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    There he is right on queue, beeling absolutely beeling, great to see.
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    Simon Donnelly wasn't even the new Eoin Jess.
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    If there is any negotiation of this sort going on, the absolute minimum that the SNP should go for, is not a Section 30 for another referendum, but the powers to hold referendums transferred to Holyrood. So that the SG can hold a referendum, on any subject at any time they choose to do it.
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    Why am I seeing one SNP politician after another talking about a 'people's vote'? So if the SNP ever win a independence referendum they have endorsed the precedent of having a 'people's vote' to over turn it. Because you know it was robots and pets who voted the first time around so it is only right we ask people next time. How short sighted man.
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    Cynical as fuck. Got to love everyone sitting listening to Procter and Gamble preach morality. Be the best you can be while we sell to South Africa during the apartheid. They normally run PR cases whenever something comes up. Like when they polluted a Florida River or had to admit they did business with "repressive regimes". This is just a simple psychological trick using a hook which is called "Identity Claims" While trying to monetise a pop culture movement. Just go and read about the Free Love/Hippie movement same happened there.
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    Just listen to the opening few seconds they say metoo and also toxic masculinity (but the toxic part they hushed slightly) and then it goes straight to their signature brand with the words printed (and on audio) with "Is this" added subtly before it.... (Is this) The Best A Man Can Get. I mean wow. I cannot think of a way to utterly fuck a brand that was so many many decades in the building like that... it is commercial poison. But it is P&G so popcorn time. No way the real Gillette would ever have done this before they were took over not that long ago by P&G. This is madness. The comments on that youtube video are overwhelmingly negative and lots of accusations of mass deletions and fake likes... it is carnage for Gillette. edit: every video of the ad is a link back to Gillette's official youtube site so if they did alter the original advert PIAK it would have changed on almost all sites but I would hope someone somewhere copied the original if different and it will surface. eh? who even replied to you. get over yourself. this is big news all over the world. but funny you self identify as a 'wank' obviously. guilty conscience needs no accuser.
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    That's a spoof website. Unless you think the following story is true MAN WHO HAD WOMAN’S BRAIN TRANSPLANTED HAS FIVE CAR CRASHES IN TWO WEEKS
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    It would be worth listening to if you actually knew what you were talking about and it is you looking like a twat. Why not have a watch at the countless tennis pros from Federer to Wozniacki and from Djokovic to Chris Evert queuing up to pay tribute to Andy Murray after the match. I will listen to them and what my tennis brain tells me rather than a sad, twisted individual with no tennis knowledge whatsoever. And your last line speaks more for yourself.
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    Never go full Macy
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    What a sad, desperate for attention loser you truly are.
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    He knows he doesn't want to win an election. Not right now anyway.
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    I'm with you Scotty. if Nikola Tesla can't spell environment that means it doesn't exist and we're all fecked. Elon Musk has a lot to answer for.
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    It's called the Scotia Plate (Placa Scotia) ! Seems there's also a Shetland Plate and a (South) Sandwich Plate! And maybe somewhere there must be a Tunnocks Teacake Plate...
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    A shame as he's done alright for them this season and I can't see them doing much better with Niasse or the lad theyre signing for £18million because he's hit double figures in the french league
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    I now have this arsehole sending me wank PM's on top of his wank posts on here. Anyone else been a recipient of one of these? Post them up let's do a comparison.
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    Dear Santa, I've had fuck all off you for years and it's me that puts out the whisky and snacks for you and Rudolph so you owe me one - a belated present of making it be true that Greg Stewart is indeed, as rumoured, coming back to TTOP.
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    Has Melanie Phillips obtained Thplinth's log in details ? Back to Joanna
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    Surprise, surprise. Watching the politics live, as soon as Ian Blackford was asked to respond in parliament the kunts at the BBC cut back to the studio, impartial my arse. Fuck the BBC and the tory's.
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    What an utter crock and none of it actually achievable. Most of it not even true. The fact is that nobody on the Leave side ever truly thought they could win and so were happy to spout any old xenophobic and made up shite that came into their heads. After they did win you could see the colour draining from their faces as they though “oh shit, now we have to somehow deliver that load of utter bollocks we promised even though we know it’s not possible.” Their reaction? To slink off into the background and put their fingers in their ears until it all dies down. The rest of us can live with and clear up their mess. Eventually they’ll resurface when they think the coast is clear and pick up the reins of what they’ll call “an inherited shambles not of our making”. Cretins the lot of them.
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    Yip, I have much the same outlook, anyway I'm not expecting to retire off the proceeds if there even are any. 😁
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    They say there'd be a parliamentary majority for a Norway style arrangement with single market. That would fulfil leaving the EU (clue: Norway is not in the EU!). That is what was on the ballot: leaving the EU, no more, no less. The Norway option was one of the options argued as part of the case for Leave and can't now be disowned by the leave side as a betrayal of Brexit. May presents a false choice between her deal and no deal or no brexit. She is at the heart of the problem IMHO. If the Govt wants a deal it should get on with building a cross party consensus for the good of the country, for something like a Norway style deal. That would at least respect the referendum result (IMHO) and avoid crashing out all our international commitments. If Theresa May won't do it she should step aside and let someone else.
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    I watched the last set, after the double break you could tell he was done and he was about to lose on his service, but once the rallies started he couldn't help himself and managed to keep serve. Murray is one of the most "human" champions ever for me, been far from a perfect journey but that makes the highs all the better.
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    On the question of a second EU referendum on This Week, Andrew Uncle Tam Neil just said that if Scotland had voted Yes in 2014 we would have wanted another referendum to rejoin the UK after the oil price collapsed Nothing about Vote No to stay in the EU What a cunt