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    I would have sympathy, but the Celtic away support are absolute scumbags. That mob run about the country breaking seats, invading pitches, singing and shouting sectarian abuse and being general clowns. Mostly with impunity. They cannae then expect anyone to listen to their greeting when the big bad polis arrest them. They should be arrested. I agree the treatment of football fans is shite, we are treated like weans. But the Celtic away support are one of the reasons why it's like that. And the rest of us have to suffer it.
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    4-4-2... 3-5-2... That's got fck all to do with it. You could play "2-4-6-8 it's never too late" and it wouldn't matter as long as you've got a clueless, jobs-for-the-boys dinosaur in charge that nobody else would touch with a fkin bargepole. We DON'T have bad players. We don't have great ones either. There's no Law, Bremner or Dalglish. FFS there's no even a McAllister, Lambert or Collins, but what we do have is a group of solid professionals who could and should be organised to look like they didn't just meet each other on the plane across. Ones who shouldn't be getting outplayed and out-classed by teams dozens of places below them in the rankings. Israel have an Austrian manager who I'm pretty sure isn't fluent in Hebrew. Kazakhstan have one from the Czech Republic who I'm sure doesn't speak whatever the fck they speak over there. How then can we not get someone, ANYONE, in a world of billions of folk to organise us into a solid, cohesive unit like they can??? Withdrawals, retirements, "I need a rest," "I cannae play in case I skin ma fkin knee on the plastic..." That's what we've fkin ended up with.
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    ......by all means enjoy yourselves. But please for fuck sake someone organise some sort of protest. Picket the SFA hotel, make it uncomfortable for these wankers! A banner, a walkout..... anything that makes it look like the Tartan Army actually care as much about the football as they do about roaming the world getting pished on cheap booze and having a good time! 🙏
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    Utter utter garbage, he did everything he could to make the flight. Unbelievable commitment when you read the story, he wasn’t allowed to fly with it so needed the surgery and can’t sort another flight at such short notice. Barring the tour he missed because he was playing in the champions league final Robertson has never been unavailable for a squad since his debut 6 years ago which is incredible really.
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    On the currency front of course it will take time to get onto a system and currency that works. People have to realise that it is 300+ years since we have been an independent country. The transaction will be tough make no mistake about that. There is going to be very little that will be easy about gaining independence and implementing it. However, I won't be put off by that as the alternative is far worse. Remain in a decaying union where we are trampled over by Westminster and treated like third class citizens where we get governments that we never vote for and we will continue to be bled dry. No thanks 300+ years is more than long enough. Give me the rocky, undulating road of independence over remaining under the thumb and in the gutter under Westminster's rule.
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    The same old conversations seem to be arising again. Who do we have that’s Scottish and wants the job? Absofuckinglutely no one. The world is a big place and there’s managers out there that would love a chance to manage international football. Too many people seem to think we need a Scottish manager and are happy to slate our only foreign one, who happens to be the last man to take us to a play off (a real one, not a mini league kick about).
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    I agree he isn’t a fullback, but that’s where he had to play. He’s probably played that position half a dozen times in the last 3 years, hence why I find your attack on him being at fault all the more bizarre. That doesn’t make any difference to sod being pish though.
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    He absolutely did this but the other players in most part have their last big contracts at their EPL clubs so dont give a flying fcuk as being international wont fill their wallets. Fraser, Robertson, Paterson, Tierney would also all have played tonight if it was club game. Am i wrong??
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    I blame that f**kin Del Amitri song..... just been failure after failure since then....🤷‍♂️
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    Mate, an inferior team is playing a formation that I've been championing for 18 years, and they're beating us. It's time people woke up.
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    Ooohhh humpy. Our national team has a notorious habit of screwing the supposedly easy matches up - sometimes fucking stupid match officials and cheating opponents play a big part in it - but usually it's daft mistakes by our own players or the manager's negligence. We should never write off any opponent or think we will stroll a game.
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    Just a truely awful crime, it really is, its really shocked me the reaction on social media, with paris, Manchester ect everyone was changing their profile pictures in support, i have seen none this far for NZ, i can only assume due to the religion of those murdered, It has hit home how “well” the right wing have slowly changed general attitudes, they have been subtle and smart. pretty depressing actually
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    Sorry l don't understand what you mean? Reported to who? A mate bought a ticket thinking he was going to go but his circumstances changed outwith his control and can no longer go. I don't see what the problem is. Someone was looking for a ticket and l offered to help them out. He's not looking for a profit and will accept face value. This all feels a bit like when someone stops to help somebody else in an accident and the helper then gets robbed. Thanks for grassing me up. Apologies if l've misunderstood you and this was meant as a joke?
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    Knowing our luck probably an asteroid impact apocalypse.
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    As a Scotland fan i can fully say our national team is now in the gutter. We have to get rid of that embarrassment McLeish before the San Marino game. We are a laughing stock all over Europe and it’s on him and his rotten back room team. Today’s the result is our worst ever. If SFA have any clear hope they should sack him either tomorrow or in the coming days. His post match comments where even worse saying we “started well”.. he’s clearly lost it. Until he’s gone I’ve lost all faith. McLeish Out is our only way forward and he should be gone by this week.
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    what a load of bollocks. Every campaign we've nearly qualified near enough down to the last game. Should we have been boycotting the Georgia game, the Poland game, the Dutch game, the Italy game, the England game, the Slovenia game ? What would that have achieved? All this thread needs is somebody to tell us kids prefer Playstations to kicking the ball in the street. boring af. What exactlly have the SFA done that affects the field of play? very little in living memory - either positive or negative. It's the players on the park. Granted McLeish was a poor appointment, I'll concede that one. What is the overhaul people want? An English Yorkshireman taking charge? A younger guy with football experience and a business acumen? Next they'll be complaining that having a fast food sponsor actually affects whether Ollie Burke can run WITH the ball. " we need to get to the grassroots" what a load of pish by the way. As if there isn't grass roots going on all the time. More than ever. I love these people that say there should be an overhaul but have absolutely no idea what it actually means in action.
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    "Be sure and wear some flowers in your hair"...
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    can we just wrap this patter about us having pish players. It's just not true. We have better players than NI and Kazakhstan and they're getting results. Usually I'd be all for making excuses but it's fact we have players at the top of their game in Scotland and down South. They should be able to make a decent fist of qualification in the group and certainly in the NL. It's a lack of motivation, leadership and tactics that are doing us here. There's never been a clearer example of a manager not getting the best out of the players available.
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    I stopped reading after McGregor is the best keeper in Europe, I’m sure the rest was really interesting though.
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    Not sure about WTF is going on with the world, but pretty sure whats going on here is some old fucks whining on about how things ain't what they used to be in a world that isn't theirs anymore and now belongs to a different generation.
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    I hope to awake tomorrow to news of Eckzit.
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    The bottom line is that there is no conclusive evidence that such pitches cause injuries. The players had one important 90 minutes to play on an artificial surface, you would think they were getting asked to play on fucking lava or something. It's a convenient pathetic excuse. As a dentist I find it hard to fathom that Andy Robertson could be fine to play on Sunday but not fit to fly that night, so yes, he's clearly chose to delay treatment which I expect will be a wisdom tooth issue, as captain, that is unacceptable for me.
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    If anyone is traveling on Sunday, please make an effort to be noticed that we don't want Eck.
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    Darren Fletcher's seriously unimpressed with these fannies not wanting to play on the plastic.
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    Unremitting wall-to-wall shite. SFA are a failure and have been for decades. Scottish Government would do well to withdraw all funding from football and give it to more deserving national sports that don’t foster bigotry and which bring people together in celebration rather than mockery and anger.
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    I'm with the OP but as I've said already, mcleish set his stall out so we shouldn't be surprised the clubs and players take advantage of him. I wont say that again or I'll be into Chripper broken record territory
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    I love how defeats like this get so I tense with club rivalries thrown in. Yes, Shinnie and McKenna were poor, but everyone was, they never lost Scotland the game tonight. We were without several shoe in starters, but having a thrown together team like that should still have won. Mcleish has to go now, but I think my favourite part was the people that claim sod is the answer to right back, he’s already been shown to be honking at international level. Absoutely no passion shown out there tonight and instead of the players applauding the fans, they should be knocking on every fucking hotel room door and personally apologising for that shambles.
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    You were saying Largs should be shut down. The point I was making is that it has shut down.
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    It doesn't matter who we have as manager. Our players are awful. Our player should be playing Rugby because all they seem to be able to do is either pass sideways or backwards. We have no structure at youth level, we have no young players coming through. The SFA don't give a damn if we lose or win, the only thing they care about is the mugs fans handing them their hard earned money. For decades the SFA and the Old Firm have bled Scottish football dry, they've ignored grassroots and totally washed their hands of responsibility that they had. We're reaping what was sown. It'll get worse. And people are fooling themselves thinking that because we now have a few performance schools things are going to be different. The performance schools thing should've been done in the 80s.
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    Some blue sky thinking might be just what our team needs.
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    Easily the worst result. A sacking offence if ever there was one.
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    Do you remember the glory days when berti vogts managed to get us within 1 game of qualifying??
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    Sky are now shielding us from it by not showing the pictures...
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    Shinnie on the other hand has shown exactly why Strachan was right not to pick him.
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    goodbye mcliesh, he made the fuck up when he started by giving players a break. Clubs will rip into him and expect him to bend over. The end result is what we are witnessing right now
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    If there is to be another general election announced later then I hope the SNP will chose someone other than Derek Mackay to run the campaign. I know a lot of members across the country were pissed off at his piss poor, limp, directionless campaign that only swung into action in the last few days when it was too late. Btw here are the majorites of every non-SNP seat at Westminster. If you are pro-SNP and live in the Stirling, Rutherglen and Hamilton W, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Glasgow NW or Midlothian constituencies in particular, then you simply have to get up off your arse, get out there and vote and work hard to persuade your pals, family workmates, neighbours to do the same. 1. Stirling Scotland 148 0.15% 2. Rutherglen and Hamilton West Scotland 265 0.26% 3. Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Scotland 259 0.28% 4. Glasgow North East Scotland 242 0.38% 5. Midlothian Scotland 885 0.98% 6. Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill Scotland 1,586 1.76% 7. Gordon Scotland 2,607 2.43% 8. East Lothian Scotland 3,083 2.76% 9. Edinburgh West Scotland 2,988 2.83% 10. Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Scotland 2,774 3.00% 11. Ochil and South Perthshire Scotland 3,359 3.10% 12. Angus Scotland 2,645 3.29% 13. Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross Scotland 2,044 3.31% 14. Moray Scotland 4,159 4.37% 15. Renfrewshire East Scotland 4,712 4.38% 16. Banff and Buchan Scotland 3,693 4.43% 17. Dunbartonshire East Scotland 5,339 5.15% 18. Aberdeen South Scotland 4,752 5.34% 19. Dumfries and Galloway Scotland 5,643 5.47% 20. Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine Scotland 7,949 7.70% 21. Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale Scotland 9,441 9.64% 22. Orkney and Shetland Scotland 4,563 9.80% 23. Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk Scotland 11,060 10.56% 24. Edinburgh South Scotland 15,514 16.21% And the majorities in the seats the SNP currently hold. Rank Constituency Region Majority Swing to Defeat 1. Fife North East Scotland 2 0.00% 2. Perth and North Perthshire Scotland 21 0.02% 3. Glasgow South West Scotland 60 0.08% 4. Glasgow East Scotland 75 0.10% 5. Airdrie and Shotts Scotland 195 0.26% 6. Lanark and Hamilton East Scotland 266 0.26% 7. Motherwell and Wishaw Scotland 318 0.38% 8. Inverclyde Scotland 384 0.49% 9. Dunfermline and Fife West Scotland 844 0.83% 10. Edinburgh South West Scotland 1,097 1.11% 11. Argyll and Bute Scotland 1,328 1.38% 12. Ayrshire Central Scotland 1,267 1.41% 13. Edinburgh North and Leith Scotland 1,625 1.44% 14. Glasgow North Scotland 1,060 1.58% 15. Glasgow South Scotland 2,027 2.27% 16. Dunbartonshire West Scotland 2,288 2.60% 17. Linlithgow and Falkirk East Scotland 2,919 2.60% 18. Paisley and Renfrewshire North Scotland 2,613 2.80% 19. Paisley and Renfrewshire South Scotland 2,541 3.05% 20. Glasgow Central Scotland 2,267 3.15% 21. Glasgow North West Scotland 2,561 3.30% 22. Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Western Isles) Scotland 1,007 3.40% 23. East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow Scotland 3,866 3.57% 24. Livingston Scotland 3,878 3.69% 25. Ayrshire North and Arran Scotland 3,633 3.83% 26. Edinburgh East Scotland 3,425 3.93% 27. Glenrothes Scotland 3,267 4.04% 28. Falkirk Scotland 4,923 4.57% 29. Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey Scotland 4,924 4.66% 30. Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East Scotland 4,264 4.86% 31. Aberdeen North Scotland 4,139 5.63% 32. Kilmarnock and Loudoun Scotland 6,269 6.74% 33. Dundee West Scotland 5,262 6.80% 34. Ross, Skye and Lochaber Scotland 5,919 7.70% 35. Dundee East Scotland 6,645 7.74% In everyone of these constituencies make no mistake, there will be unionist pacts and dirty smears against serving MP's. But they can be held if we hit the streets talking to the voters, and the party fucking hammers these Tory and Labour kunts unlike last time.
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    Massive difference for someone like Tierney as a defender between Celtic and any EPL side. He’s someone that will have to move to be tested week in week out. McKenna as well.
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    Yeah, really should be 7.45pm kick off for us! Sure the Kazakhs wouldn't mind it finishing at 3.30am their time.
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    At Dens, it would most liklely have have been an advertisement board for Wrangler Jeans or Y-cardigans.
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    Englands players want to play for them and their governing body has a back bone. We have a bunch of wankers who see Scotland as a nuisance rather than an honour. We've got a manager and governing body who bend over and ask clubs to do as they please. Fuck them all.
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    Your want to try and justify your clubs support and their poor behaviour is laughable. It’ll remain an issue until people admit there actually is issues.
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    That may be correct and people can make their own minds up about whether to go and view it, although it does make me wonder what goes on in someone's mind that makes them go out of their way to watch people being slaughtered. However those of us who choose not to view it don't really need people coming on and describing in graphic detail what it contains.
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    Just noticed that Slaven Bilić is now the manager of Al-Ittihad. Well that was really fucking clever of us to let that ship sail wasn't it ? But of course the idiots kept saying: "Whit ! We cannae have some fucking johnny foreigner as manager. Foreigners dinnae understand oor much admired fitba traditions* and (gasp) might change hings aroond !" (goes back to reading copy of the Daily Record) "I'll tell ye whits needed, we need tae bring back the Home Championships every year ..." *What these "traditions" are I don't know.
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    Where do people get this nonsense ? I’d say the opposite is true. As a nation, both on and off the park, we are surely among the biggest shitebags in the world.
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    Burke isnt a good enough footballer. Athlete, yes, but lacks the game intelligence...... the reason why he never made it in Germany and struggled to impact the Championship.
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    I agree. Eck is a nice bloke but was finished as a manager before he took this job.
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    Sadly I can actually believe what I’m watching. There is some good news to this in the end of this absolute embarrassing performance. Hopfully this will be the final nail in the coffin to put and end to that useless pathetic dinosaur McLeish. Worst manger I’ve ever seen. No tactics. No sense. Was never good enough. He puts shame to the great Scottish mangers of the past, Jock and Ally would be turning in there grave watching this #McLeishOUT
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    Fair point on both counts. It does seem he’s being played regularly while not 100% for Celtic, but they pay his wages. (Given when there season started he’s effectively played a full season already!) I’d have been happier to see him play tomorrow and be allowed to go back to Celtic rather than travel to San Marino. If he’s not fit for Thursday, why risk him on Sunday when he’s needed less? If; as is being suggested, Mcleish is making concessions, surely they’d be for San Marino? We need the strongest available line up tomorrow. We should be able to put together 3 teams that can beat San Marino.
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    Bannan has pulled out so it doesn't matter what his form is like.

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