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    I wrote this on Indy eve - such an opportunity missed. "And so, here we are. As darkness falls over Scotland on this late summer evening, all the work has been done. The speeches speeched, the canvassing canvassed. There's one more opinion poll due out tonight - but who cares? As we go to the Polling Stations tomorrow, remember that it's about the future. The future of Scotland and the people who live here. We have had some glorious and not so glorious times as part of the union, but you can't make progress looking in the rear-view mirror. The past will always be. It happened. It's gone. This question is about us. It's about the confidence we have in ourselves to make something better. Something that takes us from where we are at the moment, a wealthy country with poor and hungry people, to a country that values its citizens and rewards them appropriately. Vote well, friends. May your choice reflect your hope and not your fear!"
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    Steven Gerrard's been saying that since the opening day of the season.
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    Four years to the day, still gutted that some fellow countryman did not have the belief in our brilliant country to go it alone 😢
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    Sorry but let's just dispel this myth about Hampden being rubbish eh? UEFA certainly do not think it is rubbish or else why would they grade it so high and use it on numerous occasions for its premiere club and international competitions. The Commonwealth Games Committee do not think it is rubbish or else why did they allow it to be the main venue of the Commonwealth Games. The Olympic Committee do not think it is rubbish or else why was it allowed to stage events at the 2012 Olympics. Several of the best musicians and bands in the world don't think it is rubbish or else why have they staged concerts there. The correct and accurate statement would be that the Scotland fans would like renovations done to improve the view they get and increase the atmosphere and capacity.
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    24 buses, fuck me is this a record?
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    Nice words. I wonder if many people would vote differently tomorrow, especially with the clusterfuck that is Brexit. Anecdotally the staunch appear to have got stauncher, perhaps in response to a perception that nationalists were pretty vociferous and remain so. I’m not particularly into politics, but I struggle to get my head round folk who are so entrenched in their view that the SNP are bad they’ll vote Tory. Working class folk from Lanarkshire voting Tory makes no sense. (Especially if it’s based on Nicola Sturgeon having a shite haircut or Alex Salmond being a chubby narcissist). While I get unionists not liking the MO of the SNP, surely it’s obvious that in most cases the SNP are genuinely representing the interests of Scotland. Anyway, I expect some of the folk in the middle who “shat it” to vote yes might have regretted that decision since.
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    Yup, it's that rubbish it's hosted A European Cup Final, a Europa Cup Final, held commonwealth games track events, Olympic football games and will be hosting several Euro 2020 Final's games. All in the last 20 years. The way folk exaggerate how "rubbish" it is, is tiresome. it's not perfect but it certainly isn't rubbish. I'd rather have our own stadium, the tradition and own it, enabling us to improve it over time, than play in a Rugby Stadium that's got similar issues to Hampden in terms of views and having to pay the SRU each year for the privilege.
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    As long as they give it there all it should not matter where they come from.
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    https://www.facebook.com/LocalsSA/videos/996436183893193/ Bus sorted
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    Kumnio was spot on with his reply to you.
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    I was working in Dublin that week. I also had to work the Friday, so I flew home Thursday night, voted yes, stayed up all night, and then back to Dublin feeling broken.
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    Some selective quoting going on here, you also predicted 60% YES.
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    Well that's cheered me up. It's nice to know there's always someone worse off than yourself. 😉
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    This one does seem particularly late. I travel three weeks tomorrow. Beginning to think there will be a pick up over there as they haven’t even announced the sale schedule. And when you consider there are now more point brackets especially once the higher points have been sorted, it seems ambitious to think they can get it sorted and posted in time. J
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    Cool, I misunderstood what you meant. I hope we get a group of 6 next year so we get 10 competitive games instead of 8 and two friendlies.
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    True, but as someone pointed out earlier, how many of those 60,000 are going to 20+ club games a season too.
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    More than happy to do what you folks want as I can see you've looked in to the trips in some detail. We fly Luton to Paphos on the Monday then Paphos to Tel Aviv Tues night arriving 2140. Wed is the best day for us. Count us in.
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    For a minute there i thought that was the SFA spelling of Steve Clarke......
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    The problem is the national anthem is a joke now. I'm not sure how 55% of the national can sing it with a straight face.
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    You’ll love it, beautiful place and well worth the long day.
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    Cheers Davy, I have sent the £20 payment on Paypal
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    Some of the comments on here are way off the mark. Shxthole, hell hole, dump? None of these come anywhere close to describing how bad Luton is.
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    Always a bit insulted by these kind of posts. I wasn't born within the border, but with Scottish parentage and growing up with Scotland as my country, the idea that of which side of a line you fell out of your mum is a determining factor is not only stupid, but kind of offensive. You don't care more than me because of the location of your birth. Sure there will be players who are in it for the status.. I'd propose Ritchie as one given that he said himself he'd never been to Scotland before he turned up for an international. But for the vast majority of non-domestically born Scots, we'd give everything for the nation to do well. As with most things, generalisations aren't helpful, so I'd thank you not to do it.
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    With your popularity on here the private function will be in a phone box.
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    That's some claim coming from the biggest whinger on the boards. 😀 As soon as Rangers are mentioned or their fans up pops the TAMB version of Statler and Waldorf. Only you aren't funny.