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    What are you boys on... the video was inconclusive and he apologised for any misunderstanding he went to a game with his mates and made some gestures....... so what..we all do that we have no forwards and has not played much for us or Shef Utd. When he does play he works very hard, is aggressive with defenders and has an eye for goal. he is an established goal scorer in the championship and working up to the EPL but like any striker he needs a run of games we need ever decent player especially up front. So get over this push. PS i cant condone the drink driver....he is a wanker for that...
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    FFS, stop engaging with this buckled BritNat tit
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    He does seem like a bit of bam but he isn't the first footballer to come across that way and he won't be the last. And hands up who didn't do (or wear) the odd stupid thing when they were in their early 20s! Aye, he's not exactly set the heather on fire for Scotland - yet - but again, he's hardly alone there. This isn't exactly a vintage period for the national team. Some of the stick he gets on here is ridiculous.
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    West and East Stands. Less of the old firm pish.
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    Not drink driving? Not for saying that playing for Scotland is shite? Not for looking like a Z movie star, performing like a mutant with legs taken from different corpses and stitched together with obvious results?
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    He reminds me of a lot of 23 year old Rangers supporters.
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    That's reasonable. Many folk feel like they're stuck in the wrong body. The problem is the loudmouths trying to browbeat everyone into this multiple genders nonsense. Absolute fkin horsedung. There are only 2 no matter how much they scream about it.
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    If he's got an eye for goal it must be a fkin gless wan.
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    Like a shite Goldie lookin chain tribute act
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    Jari Litmanen. Slight tangent but I got my hole last Saturday night, I've now scored in 5 decades. Just saying
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    Caught making obscene gestures at the game, and is possibly facing disciplinary procedures from the FA, but yeah lets bet on him doing well. He is an absolute clown, even Derek Riordan thinks he is a thick cunt.
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    He's average at best and openly admitted on camera that he didn't want to play for us. He can fuck off as far as I'm concerned.
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    I read that yesterday on a guy’s FB page who has very strong links and he’s not known for posting bullshit.
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    If he's 'absolutely shite' then we're in even worse shape then I thought, considering he plays regular club football at a much better standard then every other centre-forward we currently have. Christ, we've had people like Eamonn Brophy and Marc McNulty feature up front for us recently, for fuck's sake - but it's McBurnie who gets singled out and castigated for being 'shite'. The criticism he gets is way beyond what it should be.
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    Couldn’t give a Donald Duck about any of his misdemeanours but unfortunately at international level the guy is a waste of a jersey, has he even had a shot on target in a Scotland game?. I genuinely can’t think of less worthy player to be capped multiple times
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    Time for the serious work to start, away with the marches and the flags, we need to wipe away the flag waving nationalist and put across the forward thinking, economic savvy Case for independence, Limit the use of “dragged out the Eu against our will” slogan and replace it with “give scotland the power to decide whats best for her”(or along that lines) i feel the yes movement have turned into some sort of side show that can not be taken seriously.
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    I can't see it unless Griffiths is away. He'd be 5 choice if he signed today - in a team that only really plays 1 forward.
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    You are thick as fuck. Your posts on here resemble that of the typical Union loving thicko. Too thick to understand you are being taken for a complete and utter mug.
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    Don't shoot the messenger but heard through a mate of Shankland that Celtic have expressed an interest. Shankland (and all his family are massive Rangers fans) but seems he's interested. Might come to nothing.
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    A classic example of real life being more outrageous than fiction.
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    Not holding Scotland back at all. It's what 55% people wanted so the country could be said to be more satisfied than not. It's only the brave heart barbarians that are backwards.
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    this may have been the same one i was thinking of - if its same one tho am sure was 2 games on back to back ; and some punters saw both - so the paying bit is not the same as the attendance..... Search Results Featured snippet from the web Some reports suggest that the lowest ever attendance in the Football League came when a meagre 13 people watched Stockport v Leicester City on 7 May 1921 in a Division Two game. Indeed, only 13 people officially paid to watch the game, which was played at Old Trafford because Stockport's ground was closed
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    I’d never pick him again, just for the gear he’s wearing. Siri, what does more money than taste look like....
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    Aye probably but it’s hard to discuss topics like this and just abandon things you believe
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    I think Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book about it or at least something similar
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    Scotland have been doing that move since the levein days.
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    Never broke any. NO won and Scotland is still in the uk.
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    Will be a tad miffed if we dont get 3000 for either game.The home team eg norway or serbia are only at home due to the toss of a coin.The least they can do is acknowledge their luck and give us a fair amount of tickets and not just the bare minimal required.
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    I’ve been saying this for months. Given that this is a supposedly competent UKgov who are entrusted to negotiate our future outside the EU - surely they would have written this into the referendum bill. We know that the didn’t. They know that they didn’t. Lets highlight that fact and blow away this once in a generation nonsense. If they didn’t write it into the rules then you don’t get to retrospectively choose the rules based on selective soundbites. The SNP should probably have done a better job on dismantling it by now.
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    Armstrong looks from highlights to be playing wide right. He's a clever player, uses space well and drives a team forward. Can play in middle, wide and number 10. Having him fully match fit is a big deal for the team. Could replace McGinn at number 10 or Christie right mid if one/both injured.
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    Imagine we will try to arrange similar amounts for both potential games (2000, which is about what we are due for Belgrade but more than due for Oslo) and do a presale with a 100% pick up wherever.
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    By the way, I honestly couldn’t care less about the drink-driving, Royalist loving, shite dancing staunch Hun providing he was banging the goals for Scotland. But he’s no. So he’s a prick.
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    Those slagging international fitba will be all over it when or if scotland qualify again.
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    He just gets harder and harder to like.
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    I was hoping this was revived due to his death. Disappointed.
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    They got the centre section of the North. They’ll not be allowed to venture outside of it. Plans to pin them into a “strip” are ongoing.
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    You’re the one full of pish🖕
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    Does that mean we are going to get threads of 'What top are you wearing?'
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    Anyone who refers to an English club using the term " we" should be executed, unless they are English of course. Utter scum and they can be included in the everything that's wrong with Scottish football list I feel.
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    You have spelt The Scottish Cup incorrectly.
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    I basically predicted this gilmour situation a few months ago, ppl got excited because of a few Chelsea first team appearances and suddenly he's too good til go out on loan to a championship side according to some on here. He's played very little first team football for Chelsea and would benefit greatly by going out on loan to a decent championship side. Hes very weak physically for the epl and needs to bulk up and become stronger. Still he's a brilliant talent and should make it eventually.
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    That was cringeworthy. The grief junkies out in force for that cock craving cow.
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    I expect Rangers to be down to 10 men every week, assuming that Morelos is actually punished as he should be, and not treated leniently as he is currently. RFC really are utterly pathetic, they are a disgrace to Scotland.
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    Please, please, please, please can we take it easy with the excitement over these young players ? We did that a few times in the recent past with groups of young Scots players that promised so much and then a couple of years later on were left very disappointed when most of them flopped. Don't get too excited about them.
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    That was Ronan Keating wis it no’?
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    Not sure if you've seen this https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50784201
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    Agreed. Was it that snake “Sir” Rod Stewart who called it Purple Heather? I remember he released a copy.

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