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    Absolute fucking tedious shit.
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    At least they’re foreigners that come over to follow their team #notplasticsupporters
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    Aberdeen is a No city and they want everyone to know
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    As a civil engineer, I can't see this idea being viable at reasonable cost. There are a number of technical problems that are apparent even at a cursory glance. Firstly, who wants to get caught in the middle of that bridge when a storm hits? The Queensferry Crossing is a short bridge and you're only on it for a matter of minutes. A 20 mile long bridge would take at least 20 minutes to cross in decent weather conditions, probably more as it would be speed limited, probably to 50mph. Secondly, there is some pretty deep water in that area, around 1000 feet deep - that means massive towers to support the bridge, probably at least 1500 feet high overall. The idea of a bridge combined with a tunnel works well for the Oresund Bridge - I think the tunnel is maybe needed there due to proximity to Copenhagen Airport - but with the munitions rolling around in the area and blowing up every so often, a tunnel might be a risky idea. Leaving aside the technical problems, there is also the elephant in the room, the road network leading to Portpatrick. A new motorway would be needed from the Gretna area or maybe from Lockerbie to make sense of the idea. The A75 isn't really adequate for the current traffic with few dual carriageway sections and some sections that are roadblocks at times depending on when the ferries arrive at Cairnryan. Finally, would this bridge benefit Scotland? I am not so sure that it is Scotland that would reap the benefit. Ireland certainly could do with better connectivity, and it would be of great benefit to Northern Ireland in particular (soon to be part of the republic I would suggest). However Scotland needs to be better connected with mainland Europe and a bridge to Ireland wouldn't do that beyond the connection to Ireland itself. It might well be that an M75 through D&G would be great for our local economy as it's a rather difficult area to access at times, and that would be welcome, but it doesn't need a bridge in the far west to get those benefits. To me this is just Boris Johnson talking shite, pandering to the DUP maybe even though he's finished with them, and trying to deflect from the announcement that Scotland will be asked to pay for a high speed rail link that will never come anywhere near Scotland - when in fact high speed rail is of most benefit when it goes a long way as time savings are minimal for shorter journeys like London to Birmingham but more worthwhile for long distances, the likes of Aberdeen to Paris. Still waiting for direct trains to mainland Europe 30 years after the channel tunnel was opened...
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    The last place I want us connected to is that hell hole.
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    Dandydunn & Ramy in happier times
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    Fuck off ya cunt.. You are a bigot. Trying always to play the victim. You have been abusing me for months. Now mentioning one of my family being murdered to suit your insecurities and gaining sympathy on a messageboard. You are really one sick fucking cunt. This is now beyond football. Hope you are proud of yourself. Fuck you!!!
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    And...……………………..We are back to the Rangers thread at last. One Jim Traynor...………..... Mind you, it beats the Itchy and Scratchy show from DD and the BIG fella.
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    Despite me posting a link for every bit of criminal behaviour that you accused Ajax of doing, but you refuse to acknowledge it in the same way. You’re right, you do behave the Celtic way, deflection & denial. ⭐️⭐️
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    🙉. Quite possibly the dumbest post I have read in a while. Even for you this is low.. so because I live in Canada, and not at match on Sunday, I am a plastic Celtic supporter, not a "real" fan .. Does this go for everyone not living in Scotland, or just Celtic fans not living in Scotland, and why??. Genuine question...Thank you.
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    Right, so it all started in the 1600’s ...
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    When can we expect a statement from Ibrox regarding this ?
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    When I was 19/20 still living at home my mum and dad were being very weird then my mum out of nowhere stuttered it would be ok if I was gay, I could tell them and they would fully support my decision. I must be one of the only blokes who has had to come out as heterosexual to their parents and just admit to being sh*t at pulling.
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    That’s actually the best patter you’ve had yet and it’s still pish. If you think everyone is a bunch of sad bastards on here, why don’t you fuck off and make everyone’s day, maybe try a dating site, see if you can lose your virginity You really do sound like some wee wanker in his mums house thumping at a keyboard sometimes.
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    Size range Small medium large Hun
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    Meanwhile over on Rangurzmeeja ........... "Just look what this fucking taig cunt has written aboot oor brave sodgers ower on that fucking disgraceful Sturgeon worshipping tartan tranny board" (proceeds to smash up furniture)
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    Has this board not been subjected to enough candid selfies of idiots over the last week or so?
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    Alexa, show me gammon in word form
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    There is a clear discrepancy between McBurnie’s club performances and international performances. For me, it comes down to, which is more likely: A good player, who happens to have had up to 9 poor performances for Scotland (as claimed by people on here.) OR A poor player, who has managed to fluke being top scorer in the English Championship, conned the Sheffield United scouts into a £20 million transfer, and managed to hide how poor he is, and play regularly for them, as they’ve competed at the same level as Chelsea, Tottenham, Man United and Arsenal, for two thirds of a season. I know which one of those scenarios seems more likely to me. I’m not arrogant or self-centered enough to think ‘Every time I’ve seen him, he’s been poor, so he must be a poor player and the Sheffield United staff are wrong about him.’ I’m only going on weight of evidence here.
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    Zero chance of even a millimetre of concrete being poured. Boris Johnson couldn't even build a bridge from London to London.
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    Fuck me, it’s the Daily Mail/Britain First bot. I bet your car has a Help For Heroes sticker on it.
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    Same could be said for the British Army (especially Scottish regiments) who frequently used civilians as target practice for three centuries "Our brave boys" my arse. Fuck them.
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    Knuckle dragging ape...
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    This sums up the naivety and ignorance that I think a lot of our fans show though. ’mcburnie (sic) has genuinely looked terrible every time I have watched him.’ Do you not think, that a player who top-scored in the English Championship, who Sheffield United paid £20 million for, and who is getting regular games for a team at the top-end of the English Premiership, is presumably a decent footballer? I would assume that you just happen to have seen him having bad games. Surely the Sheffield United scouts know what they’re doing, and would be better placed to judge the player than you? Surely you don’t become top scorer in the English Championship, without being a very good footballer? I’ve seen McBurnie have bad games as well. However, I don’t judge him only on what I’ve seen with my own eyes. There’s plenty of other evidence out there as to him being our best striker by quite some distance. I can’t understand why Scotland fans judge players so quickly on the limited glimpses they have had of these players in international games, rather than judging them on ALL the evidence that is out there.
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    Fuck them. Cunts should be following their home team. Fuckers can’t even follow a team from their own country.
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    I’m changing my team. 👍😂
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    It means cocaine, buckfast, songs glorifying republican paramilitaries, offensive banners, breaking seats, bottling 12 year old huns and racially abusing Columbians(but making sure the last two are done so discreetly that they can't be proved) THAT'S the Celtic I fell in love with.
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    Well that was an enjoyable night. Welcome to the party indeed. I believe that winning goal is what you'd call a head shot.....
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    Rangers U19s played atletico Madrid U19s in the knockouts of the Uefa league. We got a bit of a lesson, they were quite experienced with most having played a lot of games for the atletico b side in division 3. Lost 4 nil but had a few chances mostly from set pieces. Atletico for a youth side are ridiculously well drilled and play just like their main team. Patterson looked good offensively but struggled a bit defensively against Riqueleme, not surprising given Riqueleme is on the cusp of the atletico main team and was miles above everyone else on the park. Should be ahead of Flannigan and I'm disappointed in Gerrard that he got dumped for Polster despite impressing against Stranraer. Kennedy looked bright, technically gifted and not afraid to work hard. I think he could end up a box-to-box CM, like to drop central and deep from the left and drive forward with the ball. Mebude was quick, strong and hard working but still needs to develop the mental side of his game. He has learned off Morelos with his hold up and using his body to turn players. Still a long way to go but promising. McPake seems to have really regressed since last year. He was considered the best at this level for rangers, but a poor loan to Dundee seems to have absolutely destroyed the boys confidence. Probably wasn't ready for that level or the size/expectations of Dundee at 17. Truthfully it was a lesson of how far behind Scotland is at youth level and kind of showed the need for colt teams in the lower leagues,nearly everyone of atletico team had played a lot for the B side in a professional league and it showed. These lads aren't good enough for the first team yet but are too good for youth level in Scotland, to a point where it isn't challenging them to improve. Yes loans can help, but you don't really want to be loaning these lads out at 17/18 to clubs who could play different styles or have different coaching methods that could have a negative impact on the players development. Having 5/6 of the best club academies as colt sides wouldn't ruin the leagues and would give these lads valuable first team experience.
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    In fact, I've changed my mind again. Chripper was banned in May 2019. Guess when Dohadeer turned up for a few days after an absence of nearly 2 years? You've guessed it - May 2019. TDK was banned in November 2019, around the same time as Dohadeer turned up again after 6 months away. Not to mention the fact that TDK was posting replies as if he was Dohadeer just before he was banned. I think we're just going to have to accept that he's never going away. And before anyone accuses me of having too much time on my hands - I'm at work and getting paid for this. 😆
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    Maybe some of the more rabid types on here might be interested in what Lochaber Mountian Rescue had to say themselves about it. But what do they know, eh.
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    As soon as I saw you mention Oli Burke (who couldn't get near the Celtic side for the most of the time he was there) then your argument losing a lot of weight. You go on about Forrest being anonymous yet have stated that McBurnie and Burke should be getting a game in this thread, They define anonymous in a Scotland shirt. You also state you can't judge Forrest based on playing in Scotland which is bizarre given his stats in Europe which you either choose to ignore or just don't know what you are on about. This season: CL Qualifying Scored home and away vs Cluj Scored home and away vs AIK Europa League Scored away vs Lazio Add that to the FIVE goals he scored in 4 qualifying games for Scotland to get to these play offs, then I'd say he has more than merited his place ahead of the likes of shite like Burke. This season he has played 24 games for Celtic, 10 goals and 12 assists. Oli Burke has played 18 games, 1 goal and 1 assist! Ryan Fraser 25 games, 1 goal and 3 assists. Even taking into account standards of the leagues, there is zero argument IMO based on club or country form for either of those two to get a nod a head of Forrest. I'm all for player bashing but the examples of players you'd play ahead of him are just daft IMO. Every manager he has played under has played him for both club and country but some folk on TAMB don't rate him as he never turns up, despite being the main reason we're actually in the play offs! You literally couldn't make it up! Seems to me he's an easy target whilst some big name players from down south continually play worse in a Scotland shirt. Suppose that's the nature of the beast being a winger but the argument that we have an abundance of talent better in his position is just not true.
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    About time Aberdeen realised a net wasn't just for catching fish.
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    You walked into the party, like you were walking on a yacht.....
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    "hello (hello) everyone and thanks for coming, even you yes voting tarrier bastards that we locked outside in the pissing rain"
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    Since there’s all this happiness on the go, I’ll just state that if I’m ever in Canada, I’ll be going nowhere Ottawa. Fuck that for a day oot. ⭐️⭐️
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    Actually you are incorrect. I tried to post an article about how he grew up supporting Celtic but is enjoying life at Aberdeen. It was actually a compliment to the lad.. As for gloating about the result, I think if you read through previous posts I said Celtic did not deserve 3 points, but even 1 point. I also said Aberdeen were the better side and wished your club good luck through the rest of the season. I did gloat, I was very honest and gave credit where credit was due.. Cheers..
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    Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, Vienna !!!!
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    Is that a wee cup aff subuteo?
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    👍🏽 ⭐️⭐️
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    It’s not 2 cup winners cups. If you’re going to try and be smart with your comments, at least make sure they’re factually correct, it just make you look fucking stupid otherwise. ⭐️⭐️
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    He definitely seems to have more about him that McKenna. I’d say the left side of central defence should be between him & Cooper with Findlay probably better imo
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    Folk are saying Forrest is pish but want Griffiths and McBurnie to start, both of whom have done next to the square root of fuck all in a Scotland shirt (England game excepted). I agree Forrest can be frustrating at times but he's our best option in that area.

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