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    Cheers! You know what, ever since we found out we had Final tickets I’ve not really been as excited as I should’ve been. The closer the Final got, the closer they were to actually being there too so all this week has been a bit of a heid-fuck. Will we wear our kilts to the game? Will we put our Scotland tops on for Moscow on Saturday? Will we go completely neutral? Seriously wasn’t looking forward to being anywhere near Moscow, let alone being IN the stadium, where they had a chance of lifting the WC. See this morning though, don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a fitba trip in a long time!! 😆🙌🏼🇭🇷
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    Oh his foots very high you know. Fuck off you absolute utter cunt.
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    Croatia took their chances and we didn't. That's the difference for me. We're lacking that bit of quality when it's really needed. We played well in the first half, but we didn't capitalise when we were on top. Croatia came back into the game and showed their quality. I think they fully deserved their victory. They had two or three other great opportunities that could easily have put us away earlier. As I said previously, I never bought into the hype about this England team. I didn't feel they'd done anything to deserve all the adulation. Don't get me wrong, we'd played ok and I felt there was some promise, but talk of them being heroes when they'd scraped through against Columbia and beaten a Sweden team that aren't exactly top draw, was just ridiculous. Defensively I really liked how we tried to play out from the back. It terrifies me at times, but I like to see us playing that way and I think with Stones and Maguire we've got the players to do it. If only we could find an Iniesta (in his prime), Pirlo or Modric type player. I guess everyone wishes for that though. England World Cup Rating: 7/10 - Good effort and some promise, but lacking the quality needed at the highest level. Bring on the Euros. Our youth teams have started to win things, so I'm very positive about the future. Fine margins, as always. Was a fun few weeks though.
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    Croatia. Too wee, too poor, too stupid. Hey, look what proud small nations can achieve.
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    Breathing a sigh of relief but have to admire how far they’ve come and their manager. Just watching the team applauding the support and some of them were sitting down, understandably feeling shattered, but Gareth walked round pulled them to their feet and then walked over to Croatian manager to offer his congratulations. He seems to be not only a good manager but a decent person too and managed to make England a Team for the first time in years. France to win.
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    I rated Gerrard and Lampard, but in my opinion neither of them were in the same class as the likes of Pirlo, Iniesta, and even Modric. Gerrard was great for the hustle and bustle of the EPL, but I don't think he or Lampard were technically good enough to play the role that we needed both then and now. Scholes was the one that we did have who was closest to being able to fulfill that role, but we messed him about on the left wing at Euro 2004 and he packed it in much earlier than he might otherwise have done. I think England have had some very good players over the years, but I think sometimes people (especially again in the media) forget how good some players are that other countries have. Just because we don't see them playing in our league every week, there's a tendency from some people to overlook them. Pirlo was an absolutely amazing player. Even well into his 30's he destroyed us at Euro 2012 and again at WC 2014. He didn't do it by being young and fit and running around everywhere - he did it because his control of the football was brilliant. His touch was amazing, he could play with both feet, he had great balance and he kept things simple most of the time (unlike some players who go for the Hollywood long pass all the time, only to see it regularly cut out before it gets to anyone). We couldn't get near Pirlo in 2012 or even in 2014. Again, it's not a criticism of Lampard or Gerrard - they were both excellent players - but I never saw them control a game in the way that Pirlo could and did. That's what we're up against.
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    Gary, my friend, you need to try and get over your obsession with England. It's not healthy. I don't disagree with everything you said, but please don't think that some England fans aren't capable of assessing the situation for ourselves. There's a whole range of opinions about how well England did, but most people that I know and I have spoken to think pretty much the same as I do. Even the voting in the BBC poll at the bottom of this link shows that the majority were not getting carried away with things: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44808192 The overwhelming majority of votes are for "Encouraging - but let's not get too carried away" and "As expected - beat the weaker teams, lost when they met a top side". There's actually more votes for us being underwhelming than there are people voting to say that we were brilliant. What you're doing is focusing on some of the voices in the media and the buffoons that phone radio talk shows calling for knighthoods for Southgate etc. Of course those types of callers get given more airtime, because they're so outlandish and create drama and talking points. But they're not representative of the majority. Just one final point. Please don't think that all England fans expect to win all the time, or that we don't still enjoy watching our team play despite the failures. Most of us support club teams that also are pish. I'm a Southampton fan. Do you know what my team have won in my lifetime? Absolutely jack shit. No, I take that back - we won the Johnstone's Paint Trophy in 2010. Beat the mighty Carlisle United in the final. A lot of England fans support teams that would get a stiff neck looking up at the Premier League, so I consider myself more fortunate than most. We're not spending our lives as club football fans arrogantly thinking we're going to win everything and celebrating trophy after trophy. When I did the Real Madrid stadium tour, I was in their trophy room for about half an hour. When I did the St Mary's tour, I was in our trophy room for about two minutes, and most of that time was because I stopped to do my shoelace up. Most of us don't suddenly become arrogant, ignorant about football monsters when we transfer our support from our club to the England team. I know you want to believe that we do, but it's honestly not the case.
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    Things that really needle me about England: In this World Cup it seemed to me that, whichever country was playing, the camera would go on the support and people looked like they were having a real party, going mad and dressing up in colourful gear/mad costumes, women, kids etc. regardless of whether it was an African team, Scandinavian team, South Americans, Japan, etc. Then the camera would go on the England fans, they look depressing in comparison, mostly loads of blokes. Only people dressed up would be the usual ones dressed as crusaders FFS. Then you get the songs about WWII and German bombers and all that pish. Then they start singing GSTQ and Rule Britannia, fuckin hell. So that sums them up for me, religion, monarchy, WWII and fuckin crusaders. I can’t think of a group of fans i would less want to be around. The other main thing is: two years on from Euro 16 their media still refer to losing to Iceland as a disgrace and a debacle. Their ‘experts’ still don’t seem to be aware of Iceland’s record over the last few years and the fact they had won their qualifying group for the Euros ahead of Holland, Turkey and Croatia. Ignorant, arrogant and condescending. Their brand of football in the World Cup was pish, no creativity whatsoever, complete reliance on getting big lumps forward for set pieces, lumping it forward for Sterling to chase. Their midfield was non-existent. Don’t see that a lot has changed, the fact they got to the semis has given people a false impression. They still lost as soon as they came up against a technically better team. If Colombia had played football for 90 minutes they would have won. As a football fan, relieved England didn’t make the final.
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    I feel happiest for Mr and Mrs McTeeko and son. They can now enjoy the final. Have a great time.
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    I reckon I'll be the only one in work tomorrow with a smile on my face, a spring in my step and a jaunty whistle.
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    🎵 They're coming home; They're coming home; They're coming; England's coming home. 🎵
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    2 world wars and one world cup 🤗
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    Never been short of world class c#nts though. The current team have lingard, sterling, ali, kane, and Ashley Young. Recent c#nts have included Hart, Rooney, Terry, Gerrard, Phil Jones. The all time list of c#nts has Lineker, Shilton, Seaman, Shearer, beckam , gary neville, phil neville, scholes and jamie redknapp. A special mention for clive tydsley as well. ........Well played croatia.
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    We re better as the uk instead of independent. However, its better the uk becomes independent. Both these match the referendums outcomes. Its as simple as that really.
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    I would take Faddy's comments with a pinch of salt, Cairney for starters was involved with Fulham in the Championship play off final just 3 days before the Peru game. Also there was a fair few players who you would expect to have been in the squad who were not in the original (if anything, Faddy was probably keeping a few players on their toes, with maybe a hint of direction towards Matt Ritchie)
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    I've heard that before from decent England fans. Incidently, it wasn't until yesterday I saw the IKEA footage... I'd been told by an English colleague it was hilarious. No, it was appalling. What got me was there appeared to be a couple of Asian lassies working on the entrance, who must've been terrified when a bunch of pissed up aggressive white males stormed in. What would these twats have done in IKEA if Sweden had actually won?! Then there's the bus, ambulance and taxi footage. At a time when they should be expressing happiness and joy, they express aggression. What the f*ck is wrong with them?
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    Ok mr bongo let you aff on this occasion given the glorious night it’s been 😂🤣
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    Last word on Southgate. An absolute class act.
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    I personally would have taken him just to have that option, even if off the bench. When you have a squad of 23 players, I think there is space to include someone like that. Having said that, Wilshere came on at half time against Iceland in Euro 2016, and we all know how that match ended up!
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    I want to bathe in Clive Tyldesley's salty tears.
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    Scottish Open starts tomorrow at Gullane.
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    As a Rangers fan you should be used to being behind Aberdeen by now.
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    Fuck that . The most backward ‘country’ in the civilised world.