from the colonies. 8.00-9.00: ‘Ben Ten’: kids animation where Ben, with his trusty net and outdated search engine, uses the ten commandments to oust the feared ‘Muzzas’ from his land. The dreaded ‘Red Corbyn’ threatens stability in the area but Ben phones a friend. 9.00 – 10.00: ‘Bargain Hunt’ – Jeremy Hunt’s tales of negotiating arms sales to the valiant Saudi’s or discussions with US pharmaceuticals on how they can make the NHS even better. Those 127 hospitals and 350,000 nurses aren’t going pay for themselves! 10.00 – 11.00: ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ – Comedy show charting scum befalling the benefit system and the subsequent repossession of their homes. In this episode someone with a poor diet cries – must watch! 11.00 – 12.00: ‘Location Location Location’ – Showing how you could hoover up property at auction then rent it to ‘generation snowflake’ who won’t be able to get on the ladder until their 40’s. Well if you don’t do it someone else will and if you don’t like it then you’re obviously a communist. 12.00-13.00: ‘Biker Gove’ – Michael Gove tours the country, fully in leather, speaking to people who consider themselves middleclass because they have a mortgage and 6,000 mile lease agreement PA on a car about how wonderful it is being Tory whilst blatantly sneering at their stupidity. 13.00-14.00: ‘Question Time’ – the studio audience get to question benefit applicants and then vote on whether their credits will continue. In this episode Peter’s life is turned around when despite losing both arms in a farming accident he was overwhelming voted fit to work and now picks berries with his teeth. 14.00-15.00: ‘From Russia with Love’ – Documentary proving the relationship between cheeky chappy Boris and Russia is purely plutonium plutonic. 15.00-16.00: ‘Crime Watch’ – show detailing how the fat ugly bird three doors down with six kids, a flat screen tele and regularly gets their dinner delivered from Dominoes is ultimately responsible for the fuckup the NHS made of your loved ones operation. Proudly sponsored by Lloyds Bank – By Your Side. 16.00-16.30: ‘Countdown’ – same as the Channel 4 version but Diane Abbot is on the numbers so if she can’t make 563 out of one large number, three small numbers, a consonant and a vowel how will she manage a budget? 16.30-17.00 ‘Fifteen to One’ – series about how your fearless leader overcame the odds to win the tory party nomination 17.00-17.30 – ‘Swin it to Win It’ – Satirical look at Jo Swinson’s week where she still believes she can be PM. 17.30 – 18.00 – ‘Blue Planet’: Amber Rudd and Ruth Davidson tour the world to show you all the other normal countries are tories and if Jezza gets in we’ll all be Chinese within a generation. 18.00-19.00 – ‘The Wall’ – Checking in with how construction around the ports of Dover and Hull is getting on. 19.00-20.00 – ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’- Biopic of how Ruth Davidson smashed Nicola Sturgeon and that fat fella who spoke too much in the Commons in the 2017 election winning a resounding 13 to 35. 20.00-21.00 – ‘Orange is the New Black’: Following the marches through Glasgow and if you don’t agree with the route you’re a bigot. It’s only up to their knees for fuck sake – folk in Yorkshire are up to their chest in cow shit water and they’re just getting on with it. 21.00-21.30 – ‘9 o’clock news’ – no change to scheduled viewing 21.30-22.00 – ‘Reporting Scotland’ – no change to scheduled viewing: SNP bad; Rangers & Celtic good; wear a coat. 22.00-23.00 – ‘Down the pub with Nige’ – chat show where despite having never won an electoral seat Nigel Farage continues to be the vessel utilised to control the direction of English politics but at least you can have a pint and a game of darts with him. In this episode Reese-Mogg tries not to laugh at the wine menu and Farage strokes a whippet – great guy. 23.00-24.00 – ‘Three men and a little lady’ – following his unfortunate plane crash traces the rise and fall of Prince Andrew. Warning contains scenes some viewers may find upsetting – Woking is a proper shithole like. 24.00-6.00am – ‘DaveStation’ – you can call David Cameron in his pants dangerously close to a suckling pig to tell him what you want to see him doing for £1.50 a minute or if you’re too shy you can just listen in on Danny Dyer ranting at him for an hour and a half.
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    Not as strange as your tedious boring bastard routine
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    Absolute fucking tedious shit.
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    I'm intrigued to see how that read before you edited it!
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    Only the hard of thinking wouldnt be aware that the division was caused when all the other clubs decided to harm at least 3 of their fellow members during a period of national emergency when there were options to harm no one but now its all Hearts and Partick that are to blame when these rats have realised they just might take a financial hit themselves.
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    I share your pain mate. 5am this morning I lost my father in law to this awful disease. Fought like a lion to try and hang on but it was a battle he couldn't win. You have my deepest sympathy mate. Stay safe
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    Gonna fuck off and not ruin another thread you boring tedious bastard. Away and lick door handles, please.
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    Lolz, probably would, but they’re no european powerhouse like Copenhagen though 🤣
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    The saddest thing on the TAMB is watching you scoot aroond the board needling bits and pieces of absolute shite in everywhere with absolutely fuck all evidence to back up anything. You are the King of bollocks for that that. Flinging in a wee daisycutter in the hope you can stand back and watch other cunts in the playground fight it out. Every single person on here whether daft, smart, angry, funny, etc argues or jots their case out. You do nothing and you are doing exactly the same again here with your pathetic wee needle-like pish.
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    *** awaits imminent 3 year contact extension ***
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    In a couple of WhatsApp groups, I/we were speaking about this, thankfully most of us support Dundee, or United, think theres one Celtic and a St Mirren fan of all things, and everyone was happy that Rangers were beaten by Celtic. Everyone of us wants almost anyone to stop them winning every trophy, but not that horrible bigoted club, anyone but them. They are universally hated by everyone.
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    This day 5 years ago will stick with me until the day i die, it was truly heartbreaking, i knew by 11pm on the 18th that the vote was going the wrong way however it didn't set in until the 19th what scotland had actually done, it took me a good while to get over and i am not joking when i say i may have been slightly depressed in the few months that followed, that is why I don’t want another indy referendum unless we are sure we will win it. I don't think i will ever get over that vote completely
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    A post without you name dropping or saying you have mates!
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    Going by opinions on here I'd say independence will never come about because far too many put provisios on for voting yes. Provisios such as not voting Yes if Scotland were to join the EU or not voting yes because they don't like the way the SNP are governing. FFS you are voting on the chance of freedom from a union that is more corrupt than the mafia. You have a chance to help Scotland forge a new future in which it can make its own decisions and choose its own governments. What a no-brainer. Yet people will vote no for such petty reasons. Yes I get some hate the SNP or don't like the way they govern or hate NS but when independent you will have your chance to remove them from power. SNP governments are temporary in 5 year cycles whereas independence is permanent. As for the EU situation well that is for another day. Heck first get independence then address that issue and again like the SNP government - EU membership is NOT permanent and Scotland, even if they did join, can leave anytime they want. It seems pathetic to vote no just because you hate the EU.
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    And will keep saying this, Celtic did NOT win it. They did though manage to get their pawn, Doncaster, to hoodwink clubs to award them a false title.
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    I've worked in social care for almost 20 years. Different settings, some really challenging times, thought of leaving on numerous occasions but stuck it out. Worked really hard and enjoy my job, really rewarding. I work in the voluntary sector, low paid, under appreciated (all social care staff). But yesterday was the highlight of my career, made me so proud I nearly cried. I'm getting a badge (apparently) a fuckin badge. Never mind a decent wage rise for the staff, more funding, resources etc. How fucking patronising, a badge. Well Mr Hancock you can take the badge and shove it right up your arse. I know the SG can do more but listening to that patronising prick yesterday proved to me what a shower of cunts this Tory government really are. Maybe they should all get a badge with the word 'CUNT' on it.
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    Sylvia Browne wrote several books predicting the future, amongst 40 odd books about paranormal, predictions, psychic and other pish. Her 'work' was often criticised for being fiction dressed as fact, she was a convicted serial fraudster, she told people that their relatives were dead, when they were alive, she identified potential criminals as being the wrong race, weight etc Also, the bit that you are chugging at isn't even accurate is it. God fearing wankers who feel the need to twist anything to fit their narrow uneducated narrative, its fucking shocking that while people are passing away, you want to get a kick out of it. Scotty, as a Christian, why are you such a despicable cunt?
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    Maybe it just fell off the edge of the world.
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    I think a lot of people are missing the point. Calling him up to the senior squad doesn't mean we have to play him at all. And, personally, I probably wouldn't give him more than a few minutes to dip his toe in the water. The massive benefit of calling him up is to familiarise himself with the set up and build a rapport with his teammates. If we qualify for the Euros, and he has been putting in MOTM performances every week for Chelsea, then he will likely be starting for us. So get him in and introduce him to McTominay, McGinn, Christie etc i.e the core of his teammates for the next decade.
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    When I was 19/20 still living at home my mum and dad were being very weird then my mum out of nowhere stuttered it would be ok if I was gay, I could tell them and they would fully support my decision. I must be one of the only blokes who has had to come out as heterosexual to their parents and just admit to being sh*t at pulling.
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    If we have a TAMB referendum on whether you should remain or leave would you respect the result 😉
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    Tell me big boy, what is so toxic about saying - "And those of us (who are also the descendants of immigrants) who point out the huge benefits we see every day thanks to immigrants - are in turn pilloried as rabid commies." This year immigrants have - Fixed my buggered heating. Sold me my train tickets. Took great care of my Gran after she had a stroke. Fixed my buggered roof. Made and served me meals. Saved my cat from going blind. Cut my hair. Help me take care of a skin condition. Drove me back and forth across the World's Greatest City. They were in those jobs because the thick cunts who sit at home watching daytime TV and moaning incessantly about immigration either didn't want to do these jobs or weren't remotely qualified. Immigration is fine by me.
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    DAVY BUS CYPRUS 🇨🇾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 £5271.77 on its way to TASA Thank you for your support & especially to the Bus Stewards, without you it wouldn’t run as smoothly 👍
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    Really, you do not do yourself any favours with statements like this. Do your tattered reputation a favour and take a long, long holiday from this fans' forum, please. It would be the best for you, and for the rest of us who wish to attempt a semblance of sensible debate on here.
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    I think people forget that Palmer was a youth international for us. Been pulling on a Scotland shirt since he was a teenage. He's 28 now, so if he was just looking for international caps to boost his reputation he'd probably have switched to Jamaica long ago (no disrespect to them). He picked Scotland when he was a teenage and he's not wavered. 10 years of the dark blue and some folk don't think he's Scottish enough. ffs.
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    They used to say Kenny Dalglish never replicated his club form at Liverpool when he played for Scotland. In reality, he was too good for the Scottish diddies he had to play alongside who did not have his intelligence and did not know how to play alongside him. McAllister, Collins and Lambert carried eight other ordinary Scots into the 1998 World Cup. Don't criticise Robertson who's turning up to play with English lower league players when he plays for Scotland. When we have players like Liverpool, he'll reproduce his Liverpool form.
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    GiveN the fucking state some folk have got themselves in over the Shankland call up Im delighted he scored. Cunts like Kris Boyd and Scott Allan, both model pros of course, saying he wasn’t up for it. Thats as well as our own ever increasing dickhead fans that base talent on the size of a players club and wage packet. 😂😂😂🙈 Shanklands reaction to his goal and also the boy Findlays was fucking great. Both absolutely buzzing. You think they give a fuck about who they were playing against ? Do they fuck. 👍⚽️⚽️
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    I’m guessing now that ticket sales are open to those with nae points, you will all have managed to get a ticket if you want one. As I have lived in Moscow for almost four years now, I thought I’d impart some of the knowledge I’ve picked up here. None of it is really earth shattering but hopefully you will find a snippet or two useful. I’ll start with arriving & getting into town, and touch on cash, after that, and for another time, if there’s interest I’ll talk about bars & restaurants. This will be focused on flying into Moscow. First things first you will most likely arrive at Sheremetyevo (SVO) or Domodedevo (DME). There is a third airport, Vnukovo (VKO) which you may pass through if you travel by one of the more esoteric routes. If you are yet to book your flight, just go for the one that offers you the best time/price combination. Each have their pros & cons. I prefer DME, but it is the slightly further out of the two. Whichever airport you fly into, you will have to go through immigration. No documents to fill, but it may take 3-5 minutes for them to check your passport. Don't get worried, they do this to everyone. They'll look you up and down a few times, look at the passport and visa with a magnifying glass, look at you again, copy your passport, flick through every page, and sometimes flick through again. I also go to the shortest queue, whatever it says above the counter. Never been told to go to another queue. I even use the diplomats queue sometimes. Doesn't mean it wont happen to you, but I've never ahd a problem. All three airports are served by the AeroExpress. Trains run every half hour, except VKO which is hourly. It is 500 Rub (£6.25) one way, 850 (£10.50) return. Journey time is 35 mins SVO, 45 mins DME and 40 mins VKO (all give or take a minute or two). This is the cheapest way into town if you are on your own, but if there are two or more of you, a taxi is the best bet. However, word of warning, DO NOT USE the taxi desks or take a ride from anyone who approaches you, even if they have a taxi driver’s badge. They will charge you whatever they think they can get away with, starting at 3000 Rub all the way up to 20,000 (£250.00). I kid you not. Use one of the taxi apps instead. Yandex or Gett Taxi are the two I use. Install both before you arrive. I lean more to Yandex these days, Gett are Getting (sorry) more expensive lately. You can put your address/hotel name in as the destination. If you’ve added your credit card details, you don’t even need to worry about cash. Do check that the app states the correct terminal, it sometimes gets mixed up at SVO between D & E terminals. Depending on the airport, actually finding your taxi once booked can be a chore, but I have never not found my driver yet. You get sent the make, model, colour & license plate. Either way the cheapest option usually starts at around 1000 RUB, while the Comfort option is about 1500 into town. Better to use this one if you have quite a bit of luggage. Most drivers do not speak English. If you take the Aero Express you will arrive at Belorusskaya Station if coming from SVO, Paveletskaya if DME and Kievskaya if VKO. All three are connected to the metro system which is fabulous. You can buy individual metro trips for 55 RUB or a Troyka Card (similar to an Oyster Card) for 50 RUB, then top it up. I usually do 500 RUB at a time which is good for 13 trips as they then only cost 38 RUB each (less than 50p). There are kiosks selling tickets or machines. The machines are usually dual language, the ladies behind the kiosks only occasionally. The metro is frequent, clean, safe, spacious and recommended. It runs till about 1am and starts long before most of you will be out of your beds. Most of it is now signed in English, making life much easier. You have the World Cup to thank for that. Announcements on the trains are also made in Russian & English on most of the lines. If you are heading towards the centre of town, they are male, if heading out of town centre, female. You may have to put bags through a scanner when entering some metro stations, in many you don’t. While on the subject of scanners, many shopping centres have metal detectors when you go in. They will expect you to put your phone in the little tray to the right before you go through, and maybe ask you to prove that it works. The same applies when you take the Aeroexpress back to the airport, and when you enter the airport. You will want to get some cash soon after you arrive, so a word of warning about the ATMs. There are plenty of them, so no worries on that front, but some will only give out limited cash in one go. I’ve seen as low as 5,000 RUB (£62.50) as the max you can get out, other times only 8,000. Another thing, if you take out 10,000 or 15,000 you will often get 3 x 5,000 notes which can be a bugger to change. Go for 9,000 or 14,000 instead. Many shops & bars struggle with giving change. If you have big notes try change them at a busier/fancier place. Another thing that should go without saying, if it offers to debit your bank in RUB or GBP, always take the RUB. Your bank will almost always give you a better rate than the ATM will. There are plenty places in town you can change money, their rates look good, but there may be a hefty commission charge on top which is not advertised. I have never actually used one here, so can’t really offer any further advice on that front. I will post this here and maybe on or two other places. Feel free to share further. Oh, and have fun. Moscow is a great city, I love it here. The locals are mostly friendly once you talk to them, although they can appear a bit soor faced at first. Any questions, feel free to ask, I can’t promise an immediate response, or even one at all, but I’ll try my best.
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    75 mins of first team football, in a low key cup game, since start of May is nowhere near enough to be considered for an international double header. He wasn’t fit enough to even be named on the bench last night. Don’t let that get in the way of your conspiracy theory though ehh?
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    Being a Rangers fan of 40+ years, I rarely comment on TAMB due to the inherent hatred and unhealthy obsession most regular posters have for ‘the hun’. However, I do look in occasionally and generally find your comments to be fair and balanced, with the odd relapse! I thought it worth pointing out, on this occasion, that you could also find equally disgusting comments on many other Scottish teams fan pages - AFC Chat being a particularly prime example but not the only one. Comments about Ricksen, Novo, Durrant and the 66 are equally appalling but commonplace and warmly welcomed on many forums. Social media, including this forum, is the home for some pretty unsavoury characters who exploit the anonymity to express views they otherwise would not have the cojones to say in person. I absolutely condemn the moron who shouted those comments to Brown about his sister and welcome the steps my club is taking to exclude him from Ibrox. I am saddened that Scottish football has reduced to this and the financial chaos at my club seems to have made it more acceptable for some inexplicable reason. I suspect that some of the more moronic posters here and elsewhere will, when they grow up, look back with some embarrassment. I expect the incoming abuse for this ‘hun’ will contain the usual warped justification but thought it worth commenting all the same.
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    Could well have confused many. Like the Indian fella who got a kicking for saying he was from Delhi and not LondonDelhi
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    Even if that rumour was true, the front section of the stand is about 2/3rd of the way down. So would be closer to 3000. I’ve seen a couple of different videos of the crush, one from the wide open space behind the crowd and the one from the gate. Huns are keen to paint it as a potential hillsborough, when in reality it was more like a Next sale for angry men.
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    Dude why are you trying to claim some moral high ground here? Sure there are huge partisans on here but you're the biggest partisan on the board who picks and chooses what they answer. Avoids any direct engagement over issues then comes back as soon as the SNP supply you with ammunition fire it off, then go away again. You're a sophist of the worst kind.
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    I'd be prepared to bet anything that she isn't, and the fact you're even suggesting that probably says a lot more about you than it does about her.
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    Keep the season suspended for now then play the conclusion when it can be played, regardless of how far away that is. This season has started so should be finished, future seasons haven't and can be amended to fit the necessary schedule. Nobody should be getting declared champions or relegated on the basis of current league places.
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    😂 If I drew it myself I would NOT be in red trousers and a green jumper. Nor would I be smiling. On the bright side , my legs still look longer than Ramy’s .
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    Wen u think they will start selling semi final play off tickets. Would make aense to start sttaight after draw but typical sfa prob wait until 1st of march. Also can imagine the chaos if we win and are at home for final trying to get tickets. Would love to think they have a good plan for that. But more than likely not.
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    Cellic fans are a strange, strange shower of fannies... Win 3-1, but greet and moan about a bad challenge that wisnae really a bad challenge, and defend their player for being a fucking banger. Weirdos
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    A let down? Absolutely, he’s a brilliant talent. But if he doesn’t want to play for us then so be it. We have tremendous players coming through the youth teams from the U21’s to U19’s who don’t get nearly as much hype but continue to progress well. The days of us begging players to play for us needs to be put in the bin, it should be a privilege playing for Scotland, not the other way around regardless of how shite we are right now, it comes back to we have some of the most promising youth we’ve had in 20 years. We move on.
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    Shock horror, Pasta Mick rates Tierney higher than Robertson. 😂
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    Glassius half emptius.

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