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    I would say the average punter on here hates Rangers a lot more than Rangers fans hate Scotland. Most I know follow the national team, too.
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    I have absolutely no idea what any of that means. But I must say, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to fill you in.
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    I dread to think what they do for his confidence. Every time one of our defenders gets the ball he must be thinking "Right, which one of the opposition is he going to pass it to, so that I can try to get ready to save his shot?"
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    Agreed however fortunately this board isn't an accurate representation of our support and most normal folk don't give a shit who others support when it comes to following Scotland
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    A group called "Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination" are holding a demonstration outside the City Chambers on Saturday morning Wankers.
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    You talk a lot of sense usually but that team is utter madness
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    Aye, Big Jock must have known.
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    18 eh, straight intae the devil's arms fur a pint.
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    Mental note: Avoid the west coast even more than usual for the next 10 days.
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    I watched the video again, he never once says that he can see the other end of the bridge 24 miles away. From a vantage point at sea level you could never see that far along the bridge. Apologies for stealing Eisegerwind's thunder but it's late and I'm off to bed shortly. Take the following assumptions:- Circumference of Earth: 24,000 miles Radius of Earth: 4000 miles Pi = 3 Bridge length: 24 miles Bridge height: 26 feet (0.005 miles) Circumference of Earth at the road level of the bridge is 2 x Pi x Radius, ie. 2 x 3 x 4000.005 = 24000.03 miles Conveniently for this example the bridge length is 1000th of the circumference of Earth, Therefore 24000.03 / 1000 = 24.00003 miles, this is the length of the road on top of the bridge. So the road is 0.00003 miles longer than the distance covered at sea level. 0.00003 miles = 0.16 feet = 2 inches QED
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    Not looking good for him the judges have spoken read tonight’s guardian
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    Nah I’d say de Bruyne is the best passer in world football.
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    Unfortunately there are a lot of "we have didnae need all this when we were young" ex players, journalists and fans who wouldn't care if the performance schools were scrapped. They must be kept.
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    Was just talking about my boss really he'll have me doing 12k sessions because of this.
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    To be fair to Gordon Strachan I do remember him integrating younger players at different stages during his time in charge. Just little tasters of the squad here and there. Ryan Gauld was called up at Dundee Utd, John McGinn when he was still young playing in the Championship for Hibs. Andy Robertson as well at Dundee Utd. Even Stevie May at St Johnstone. On the other hand though he very rarely took the plunge and fully trusted them, though to be fair it was a hard call as we weren't too far away from being a decent team at the time. Although he gave them a little taste of it, it still took him far to long to give the likes of Robertson, McGinn even Ryan Fraser etc a regular run of games even when they were playing very well for their clubs. There always seemed to be large gaps between the little tasters Strachan gave our better U21 players and then they became kind of stuck in no man's land between eventually being too old for the U21s and not trusted enough to be picked ahead of Strachans regular old guards. The result now is we have a team with an average age in the early 20s with very little international experience between them and pretty much learning on the job
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    Agree with this. He became alot more than patronising a few times too.
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    haste ye back Ramy safe trip
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    Personally I think Tierney should be played Right Back. I trust him more than any other player to defend. Yes, it subdues his attacking threat, but if we are resorting to playing Mulgrew in Midfield to shelter the defence, then Tierney needs to be part of the 4 at the back. Plus, Mulgrew can get more involved in the distribution, which I think is an attribute of his which is underrated Marshall Tierney McKenna Hanley(?) Robertson Mulgrew I'd feel a lot more at ease seeing that back 5 and know the rest of our midfield can express themselves
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    Why Mulgrew and not Tierney?
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    Stephen O'Donnell is playing. Quite a few folk I know going, I know his wifes parents pretty well and they are huge Killie fans (as is his wife) so I think there will be a fair few Killie fans in attendances. A few of my mates went to school with him in Killie and going along too. Hopefully he gets a decent crowd!
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    Put simply we have to stop shipping goals and the only option we have (given that our defenders are not going to drastically improve) is to bolster the midfield and stop selecting players who can't defend. McGregor and Mc:Lean are fine players but they are defensively poor and cannot even justifty their selection by their ability to hurst quality opposition - they can't! International football requires a lot more than just looking tidy in possession in uncontested areas of the park. One solution would be to move Mulgrew from centre back to defensive midfield, partnering McTominay (who's too young and inexperienced to screen the back four by himself) and have Christie as the box to box player. I'm pretty sure if we did this we'd look a helluva lot tighter and might, just might, get a clean sheet from time to time.
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    Not that I've met! Alan is a great guy. Home and away with Killie and regular with Scotland, although think Westminster has curtailed his midweek aways!
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    It was John Greig's birthday yesterday. Maybe Scotty just got the age wrong? He's no very good with numbers.
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    Scotty posting plenty, that no enough?
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    Looks like the game is up. England are turning on Scotland after the Court of Session decision. I am pretty satisfied now, Scotland is going Independent. We are just bored of SM/MSM arguments - its all been done to death, any sane person can see through it all, and those arguing and trying to belittle the cause are just not winning any arguments now. It is like everyone is now so clued up, only the ignorant and delusional cannot see it - boiled frog syndrome ? England and Unionist parties are actually doing all the work for us. Looks like Game over as far as I am concerned. Ya fukkin Dancer !!!!!
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    Yes & Rangers were one of Europes top clubs in 2008 weren’t they...
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    They won't. You can look at it as people who say they'll move to England if Scotland becomes independent, empty threats. Personally, II think that when either Scotland or Northern Ireland "goes" then the other will follow pretty quickly. Ideally you'd have the Border Poll in Ireland and IndyRef2 on the same day.
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    The chap in the video seems rather perturbed by the fact the bridge was built 2 inches longer because of the curvature of the earth. However he is not at all bothered by the fact that if the earth was flat there would be no need for the extra 2 inches. Maybe he needs to change his focus a bit. Anyway you want the maths, yes? Would you not rather get out a pencil and paper and work it out yourself,it's very easy you don't even need Pythagoras most famous formula.
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    A significant number of bigoted bitter unionists would flee NI and come here IMO.
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    Hi Davy, My mate sent the money for our seats by Paypal friends & family on 27 August. Just to make sure you got it okay. Cheers John.
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    Gilmour stands out a mile from seeing him in our youth teams and definitely has massive potential, we have ample midfielders playing at a high level though so he may as well be playing for the under-21 team than making up numbers in the senior squad in a lost cause for now, at least til he's played a few games for Chelsea at least. Johnston has a decent amount of experience and could make an impact off the bench I'd say, definitely a better option than Burke anyway. Don't understand the big love in for Hornby. He's no first team experience so you have nothing to judge him on, nor was he pulling up any trees for Everton under-23 side. His reputation is based on scoring a few goals against Andorra under-21's and just shows our pitiful desperation that he is seen as the immediate answer to our striking deficiencies
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    Always turns up, travelling thousands of miles, gets hardly any game time yet you never hear of him bitching. Certain others won't come up the A1. Maybe not the best player in the world but I wish we had a few more with his attitude. Puts these others to shame.
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    Andy Robertson is better than basically everyone in that squad
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    Allan Campbell is an absolute terrier, he works from 1st to last, might not have the physical attributes for international football though. Love the wee guy though
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    Davy. £10 sent for Cilin Wheatley bus L8 Thanks again. Jim.
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    Bottom line you should be bringing on Mikey Johnston with 10 minutes to go not Johnny Russel.
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    It's all very well and good until the ball gets played to the edge of the box and there's somebody there with no Scotland player within 10 yards of him. A solid benefit of man to man is the ability to pinpoint who isn't doing their job right (or who is matched up poorly). Of all the things to blame O'Donnell for, this isn't one of them.
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    Flew into Glasgow, nae sharks then...
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    God, the thought of having to play Serbia away from home in a play off just fills me with dread. Our players just would not cope with it, think everyone would admit the same. Just reminds me of Slovenia and Slovakia away from home in the last campaign where our players just mentally collapsed in both. Its got that ring to it. I always thought we would potentially end up with an easier team than fking Serbia
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    Bus L10 - 11 Seats Payment sent Cheers Davy
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    In fact, I've just gone through all our qualification records when we've qualified and compared it to the other qualifiers (only from Europe for World Cups), based on points per game). 1954 - 10th of 11 1958 - 7th of 10 1974 - 5th of 8 1978 - 6th of 9 1982 - 9th of 13 1986 - 10th of 13 1990 - 12th of 13 1992 - 7th of 7 1996 - 6th of 15 1998 - 8th of 14 We never qualified strongly, compared to the other qualifiers; only in 1996 were we in the top half of qualifying records among all the qualifiers. Having the newer nations join FIFA/UEFA earlier probably would've almost certainly stopped us qualifying for a lot of tournaments.
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    It was a surprise for her best friend too, she wanted a string quartet.
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    Strachan did okay as Scotland manager. Not great, but okay, and certainly nowhere near as bad as some folk on here made out at the time. Strachan had some poor results, and he was perhaps overly loyal to certain players and he could be sarcastic and say daft things at press conferences and all the rest of it. But he left the job with the team unbeaten in 7 matches and a near 50% competitive win record (impressive for any boss of the Scottish national team), and with some creditable results along the way too. Aye, he made mistakes but the way he rejigged the side halfway through the World Cup qualifying campaign suggests he learned from them. At its best Strachan's teams played a brand of football based around possession, more akin to the 'expansive' style that George Burley gurgled about (but never delivered) than the counter attacking style Scotland sides tend to play. He got lucky with Brendan Rodgers building his Celtic team around homegrown players but all international managers are reliant on the good work of club coaches to a large extent. At the time Strachan's dismissal made sense but even then I had a sneaking suspicion me might miss him. McLeish, the second time around, was simply the wrong guy for the job. I don't know what is going on with him but it's clear something is amiss. The atrocious result in Kazakhstan aside his competitive record, I think, was actually okay; but the poor organisation, the ridiculous number of player call-offs - something that happened only rarely under Strachan - and just the general sense of malaise around the team at the time meant he had to go.
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    To be fair, not even considering that scientists might be able to find out stuff that happened 2 billion years ago and calling them 'eggheads' isn't doing your 'Im not as thick as shit' cause much good.
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    A person feeling they have at least average intelligence doesn't mean they actually have average intelligence. For the sake of argument, you say you understand the video but maybe it makes sense to you because you are actually thick as shit. Maybe a person who was actually of at least average intelligence would watch it and think it was a lot of mentalist bollocks. Maybe the human beings who have found out what happened 2 billion years ago have high or very high intelligence and they've used that intelligence to find out stuff. Maye you trundling along through life with your at least average intelligence is not only not intelligent enought to find out stuff like this but not even intelligent enough to contemple how others could be capable of finding out stuff like this.
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    You're correct that there's nothing inherently sectarian in support for a united Ireland. However, they lose any moral authority when there's an expression of support for paramilitaries.
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    I went to the Visa Centre in Edinburgh on 23 July and got my passport back eight days later. I waited and waited for the visa to arrive then eventually contacted the Visa Centre. I was advised to contact the courier DX. I just discovered the visa is INSIDE the passport. Please tell me I am not the only one.
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    10 years a Jag - I accept that is not important to anyone these days. For someone to have dedicated himself to an unfashionable club (let's face it....that's what we are) for almost his entire career speaks volumes. Cannot say any better than if you have no other obligations on 15th September then please consider contributing your afternoon to one of the model professionals of Scottish Football.

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