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    I think that the being away from family thing could be a legitimate factor for players with kids etc. Which I don’t think applies to Tierney? Your EPL level players aren’t going to be juggling childcare and their wife working shifts and it’s these guys that are making themselves unavailable. Your Aberdeen, Motherwell, Killie and Hearts players are more likely to struggle with these sort of real life issues. The week of football hasn’t really changed much, I feel that factor is overplayed. We used to play Saturday and Wednesday, can now play Thursday Monday and be home 2 days earlier... Wednesday is still the last day you can play.
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    Surely you’re an XXL just to get the thing o’er yer heid?
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    How many different usernames is this boring cunt going to chalk up? 🙄
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    Tierney played 90 mins tonight. Tosser.
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    They are hardly staying quiet on events. They have actively encouraged the Spanish fascists.
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    Absolutely. We have to have the worst mindset on the planet for not giving a fuck about our national team.
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    I've believed for a while that Tierney would jack in international football before 30, I now believe he'll do it a lot sooner. How the fuck Arsenal can keep their faces straight by telling the SFA not to call him and then the very next day start him, I don't know
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    Wait until Cripper see's KT is playing left mid in front of a back 3.....
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    I don't see why we couldn't have said to Arsenal we want him to play a game before play offs and send him back after the Cyprus game.
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    Pass on this, if your mate played part in designing that kit he deserves the sack.
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    I'm sure someone, somewhere will find that funny.
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    In that case, you should know who has one.
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    Thought it was great when we first heard we were getting Adidas, most of their stuff, however, has been pretty underwhelming
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    More evidence to add to the list, it appears: Been involved in the 7 most recent Arsenal squads. starting on the bench for 3 Starting 4 Scott McKenna came back from injury 11 days after Tierney did. McKenna has started 4 matches. So I'm guessing McKenna is fitter and just more sturdy that the man the Celtic dubbed as "The Iron man". People can say what they want about Arsenal saying this and saying that. Can you imagine a club telling Joe Jordan or Souness, Dalglish or Darren Fletcher that they're going to tell the SFA that they don't select them? I'm guessing two words would be involved, and one of them would be "off". This is also showing Steve Clarke as a bit of a softie. He might have a perma growl, but he's nothing more than a pussy cat. A real manager wouldn't be so subservient about this. A real manager would tell Arsenal that they can go screw themselves, use the three/four day rule (ruling Tierney out of playing in Europe this week) and give Tierney a simple question: "do you want to play for Scotland?" If it's a "No" then wish him well on the remainder of his career. If it's a "Yes", tell him to turn up for this squad. Tierney is making Clarke and SFA look like idiots. As good as he is, I'd rather he quit international football that jerk the fans, Clarke and the SFA around with this " Will he/won't he" nonsense. If McTominay plays in either of the two upcoming matches he will played more games for Scotland in one year that Tierney has in three. How did Scott McTominay equal Tierney's caps? By driving up to Glasgow, to play in a dead-rubber, in horrendous conditions, on a park that was akin to a swimming pool. People talk about places of birth, and places where people grow up, and use that as a yardstick for nationality. Tierney grew up in Scotland, went to school here, spend the vast majority of his life here. McTominay was born in England, grew up in Manchester and only went to Scotland to visit family. And yet, Scott McTominay is far more committed to Scotland than Tierney has ever been. Wouldn't shock me if McTomimay won 100+ caps. It would shock me if Tierney won 50.
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    Back on topic... When our new next door neighbour's big daft breengey dug comes bounding across for a clap from his new bestie. Silly beast thinks cos his heid can get through part of their wrought iron gate so can the rest of him!
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    It is. In fairness, though, you literally cannot tell the difference. It's not like all the stitching is wonky, etc, and the badge is hanging off. If you got five fakes and five genuines, muddled them up and lined them up, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. DHgate are well worth the money.
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    That site has the sellers who are connected to where the real ones are stitched. It’s real.
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    Mon the Thai's https://m.dhgate.com/product/thai-quality-euro-2020-scotland-soccer-jersey/501742477.html?invitorid=qE7Fzi21
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    Nozza 0 Posted 1 hour ago Hi Davy, Could you please add 2 for the Limassol bus ? I will forward money on confirmation. Thanks for your efforts, brilliant 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Hi Davy, I posted the above on the main thread then noticed this one. As it says, lm looking for 2 x seats if possible. Thanks
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    You are supposed to be a fairly clever lad. As a scientist you should be able to observe things and come to rational conclusions about what you have seen. Is it not obvious to you that the more people who vote against him the better he will feel, and the more determined he will be, to keep on repeating the same pish over and over again. Why do you keep feeding him more ammunition? I'm starting to think that Faircity might have a point.
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    I think your are possibly missing the point if you are listing two of the most driven players in the history of world football, who played for two of the biggest nations going, as examples of players who do want to play for the country. I will summarise. It’s not all players who might feel this way, only some. The “week of football” is a factor. The lack of success and continuity may have an impact. Think about yourself as a fan. You have been about here years. Do you still have the same enthusiasm now as you did 10 years ago when we would think nothing of firing off to friendlies at the end of a season or double headers spanning most of Europe? Or has the lack of success and the week of football, and possibly some other factors too, dulled your desire to follow Scotland. It’s certainly done a lot to kill mines, that’s for sure. Some of these may be reasons why our best option at centre forward doesn’t want to play. Likewise our best goalie and one of our best options in the centre of midfield. We have also seen the likes of Snodgrass and McArthur pass on international football as well in recent times. Its not just us. England have had Carragher and more recently Vardy give up on international selection. Possibly because they were never going to be first choice but Vardy would surely still be an England option even now? Giggs was a notable sicknote for Wales in friendlies especially. As I started, for the majority of us fans it’s not really conceivable that you wouldn’t want to play for your country. Especially us on here who have probably spent time and money over the years committing to follow Scotland. And probably equally as much time on here talking about Scotland. But I do feel, for SOME players, it’s not thought of anywhere near the levels of the “honour” and “privilege” that us fans feel it would be. It’s wouldn’t be a surprise to me if their commitment wasn’t at same level as ours and that translates into their willingness to play for Scotland.
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    Kieran Tierney starting for arsenal. fit enough to play in the Europa league but not fit enough to play for Scotland. this confirming what a lot of us are thinking? Arsenal really have taking the piss with Clarke. Absolute shambles.
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    My four year old. We visited my wife’s family in Nepal during the half term for the first time since having the wee lass and to be honest I was absolutely petrified how she’d get on in a third world country. She absolutely loved it, was in absolute awe with what she called the different world her mum is from and the consistency of her jobbies were ‘good to firm’ throughout. When I got in from work on the Monday after she came running over and said: ‘Daddy, daddy we all had to tell one story from our holiday to the class so I told them…..’ I’m expecting she’s told them about her granny/ aunties or about seeing temples or mountains or the different world her mum is from but nope instead she told everyone - ‘…….about that time we saw that buffalo do a massive poo in the street so everyone laughed – it was super cool!’ Class clown here we come!
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    If anyone's to blame, it's possibly Chripper
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    If our sense of national pride is influenced by the design of a fitba shirt we might as well gie up the gemme. PS - The new top is absolutely howling.
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    The part where it proves anything about anyone's personal commitment or personal character. Let's face it, the parallels are far from exact. Arsenal paid 25 million for a player who was injured and have slowly introduced him into their playing squad. They therefore appear to have requested that he misses these games so that they can continue to treat an 'ongoing issue' and the SFA have acquiesced to this request. Had Man U just spent that sort of money on an injured player who they were only now getting into first team action, who may or may not have an ongoing issue that needs further treatment, they might have a similar attitude. It's an infuriating aspect of contemporary football, that's for sure. Besides, you can't ignore the fact that this period of time when Tierney has not been able to play for Scotland he has played little to no club football, either. Clarke himself said Tierney is frustrated. Okay, that could be a lie, but I don't see any reason to think Clarke is lying. He offered that up, he wasn't asked. I have precisely zero reasons to think Clarke is lying. It seems, although I suppose it wasn't made totally clear, that Clarke and Tierney spoke. Otherwise he is making an assumption when he says it's frustrating for the player. Like I said, you are suggesting, no ion fact you are insisting you now know for a fact (and have clearly felt for some time) that Tierney has no appetite to play for Scotland, but this is a guy who was in the dark blue with a broken jaw, metal plate in place, 10 days after it was smashed. Where you see conspiracy, I see another unfortunate, deeply, deeply frustrating compromise being struck between club and SFA. I'd have rather the SFA told them to bolt, or a compromise where he plays one game then goes back to treatment, but if he does actually get work done during the break and it means we get him back and at the top of his game for March then I can live with it, albeit grumpily. For all we know Clarke decided it was not worth throwing a tantrum about because he knows fine well what Tierney can do and how he wants to use him. An apologist? Haha, okaydoke. I simply don't buy the conspiracy theory you are so single-mindedly determined to promote. Yeah, I thought it was quite funny how you repeated 'real manager' for emphasis, almost like longing for a REAL man. It's such an absurd suggestion, that Steve Clarke is not a real manager. What is he, then? A guy you don't like because he has decided to play 4 at the back? A fictional manager? One made out of foam? You have absolutely no idea how it went, so you do not know if Clarke or the SFA were 'dictated to'. Nor do I know how it went behind the scenes. But I do not think it's as black and white as you suggest, nor am I as willing to make assertions about someone's character in such a categorical manner, when I've never met them.
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    Somewhere along the line someone's taking the pish, a red, white and blue home jersey!? G T F
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    Yeah. I've searching eBay for months trying to find them, with no luck, I'm afraid. Classic football shirts? Never heard of it. I'll give it a check. Thanks.
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    In the light of a few things, I decided to make this meme for the patter.. with context 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    He is much better at left-back but he seemed content to play right-back under Strachan. I reckon he could even play centre half, if he had the right partner. Anyway, it's just really disappointing that one of our few genuinely top class players isn't there again.
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    Here’s 2 edited versions I made with the sleeves. Can you see just how much better they look, either With the all red or With the white and blue to look like the saltire... it’s just a bizarre decision to give us sleeves which I would expect to see on a shitty England kit.
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    Another answer is that the UK Govt is happy to grant NI a vote every few years (4? IIRC), in effect, indefinitely till they join the Republic. For Scotland, even if SNP won every seat they still wouldn't grant a right even to vote on it. Think about it. No democratic route to independence.
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    One of the few things Aberdeen fans are good at...... booing Scotland players 👍😃
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    Wish he would listen to the other things we've said on here then!
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    Fine. We have one major domestic trophy, Ireland have none. It's hardly a massive difference. Another variable: Have you seen their defence? Only Andy Robertson would get into their defence: Robertson, Egan, Duffy, Coleman.
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    This is how you execute a long post on the TAMB Dark Knight. 😂👍
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    Our school had a state of the art AstroTurf pitch off of the lottery in 95 so Italy chose to train on it a couple of times in the run up to Euro 96. I actually made eye contact with Maldini on his way down to the pitches and it made my knob quiver which confused me for a good few years afterward. I made peace with it though and when I fill in surveys etc that include questions on sexual orientation I always caveat my ‘heterosexual’ response with ‘*unless Maldini’s asking’. Some right good looking bastards in that squad overall – Del Piero, Nesta, Di Matteo, and as a spotty bucktoothed awkward 16 year old whose favourite hobby was wanking into a sock I didn’t feel inadequate in any way!! The main memory I have is not of the team though but of the female teachers who collectively had a face like when Kiara was looking dirty as f**k at Simba just before Disney cut to a waterfall. It was weird seeing some teachers who we’d asexualised through our education because they were over 40 almost grinding on the fencing around the pitch – I remember hearing one of the geography teachers, who was commonly accepted to have cobwebs in her fanny, saying she ‘would defo shag that one!’. There’ll have been husbands who got the absolute sh!t rode out of them that night and erroneously believing their sexual prowess was the cause of their partners climaxing like Tardelli celebrating in 82. In 1990 I was always Valderama or the mad bastard keeper – Think it was just his mental hair really that I liked at the time though although Valderama was decent in a couple of the games. Recently I saw a Youtube video of Columbia batter Argentina 5-0 and Valderama was unplayable. In 1994 I was randomly Etcheverry from Bolivia. I’d read about him in the build-up and told everyone at school he would have a big tournament. Apart from an epic mullet he was pretty sh!t but I always bought him on Champo like him scoring 60 goals in a season with St Johnstone provided my point. In 1996 I remember trying to score the goal where Davor Suker dragged his foot over it v Denmark but the main difference was the keeper in our fives was left standing looking a bit confused as it was me who ended up falling on my arse after twisting my ankle.
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    I think people are getting carried away with their "success". They've only reached 1 major finals in the last 30 years. Euro 2020 - beat Belarus and Estonia. Lost to Netherlands and Germany. I won't be better on them in the play-offs. Nations League - Lost all 4 matches against Bosnia and Austria. World Cup 2018 - Finished 2nd in a group with under-performing Czech and Norway sides. Lost in play-offs. Euro 2016 - Very lucky that the top seed finished bottom of the group. They did however do really well in this group. They have shown what a difference having a couple of good centre-backs can make, and a forward that can score on a semi-regular basis.
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    Infiltrated by monkey bastards for the benefit of one club more like.
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    Took wee lass to a Wacky Warehouse for her 4th birthday party and we got 30 kids. Greet most of the parents as they come in and give them the free light refreshment voucher – one of the dads says ‘oh I’m going just drop Dave and come back in about an hour if that’s ok?’ I agree and he is out of there before I can actually nail down which one of the hyperactive wee bastards is his. No problem I think – I’ll just ask Mrs Whistle but she says she hasn’t got a clue either who Dave is but suggests Whistle Junior will know. Unfortunately Whistle Junior is up on level four of the climbing frame and showing no sign of coming down any time soon. I have to drag my fat arse up the apparatus, through herds of mental sugar fuelled ‘rules of the jungle’ kids and finally catch mine swinging from the monkey branches - she reluctantly agrees to help me track down Dave. She’s like a ferret and trying to keep up with her through the tunnel, over the cargo net, under the rolling sausage things has me sweating like an absolute beast. She’s well ahead and disappears around a corner when I hear her shout glaekit ‘Quick Dave my daddy is chasing you’. Before I can get around the corner they’re down the slide cackling like lunatics and all I can see is the back of a 3 foot Hulk disappearing to in to the distance. ‘Fuck it’ thinks I – I’m just going sit here and wait for their return. Unfortunately a fat, red faced man sitting uncomfortably at the top of the slide without an obvious kid of his own is not a great look and a couple of parents at the bottom were evidently wandering what I was up to. Luckily Hulk turns up but wee lass has scarpered. ‘Are you Dave’ I say in a voice that I am overly conscious of being a bit creepy. ‘Sorry my dad says not to speak to strangers’ – which is a fair point but it takes me all my restraint not to tell him that’s all well and good until his dad fucked off to watch Liverpool v Man U leaving him in a room full of them but before we can get in to logical discussion he is tearing down the slide. I launch myself after him in a manner that would be deemed out of control, reckless and a red card offence in current football parlance or a quick word that’s then rescinded on appeal if I played for the Old Firm. I get there just in time to wheezily point him out to my wife expecting a pat on the back for my efforts as try to avoid a potential cardiac arrest. To my surprise she says ‘That’s not Dave – he’s in the party hut having a drink’. Feeling slightly uncomfortable I’d just chased the incorrect infant down a shoot because two kids turned up in a Hulk costume she compounds it by smugly telling me she knew who Dave was all along and just wanted to see my fat derriere struggle up the spongey ladder to get to level two. We’re about to argue the toss when the eponymous Dave comes over ‘Thistle Junior’s Dad – I need a poo’. I walk him to the toilet like a condemned man and as I see it I have four potential scenarios ahead of me: I get a request for a help to wipe with the single ply paper being all that is between my didgit and a four year old’s anus. I stand and watch a four year old wipe his arse and talk him through it oblivious to if anyone is listening outside. I hang about outside the cubicle and give general motivation chat or ask how he is getting on hoping nobody walks in. Leave him in the hope Dad turns up before he shits himself especially as the cuffs on his Hulk suit don’t look particularly jobby tight and if that streaks on the slide it’ll ruin it for everyone. Option C is obviously the best of a bad bunch and stand outside the cubicle but unfortunately ‘Junior’s Dad – I can’t get the suit off’. So I’m in a toilet cubicle trying to unfasten his Hulk costume without looking and think I’ve got away with it when he says ‘Finished’ but unfortunately he means finished shitting so his knob is out and he’s expecting a wipe. I’m not getting involved in that so decide it is his dad’s fault he’ll do home with an itchy arse; make sure he washes his hands though as I am not a total reprobate. Curveball – Dave’s mum turns up and she is proper proper fit. I’m nervous around moderately attractive women so I’m looking like a prime gammon when a second EU referendum is announced on seeing her and the situation is compounded by Dave straight off the bat telling the now leading contender on the Cancer Mum Replacement List I watched him have a poo. I got all flustered and told her he needed help taking his suit off and that I tried not to look but couldn’t help it! Her looking at me really very shifty exacerbates the problem and all I can think to say is jokingly ‘He’ll make a girl very happy one day – like a baby holding an apple!’ And that your Honour is how I found myself in the position of having a sweaty red face, looking extremely dodgy whilst complimenting the sexual reproductive organ of a 4 year old in a public place. Where do I sign and date the register?
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    My girlfriend spilt up with me after finding out what my mates used to call me in primary school John Venables
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    And yet people we're acting like the sky was going to fall if Roberson played in front of the defence. When managers do it, they're hailed a genius, but if a humble fan suggests it, he's a crackpot.
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    He'll play the full 90 minutes against Vitória de Guimaraes. Steve Clarke should phone Tierney, ask him if he wants to continue being a Scotland player or not. Personally, I don't care, either way. I said when he moved to Arsenal that I won't be watching their matches and keeping tabs on his progress, and I've not changed my position.
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    To be fair, the SFA/JD exclusivity deal is daylight robbery and racketeering. 😂

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