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    Just went and voted, and almost belted the brexit party campaign guy. I know the guy who is doing the leaflet stuff for the Brexit mob at the polling station, (I see him the shops most mornings, and he's for ever telling everybody, that he is one of the high heid yins, at one of the local lodges), and he knows I'm a big Rangers fan as well as an ex squaddie, so when I told him I voted SNP as always, he started trying to tell me that the SNP where just Scottish Provo's in disguise, and how could any Rangers fan vote for them. I tried to tell him my football and my politics are 2 different things, but typical ersehole he would not listen, and then said I should be ashamed to be a proddie, at that point I snapped, and I went to deck him, but the wife stopped me. The next thing I know his wife appears, (they stay across the road from the polling station, and she must have heard the shouting) and instead of backing him up, she said sorry to me and the wife, and then she got ripped into him instead. Everybody could hear her calling him all the fecking erseholes under the sun, how he had only been there 10 minutes and he had already started a fight, how he could not do anything without causing a fight, and if he was going start fighting with her neighbors, he could feck off back to his brothers. It was so fecking funny, watching this clown getting a severe public verbal kicking off his missus, I really hope somebody has it on video, because you'll pish yourself laughing. All I can say is that if that is the Brexit party's idea of a vote winning strategy, they are going to to fecked in more ways than 1 in Glasgow.
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    That's true, but I'm sure he was back playing for Celtic after pretty much all of those double headers. You only have to do a simple search to see his passion for Celtic (he's a fan playing for the club). Unfortunately, I don't see the same passion for the national side.
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    Always makes the motor insurance prohibitively pricey going down this route, better named driver, third party. I'll get my coat.
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    Didn’t you support Arsenal?
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    Did you shag her then?😁
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    Have to laugh at some of the huns on here, their hatred of United is bizarre and stupid
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    Better performance than I expected from us. Our two best players were a 16 year old and a player who Levein seemed determined to chase out the club within weeks of having signed him from Thistle last summer. Haring (excellent until he ran out of puff) should have scored with a free header, and then who knows? The penalty changed it, up until then I didn’t think Celtic looked like scoring. It looked a penalty to the naked eye in the stadium. Having seen replays in slow motion it was a bit of a dive, but I can see why the ref gave it. I’d want a penalty if it was the other way round. Zlamal responsible anyway. He should have come early and claimed it, or (having hesitated) stayed on his line. Second goal was just terrible defending. Berra had a fine game, but woeful for that one. Only one team ever going to win after the equaliser anyway. Surprised Celtic have appointed Lennon. Strange thing to say on a weekend where Celtic secure a treble, but in terms of performance they seem to have gone backwards since Lennon replaced Rodgers.
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    Aye, and Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Ireland and Luxembourg are not independent countries either.
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    The longer that bonny twat is allowed to comtinuously troll the board ..then the less the board will be used by the rest of us. Total turn off.
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    I can't really pick a winner here. It's just a shame St. Mirren didn't edge Accies in the end. Nothing really against Accies but I'd pick a visit to Paisley or Tannadice over that soulless stadium and shitey pitch any day. πŸ‘
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    Well, you're the only one that has even mentioned it so far.
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    Pound is already crashing as we speak mr bongo I enjoy your posts and are one of the better posters on here but please don’t encourage that clown
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    She told me she was on the pill!!!
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    Utterly glorious.
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    3 minutes between the two posts, so possible?
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    I’m glad Chris Martin scored the winner when he was booed coming into the pitch for Scotland by some idiots
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    For anyone who's watchign the bbc Scotland coverage. Who's this roaster James Bundy with his tacky union jack socks. Bellend.
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    Many spent Thursday queuing for tickets/ practicing penalties...
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    So Basically something that’s been on my mind and I’ve not seen discussed, Should Mikey Johnstone Be Called up by Steve Clarke for the Cyprus & Belgium Games? personally for me I believe he should be called up, if your good enough your old enough and he was class against hearts and a call up is another boost for his confidence, he’s also eligible for Ireland and I feel with his rising form it could be horrible if we had another McCarthy Situation and lost out on one of our brightest prospects.
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    That's a real tragedy for Dundee Utd. Thoughts are with their fans at this terrible time.
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    Clakes? Is that what Chinese people fall into after an earthquake.
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    One team winning every domestic trophy possible for three years in a row is fucked up.
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    Absolutely. Shite like ''those fuckers over there'' is pretty distasteful. Considering they would more than likely be our best pals/allies if Scotland was an independent country, and the rich links/history we have with Ireland. I think Mikey will play for Scotland. Ireland were trying to twist his arm last year and he stuck with Scotland went to the Toulon and played brilliantly and scoring a couple of peaches, I think he may well be in the squad for the next game.
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    She was thrown under the bus ? She was driving the fukker
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    I hope they don’t resort to eeny meeny miny moe or we are stuck with Himmler’s nephew πŸ˜• They are all hideous but Gove, Leadsom and Rees Mogg in particular make my skin crawl. Raab is stupid but they are dangerous.
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    Sounds like he's made his mind up too. I was shocked to hear about this. You could say his attitude's poor but the bottom line is we don't produce enough high quality young players - especially defenders - to let one slip through the net as easily as that. He might make it, he might not. But Stoke bought him when they were still an EPL side so they must have seen some potential in him. He's only 20 and he'd been getting a game on loan at a decent level last season too. Johnston has played for us at age group levels, whereas I don't think McCarthy or McGeady ever did, which suggests he's committed to Scotland. Then again, Harry Souttar had also played for us at youth level, and if someone is prepared to travel to the other side of the world in order to play international football, taking a flight to Dublin is a skoosh. Me neither. England often call up and cap youngsters who aren't yet regular first-teamers and it doesn't seem to be doing them any harm. I think it's fair to say Johnston is still some way behind Fraser and Forrest, and even Phillips and Snodgrass (if he returns) but those players are a good bit older than him, and to my mind he's way ahead of other young Scottish players who play in his position. While not a regular yet, I still think he's done enough at Celtic to at least merit a place in the squad.
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    You think Theresa's bad? Look at the contenders to follow her... Talk about 'out of the frying pan...' Boris Johnson – 3/1 Dominic Raab – 5/1 Michael Gove – 8/1 Jeremy Hunt – 10/1 Andrea Leadsom – 16/1 Matthew Hancock – 16/1 Rory Stewart – 16/1 Sajid Javid – 16/1 Penny Mordaunt – 20/1 Amber Rudd – 33/1 Jacob Rees-Mogg – 33/1 James Cleverly – 33/1 Priti Patel – 33/1 Boris the buffoon? Raab? Utter c*nt. Gove? Who? Heinrich Himmler's nephew? Hunt? Assh*le. Leadsom? Vile. Truly frightening... It surely cannot be any of them; it has to be an outsider.
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    If only someone else had backed out at the eleventh hour. The would would have been a more joyful place as a result.
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    Sounds like barely a step up from the handicaps we just pumped off
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    β€œ snowflake’. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ The standard phrase thrown out by slavering gammons.
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    In Scotland, any vote other than the SNP is a vote for English Nationalists who hate Scotland Any non SNP vote is a vote against Independence and an acceptance that England can decide our future - that's how it will be portrayed
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    When looking at oil and gas it's important to differentiate between revenue and the actual value of the oil. Westminster don't want to hold on to Scotland because of oil revenues. Even at its peak, oil revenues barely reached 2% of UK revenues. Still a massive amount of money but not make or break in UK terms. What is more important to Westminster is the value of that oil and the effect that losing that would have on the balance of trade deficit. That impact could be massive to the rUK economy and the value of the pound. This is what they fear most. When folk ask questions like "Why does Westminster want to hold onto Scotland when we are such subsidy junkies", this is the answer. But it's something which very difficult to explain to folk in terms that they will believe and understand.
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    The best thing is the one person going about upvoting his comments while "laughing" at yours. I think we knowing what we do now, we can guess who that is. The TAMB 9/11 thread blew every other thread out the water in views as well, the last time we had this argument about conspiracies as a board, you're saying you don't like it, but everyone would appear and post in it.
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    What conspiracy theory you tedious broken record nutcase? I said it was unusual which it is. Secondly I never wrote it or published I just pointed it out. You don't decide what gets posted on this thread or this board yet you seem to think you do. I ignored your first troll prick comment but when you did not get a reaction you just posted it again. Now again fuck off and stop following me about like a cunt.
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    Why do we need to measure everything against a benchmark set by England or the rUK? The rUK will be desperate to trade with us (and anyone else) after Brexit and if they tried to put up punitive barriers it would be shooting themselves in the foot. Most of what they produce we can get elsewhere, and stuff we produce they want or need - electricity, oil, water, whisky, the list is long. If we are in the EU then they must trade on the same terms as with the rest of the EU; EFTA I assume gives a similar outcome. To suggest that we must meekly accept what England wants is craven forelock-tugging.
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    Do you think that China or America are better places to live based on them having a larger economy than the UK?
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    Obviously there's no way of knowing how good a manager will be at a new team until the matches start, but I genuinely think this is a positive move and a very good piece of business by the SFA. We now have a manager who has a great recent track record of getting the best out of an underprivileged squad, has work alongside some of the best in the business, and actually wants to take on the Scotland job. It's an added bonus that he's Scottish, so will have extra incentive to do well. I haven't felt this optimistic about a managerial change since Smith came in. Hopefully he has the same effect!
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    Think the appointment shows a bit of lack of ambition from the SFA. I would have preferred to have spent a bit of money on a big name foreign coach with International experience such as Slaven Bilic, Lars Lagerback, Jurgen Klinsmann or Guus Hiddink. That being said, he is far and away the number 1 Scottish candidate so lets hope he can get in there and get a few of the players who have missed squads recently to commit. The best news of all is that Scott Gemmill is nowhere near the job. The under 21s are brutal with one tactic. Boot it up the park.
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    I think we are equally shyte all over the park.
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    Now, I'm not sure who this "Chripper" character is, but reading his comments I would assume that he was tickled pink by having actual grown-ass-men report him to teacher, errr, I mean, the Mods. As opposed to going toe-to-toe with him and being an actual man. It would be particularly pleasing as I'm 99.999% sure that he never once reported anyone here, and he could have. The amount of verbals he received, without provocation, is astounding. The mods banning a person because of the villagers wielding torches and pitchforks demanding a person who they don't like be banned would suggest that the lunatics run the TAMB. Lots of people here treat this place as their own personal playground and they think that they rule the roost. If they come up against a bigger boy who is smarter, faster, more intelligent than them they go and throw a tantrum to daddy.
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    The first thing Clarke should do is to phone up Bournemouth and tell them they can't fuck around with him like they did with McLeish !
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    I always thought Clarke was a quiet and introverted man but his on pitch speech yesterday showed me that he is a very effective communicator with a real sense of humour - not one of these managers who waffles on for ages with the usual soundbites and excuses. I can see why the players bought into his ethos and I'm very excited about this potential appointment.
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    πŸ‘ Id be fuming if any Huns wanted us to win. Every United fan I know absolutely loves the weirdo Hun SEETHE.
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    I suppose compared with his time at Kilmarnock a 27 year old Ryan Jack is pretty young. I'm not really that dour or negative I just don't want people getting their hopes up. Any way I agree with what you both say about management and organisation being the most important thing for a group of limited players. On second thoughts every one I know thinks I am a Negative Nancy so you could be right
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    My favourite crass joke from back in the day involving a celebrity that was injured, was when β€˜celebrity couple’ Blue Peter’s Sarah Greene and Radio1 DJ Mike were injured when pilot Mike Smith crashed his helicopter injuring Sarah Greene’s legs. It led to the shockingly bad β€˜ what does Sarah Greenes legs have in common with her fanny ? ...... They both got fucked by Mike Smiths chopper 😳 Might be getting nostalgic here but I’m certain kids were much wittier back then,.

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