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    Mine is my two favourite things to shove up my arse. I'd have gone top 3 but 'Airport Toblerone Thistle Whistle' didn't have the same ring.
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    You were talking specifically about the Scottish government and it was your ridiculous assertion that Nicola Sturgeon was praying for people to die in England that you were - rightly - slated for.
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    Is Andy Chung your partner?
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    It probably made perfect sense when he typed it out hammered, around midday.
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    Sarah Smith should be sacked, its not the first time she has given an opinion instead of reporting news. The sad truth is, I bet her, her colleagues and bosses are delighted with her performance. To call her a cunt would be insulting to cunts.
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    Anybody that actually knows me (rather than a bawbag on a fitba forum), understands that I have the same level of disdain for that horrid club as I do for your horrid club
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    I fully except that he will explain that the reason why he was in the North East was to check on how the A66 upgrade was going for Grant Shapps and that he'll be happy to take questions on that.
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    He said feck all, all weekend, then falls in line and sucks up. Pathetic. If you vote Tory in Scotland, youre a cunt. Its that simple.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Deleted the Facebook app until tomorrow.
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    Nobody gives a fuck
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    Don’t you bump into a lot of things with the balls hanging over your eyes?
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    Considering you posted this at the back of 7 in the morning, its not exactly a huge achievement. When do the wheels come off ? I reckon around 9am 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃 👍
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    Also the huns used to have a song for him that went something along the lines of "he hates the pope and the ira, Andy Halliday" and he'd applaud them while they sung it so hardly a massive leap to think that's the type of guy he is.
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    plenty of room for a star and an asterisk
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    I still don't understand what it was Rangers wanted. Their 'Not competent' proposal hasn't been seen as far as I'm aware. How did they see the end of the season playing out. I still don't understand what specifically they wanted or proposed for an end of the season. What I think is becoming more evident is that the Sky deal for next season is driving everything. This represents a fair bit of money in terms of Scottish football and I suspect they are calling most of the shots. If they were to pull out now then most clubs would be in the shitter.
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    Watched a bit, cringing after 5 mins, panders to the brexit mob/those Johnny foreigners don’t like it up em. And of course the predictable just shite banter you get between English folk. Yet it’s prime time viewing in Scotland, in the words of Arry Redknapp it can “fac oaff“
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    Their average age was probably close to the squad's.
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    /\/\/\ not reading that shite
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    No matter how hard I try to convince people I am a young single guy, they are determined to portray me as an old married woman.
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    Dry your eyes you raging drunk.. DUFC are going up as league winners, we were top of the league the entire season and top of the league when the league was called early, due to an unprecedented health issue that has killed hundreds of thousands. You should be glad too see us back spraying the tangerine pound in and around Ibrox next season. Although, I do hope you keep the Tannadice boycott in place. Thanks
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    You always have to take the positives out of a bad situation, and as a wee Jambo, the wee man did this ‘news report’ as part of his home-schooling yesterday 😆
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    You're another whose opinion I won't lose any sleep over but I do find it amusing that you'd call anyone angry when most of your posts are passive aggressive ones like the above.
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    I don't like the term "hun without the bus fare" but that fits you down to a tee.
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    There you go lads n lassies, get in on ground zero and when the film or screenplay comes out I will call on all tambers as extras 🎥😂 Ye never know 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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    Andy Chung is shite, and so are your posts.
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    you could see Cummings after his press conference yesterday having a wee chuckle to himself after slinging the glass of water across the table the guy has just stuck his fingers up at us
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    Had a puncture on the A1.
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    Did you you post it? Might be a good time to start covering your tracks?
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    Absolutely nobody being interviewed on the BBC, including Tory MP’s , is supporting his decision. It wIll not blow over . This is a gamble too far I think.
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    Posting this one off Amazon cos I'm quite proud of it 👊
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    Topic change. Duets or collaborations?
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    OK, I'll give it some time 🤨 If only a certain 'gentleman' not far from here knew that the way to a woman's heart was to dance along to her music
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    This is all true. I lived in Partick for 10 years and Ramy’s name was spoken in hushed tones the same way the street kids in The Wire spoke about Omar.
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    "That McBurnie lad is fucking hopeless I tell ye."
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    Every single one of them looks like an auld guy that props up the end of the bar in the local boozer, mumbling something incoherent to you as you wait for your pint and Scampi Fries!
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    No, his stuff tends to pass me by. Apologies if this is old ground. Just think it’s great that my preconceived image of Slasher is totally false. He actually goes around in a turtleneck and blazer with patches on the elbows and glasses. Not what I imagined a Slasher to be like at all.
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    You’ve got bigger diddies? 🙀 ooops sorry misread
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    the amount of active cases has halved since start of May as well, another good sign. Test and Trace , to me, seems to be the way to go.
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    Fake news. The “reporter” and the “fan” were the same kid, typical Scottish media........
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    Aye. Pot and kettle kid.
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    Surprised you're not a priest or a minister then.
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    I think I've posted on here long enough for people to know that's not how I react to criticism of my teams, but bringing religion into it is what huns do, so this time it's fitting. The "family" club from Fir Park have a few like him in their ranks.
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