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    Ok Scotty no worries. Morelos seems to be your latest Rangers based obsession (great work on the puns on his name by the way, every one hilarious) so rather than waste my time Iโ€™ll just let you crack on till you Sevco yourself out.
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    Still paranoid I see. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    I'm sure all the troops rounding on Ramy think they are being hilariously funny. It's not a good look however and it's becoming increasingly uncomfortable to read. As with Rolling Hills just put him on ignore and do yourself and the board a favour!
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    You should be deducted a brain for being a dumbfuck. Wait a minute ....
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    Yet if he were Rolling Hills or Ramy heโ€™d be a troll. Thereโ€™s certain posters that ruin the board, Scotty is one of them.
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    About as much chance of this happening as you becoming a moderator on Follow Follow or the "We hate Jesus" messageboard.
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    I almost challenged you to show where youโ€™d seen those numbers mentioned....
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    A good read if you have a spare thirteen and a half hours.
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    Bloody hell - it's doubly shocking to lose players that you went to watch as teenagers. He'll likely be remembered for that 6-inch sclaff in 1973. But he should really be remembered for that inch-perfect last-ditch slide on Mick Channon in 1976. RIP Tam Forsyth.
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    Scotty, I don't know you however, you appear a genuinely good guy Give the Sevco pish a rest though please as, they know it, we know, every cunt knows it Its monotonous now, lets move on SF
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    Out for four months. Might be back in time for Aberdeens next game.
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    The same Rangers who played Dundee United in a friendly without knowing the test results of the players involved?
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    I don't think Parkie would ever do that.
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    I'm confused now as to whether we're talking about the plumbing issue here or the old underwear?
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    Expelling Aberdeen and Celtic from the league seems like the only reasonable solution. Throw in Dundee Utd for good measure....
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    Bolingoli with a cheeky Spanish trip and no isolation. 3 points to Killie and Celtic St Mirren postponed surely.
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    Spot on. Same wee clique every time. No surprise they are also the biggest drama queens on here. Stir the pot, sit back and act all outraged when Ramy inevitably flips his lid.
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    Rolling, old fellow, I have no interest in Sevco or your Parkheid Partners in Europe, other than hoping they get horsed and their supporters chastened.
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    Every team has a history, it's great players, a stadium with a character of it's own. To start throwing around the "nothing of a club" pish is the mark a snob who's proud of their ignorance. Clubs like Hamilton Accies, East Fife and Arbroath may not really grip my interest but I respect that to their supporters they mean the world to them. So I'd never make a such a stupid statement as to call one of them a "nothing of a club". Btw did you not know that Burnley have won the top flight twice, played in the European Cup during it's early years?
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    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ How long this time before you run away shouting โ€˜Thatโ€™s it, Iโ€™m done, this place is deadโ€™? Paranoid.
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    Scotty is valuable contributor. He's posting his opinions and thoughts on the merchandising deal which is the thread topic. Ok he's not posting facts but at least he's keeping on topic.
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    Having your season and plans put on hold due to the actions of another club that had nothing to do with you ? As a United fan, youโ€™ll excuse my lack of sympathy for Hearts on this occasion, even though they have a point. Fuck them. ๐Ÿ‘
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    The SPFL tried to get powers to put rules in place, but the clubs said no. The whole debacle has shown that the clubs shouldnt be running the league, at least not in the current format. The voting structure is a farce, it should have been changed when Rangers went out of business, but Stewart Milne for some reason decided he didnt want it, so chance gone. They need to get rid of the clubs running the show, because every single one of them has nothing but self interest at heart. Listening to people over the last few months saying they are acting for the general good of the game, which also happened to be for their benefit was revolting, at least be honest FFS. There needs to be a board of 3 or 5 people running the league, they make the decisions through meetings and a simple majority vote to decide issues.
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    WTF https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/how-george-galloway-and-i-plan-to-save-the-union
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    Same. Covid is not a joke. There are rules to be followed. If you have an employee, or player that is going to be irresponsible and break the rules, you are gone. This is not like you are going on a weekend piss up. This is a pandemic, and you have put peoples lives at risk.. So yes, I would sack any player, Eduard, Brown, no difference when it comes to peoples lives..
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    I am still waiting om my 'fuckin' badge Hancock said i was getting.๐Ÿ˜‰
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    It's a mistake that some Unionists make over and over again, that they see the SNP as the problem (or Sturgeon, or Salmond before her), that the electorate have somehow been temporarily conned or magicked into a protest vote for the SNP - not once but repeatedly and increasingly since the 2000s, Rather than seeing independence as the legitimate aspiration of half the nation.
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    Let's go through this point-by-point: The Westminster Parliament is where sovereignty exclusively lies already The convention has no legal basis (hence the name), that's been determined by the Supreme Court, so that's a matter of political decision. Removing the permanence of the Scottish Parliament without the consent of the voters would be political suicide or worse. In that scenario, it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest other nations may actively support Scottish independence. This would fundamentally undermine the basic principle of what the Holyrood parliament is and would require a complete rewrite of the Scotland Act and again would be political suicide. That's partially already the case, as the Scottish Parliament can only top-up existing spending programs in certain devolved areas - welfare springs to mind - but cannot change, or introduce new, regulations or structures for reserved matters. I find it confusing that unionists still haven't worked out that the Acts of Union was an act to enforce an international treaty and there are two related to the 1707 union - one for Scotland, one for England (+ Wales). Repealing it would probably (in a legal sense) constitute a withdrawal from the treaty, which would negate the Anglo-Scottish union completely - would probably take an international court decision to try and enforce that though (but that would be a fun case to watch).
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    His source is David Icke, so be careful what you ask for. The lizard people or illuminati will come for you.
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    Basel out tonight. 14th place confirmed, which is a pretty magnificant result. Champions: UCL 3QR Runners-up: UCL 3QR Cup winners: UEL 3QR 3rd & 4th - 2QR Europa Conference.
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    Agree. I don't blame the clubs btw. These players are club employees. The clubs should have done better to prevent these incidents though. Deduct the points and set an example. Lennon might deduct the player. They have taken the piss out of their managers, fans and employers. Only in Scotland. If only they could follow Rangers example of strict responsibility.
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    Surely not ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Anyone with any common sense can see/understand this. I'd suggest Parklife is just looking for any argument for arguments sake.
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    Fairness doesn't come into it as far as I'm concerned. If football clubs want to keep on playing games they need to make sure their players follow the rules.
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    It's much more than that to me and European places are very much secondary. Football should be about competing for (and hopefully occasionally) winning trophies. I'd rather finish bottom six with a League Cup win than third and qualify for Europe. Club honours lists prioritise trophy wins for a reason. To take away one of only two slim chances from many clubs of winning a trophy would be a sad day for Scottish football.
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    McTominey came on last night and changed the game for Man U.
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    I've had a similarly disgusting problem in my Renfrewshire area. Ally had nothing to do with it though. You need a drain guy Tidy, not a plumber. It took two or three attempts to unblock mine. First was thwarted by drain guy's equipment being frozen (a couple of Januarys ago). Next day, hosing upwards from near the street for hours loosened nothing but a pink plastic curler. Definitely not mine so it must have been stuck up there somewhere for years. The other +1 on this though was that his generator was screaming away all morning after the 'weans' next door had an all night party. Result ๐Ÿ˜„ That well meaning guy had to give up, but recommended folk with a camera on a flexi-rod-thingy. (I can't remember names, but fancy equipment means price goes up.) They revealed a fork in the pipe-work, showing that previous skooshing was straight-on, but the house was forked off to the side, which was why nothing was getting un-bunged. They could also see a lip though, so the drain from the house side was either badly built or damaged. Finally a guy had to go up on the roof. There's a vent there at the top of the drain system. Once up, a quick skoosh (less than a second) and all was relieved. Including the guy still possibly shitting himself on the roof. ...I did have a terrible image of the roof-skoosh backfiring though and the kitchen getting pebble-dashed, but ...phew.
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    He drew your tactically naive defenders all over the shop. I suspect given your lack of knowedge of the game, you wouldn't have picked up on this. If you want to understand how tactics works, then I recommend the book 'Inverting the Pyramid'. Its quite advanced in bits, but it does cover the basics well. Stay away from 'Soccer: Modern Tactics' which is the one with the 150+ simulations in it. Given some of your comments on here, I think it would be lost on you.
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    You really are in a bad way. ๐Ÿคฃ Iโ€™m busy at the moment, watching Reckoning on Netflix, pretty good. We can chat tomorrow or you can pm me like Iโ€™ve suggested 5 or 6 times instead of destroying another thread with your pathetic insults and cries for attention and help from your cry bully chums.
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    Slasher stepping in to keep the peace? The man that constantly calls me a hun and has many sheep shagger references to his posts? Hardly a man of decorum to keep the peace.
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    Ramy is here. Fair play to Killie, did not see the match, so I cannot comment.. Enjoy the night lads..
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    It's hard to tell sometimes. It was uncomfortable reading at times and a lot was certainly unfunny and came across very much as bullying. But then in pub, face to face, you'd maybe laugh along. It's the trouble with a lot of written communication when you you don't know the people writing it. That's where this place needs the mods to be a bit more active again or for others, like Slasher in this case, to step in. I don't mean banning folk but gentle stuff to keep threads on topic. Having said that, a thread called The Mighty (insert team name) is likely to go one way only.
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    What an ignorant thing to say.
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    Palace are my least favourite team. Total nothing of a club who have never won anything and never will. All they do is get in the way of other teams with "stature and a fanbase". File alongside Southampton, Watford, Brighton and Burnley as uninspiring and just plain annoying. Struggle to name a decent Scottish player between the lot of them.
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    Iโ€™ve got no problem with the conversation, look back at my earlier posts on this and youโ€™ll see that Iโ€™ve already slated the 8 arseholes, I also believe AFC should receive some sort of punishment for the players misconduct, unlike your lot who try to hide everything, apparently Griffiths had a full on party for one of his brood of hens and I canโ€™t imagine the protocols were followed there so does anyone whose been in contact with him need to isolate? Before you accuse me of deflection for pointing out Griffiths I am absolutely raging and embarrassed by what the 8 have done to my club and hope they pay dearly for it. ๐Ÿ‘
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    This is precisely why the sheep should be fuckin hammered!

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