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    Foreign immigrants in Scotland were c.400k at last count all in so the 400k would include kids. Would note that 400k at last count was 7% of population compared to 12% UK wide. The 400k figure is double already from 2002 so we're still catching up plus there doesn't seem much issue in assimilating them. The policy in the link also includes migration from UK and returning Scottish folk and gives no split of non-uk vs UK. It would also depend on immigration policy but eu citizens don't seem interested in moving extended family. My wife is non-eu and we couldn't get any member of her family over simply for being related. The only caveat is if they have nobody locally to look after them and can't look after themselves. The percentage of folk over 65 has increased from 14% to 19% in last 30 years. Coupled to Scottish population being 5.4m compared to 5.2m in 70s they need to generate tax revenue short, medium and long term even to standstill. Agree we need a baby boom but that won't generate tax for 30 years unless Brexit goes tits up and we need chimney sweeps.
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    This post is tragic on so many levels.
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    I am sorry I just do more follow thst logic Paris I really don't. Scotland has been locked into this union now for 300+ years and chances for independence wont come around again in our life times after a next vote. Now an independent Scotland in the EU is no way going to be tied into the EU so tightly it will last anything like 300 years. Heck even the EU probably wont last for another 20 or 30 years in it's current guise yet you are willing to pass up the chance of a lifetime to stay locked, shackled and gagged by Westminster for the rest of your life. Hmmm....eh no thanks. I would vote Yes tomorrow whether it was Scotland in or out of the EU. Independence is the main goal nothing else.
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    I am an amazing foam machine and I am available for hire. Please PM me for all your human foam machine rental enquires.
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    😬 was just a joke about Toepoke being a jinx.
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    Are all the killie fans that booked for Belgrade going to support the home team now? 🤣🤣🤣
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    How did the second game go????
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    Wonder if Killie will increase the ticket allocation for the Famous for the first game of the season.
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    I have had this debate on here before, mainly I think with Kimba, but I refuse to believe that if there is a god, s/he/it does not make decisions based on how you were as a human being. We are being asked to believe that a child abuser who ‘finds god’ in prison - let’s assume genuinely - gets in, but the Buddhist who won’t even swat a fly doesn’t because they backed the wrong deity. I don’t care what theological proof any Bible believers come up with, I think God/Allah/whoever, if they turn out to exist, just wants us to be as good as we can be.
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    If the only criteria for getting the thumbs up or thumbs down for heaven or hell is whether you believe in God, then God's a bit more self-absorbed than I'd expect an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful deity to be.
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    To be honest I have not thought about it. For me the first and most important thing is independence. Gain that first and concentrate on that and then we can begin shaping our Scotland.
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    If you were in Wembley when the 2nd free kick went in, you were in the wrong stadium.
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    Ahhh playing the misogyny card... what a shocker from our resident NS fanboys. Never saw that coming... It is very noticeable, I have slagged Hillary Clinton to death on here, same with Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Ruth Davidson, Margaret Thatcher of course and the latest bubble head AOC and the only times I ever get accused of misogyny is when I dare to criticize Nicola Fucking Sturgeon. Funny that isn't it and it says a lot about the current crop of utter cunts who have put NS on a pedestal. I waited years before voicing criticism of NS. She had a fair crack of the whip long before I started slagging her. You know what's the real problem - pathetic cuck cunts who think she cannot be criticized for the sole reason she has a fanny it seems. Totally paralyzed by their own ultra tedious dogma. That is why anytime someone says anything against her you all bleat misogyny like a bunch of stepford husband wankers. In short thistle - fuck you and the donkey you rode in on.
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    Why do I get the feeling that thplinth would freak out if ordered to do something by a woman ?
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    If rangers get their act together, gerrard will easily out fox Lennon. Lennon is unstable and he is very lucky to be in the position he is in. I'm sure hibs fans will confirm he is a gump.
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    Is it that inconceivable that Rangers could win the league? If they have players like Docherty, Defoe, etc, in reserve then I don't think Celtic will have it their own way this season. The way that they dismantled St Joseph's was impressive. And yes, I know, but sometimes small teams in European competitions can be a banana skin. Just look at Killie. And Aberdeen struggled against Mops or Kops... or whatever their name is. And in farness, Aribo does look like a special talent. I can see him in the EPL in about 2/3 years. I'm not saying Rangers will win the league this season, but I am saying that it'll be a lot closer than it has been in recent years.
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    Any update on "ron" who was banned for being a racist fuck?
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    I just read the article you posted and didn't believe the 1m figure you were worrying about. The 400k came from the census in 2011, is referenced in Huffington Post and, on reading it, the report cites where their figure came from. The report also states 232k of those are in employment so already includes dependents. The main reason I took from the report for pushing immigration is within next 25 years Scotland faces a 25% increase in pensioners vs a 1% increase in wage earners compared to 33 vs 11 UK wide. As such a baby boom would be counter productive as would have a further increase in non taxpayers over the 25 year period. In terms of us being taxed to pay for it the report notes immigrants cost us 3bn and contribute 4.3bn with Poles contributing 250m themselves. They are also generally in higher paid employment given they're 8% of population but earn 9-10% of income so not just berry pickers. It also notes the IMF believes a 1% increase in workforce generates 3% productivity growth. As such think they pay for themselves. The aim as a worst case scenario is to have 350k more folk in 25 years with 90% coming from migration. As such we would have the existing 425k plus 315k. The report also states this will also come from returning Scots and other UK folk coming here. At the moment 500k of folk in Scotland are English so if we include them as immigrants they make up over 50%. Of the existing 425k formal immigrants two thirds are EU and the other third includes US whilst the fifth biggest being India at 5% or 20k. If these ratios are applied to the worst case scenario you would have 680k English, 375k eu and 186k non eu inc US/ Can and 4.5m Scots which is 78%. and including English folk would be around 90%. At the moment 4% of population are from ethnic backgrounds and nothing in the report suggests this will get close to double figures that I could see. In terms of 60 years the divergence given means it's almost pointless plus if we look back 60 years the world population has almost doubled, UK is up 20% and Scotland is up 4% so not sure what value it brought.
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    I think the question we should be asking as a society is "Why do we feel the need to continually pump bags and bags this sweet sugary shyte into our system day after day after day?" IMO, it doesn't even taste very good but I'm obviously in a minority on that one. I think there are two main answers to that question. Parents get their kids hooked on it like junkies, from a very early age, by pumping this shyte into their poor wee bodies before they are old enough to be able to make the choice for themselves. Children are effectively being poisoned by their own parents. Most parents know fine well that sugar is not good for them but they continue feed it to their kids by the bucket load. Loads of companies make mega bucks from this shyte. As you say our bodies don't actually need sugars at all and the amount we get from eating fruit and vegetables won't do us any harm. Just stop eating and drinking added sugar folks. You don't need it and it will end up killing loads of you. Artificial sweeteners is a different massive mine field to get your head around. It's important to realise that there are a whole load of different chemicals involved here. I think there are currently about six chemicals that make up the majority of the market. There are many other minor players as well. Each one is very different chemically and will have very different effects on the body. The one I know most about is Sucralose. If I had to choose any of them (which I don't) this is the one I would choose to use. It is made by processing sucrose. The sucrose undergoes a chemical process which modifies the chemistry and the structure of the molecule. Of all the main sweeteners, it's the closest thing to actual sugar that you will find. It's main benefits are that it passes through the body un-metabolised and it is about 600 times sweeter than sucrose so in theory you should only need about one 600th of the amount to get the same sweetness kick. As with all sweeteners though, the sweetness can "trick" the body into expecting to get a heavy dose of sugar into the stomach very soon, and your endocrine system kicks into action. When the expected sugar fix doesn't arrive the endocrine system goes "WTF happened there?". This can lead to problems later on when your body gets a dose of real sugar and the endocrine system goes "away tae fuk, you're no fooling me with that one again". A load of research is going on in this field at the moment. But a lot of that research is being sponsored by ......you guessed it...... BIG SUGAR. IMO sugar abuse is going to be a far bigger problem than drug abuse.
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    Yeah, and that is why we should never ever demand that on Brexit. I voted Yes and Remain, and if Indyref2 wasnt on the agenda I would probably be happy with a Peoples Vote, hypocritical as that may seem . But independence takes priority for me and in no way should a precedence be set .I cannot see what can be achieved by that. As has been said a million times before, If a Peoples vote returns ‘Remain ‘ we have no ‘ change in circumstances’ to promote Indyref2. If it returns ‘Leave’ it opens the floodgates for a Peoples Vote on Independence, should Yes win.
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    I think a referendum on the EU following Indy would suit most since a yes to join would appear to be a formality
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    Exile you're teasing me back in.... quality stuff sir 👍when I get hame fae the pub I'm joining in.
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    Staggering. You think they should just let him spout that absolute utter shite, and not say anything.
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    I don’t see a scenario were the EU doesn’t try and obtain more power and less sovereignty for nations
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    Wasn't that another film? Not to mention the answer could be 42. Or (being the TAMB) 4-6-0. Or 3 at the back.
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    If it's like Tuesday it'll also be on the BBC red button and website.
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    I think it’s nights like tonight when we realise just how poor the general standard of the Scottish league is. When a player goes to America or Australia to play we assume his international career is over as it’s a lesser standard. Barring Celtic & Rangers, are they!? Doubtful.
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    On the Sunday 😉 Leaves me free to to go Cove v Edinburgh with @McTeeko now.
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    The Garda probably don't think it's a shame...
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    I doubt I am intelligent enough for a conversation this deep but I agree, ‘God’ talk is an unhelpful diversion when considering where we are from and what happens when we die. I feel religions have been used, as someone else said, as a method of control. I wouldn't rule out them out completely as I don't know if there is a God or higher being but I am highly sceptical. The big bang holds more weight with me because science has proven so accurate in other areas . But there have been a lot of mistakes too and the universe is a huge unknown, how do we know they haven't made a mistake on the biggest unknown of all. So could both religion and science be wrong? On the specific subject of ‘is there life after death?’ . I find it interesting that some cells in your body continue to live for days, weeks even months after you die. In fact some work harder than when you are alive. This is a reasonably recent discovery. If this activity exists after death then who is to say something else isn’t going on that scientists have not yet discovered. I have to be honest though and say that it is unlikely there is life after death but I am probably a bit more open minded than I was.
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    I think I may have posted the link on this thread but the SNP think tank have suggested bringing in 400,000 migrants. I believe this is before family members who will follow so it is more like 1,000,000. That is like Germany inviting in nearly 17 million immigrants. They proposed taxing Scots to pay for them to come. I wonder why they do not give tax breaks to Scots to have more kids. Instead they want to tax them extra to bring in foreigners. Who will most likely not vote YES.
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    F*ck knows how......... Christ, I wouldn't trust him to look after a dog! These are strange times......... How anyone can consider, nominate, vote for or even just imagine Boris as PM is simply astonishing.
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    Hi Davy, have sent £84 to your paypal account for 6 seats on Paphos bus on behalf of Stevie Farmer. Thank you.
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    I disagree strongly. I can see the point you are making, but history shows us that any hint of helping the Tories backfires on whoever does it - look at Labour after Better Together; look at the unjust crucifixion of the SNP for (justifiably) not propping up a moribund Labour government in 1979. Enabling a Boris no deal brexit would lead to the SNP being vilified, not least by the 62% of Scottish voters who voted against leaving the EU. I don't actually think the SNP should even be supporting a second EU referendum or trying to block England and Wales from leaving the EU, but they should instead be encouraging England and Wales to leave the UK, which would sort the whole log jam out instantly, leaving Scotland and NI to move on as successor state(s) within the EU and sort out what they wanted to do themselves, untrammelled by the constant propaganda coming from the unionist media.
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    I see no reason whatsoever why BJ would call a snap GE. He can just sit tight until 2022. To kill off Corbyn? Jeez is there a need. Leave the man to do that himself as he is doing a good enough job of that.
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    Take out the top 6 of the EPL and the best of the rest of the EPL are getting beat by Greek teams, Danish teams and Romanian teams. This is fact. If the EPL was as good as some people say it is then the likes of Southampton, Everton, Burnley (and whomever else represents the rest of the teams in England) would swat away teams from the aforementioned nations. But they don't. Hell, Burnley scraped past Aberdeen only last season. For how high England's high horse is, and for the telescope that they require in order to peer down at Scottish football with, Burnley should've won by double digits against a team from a league that they compare to a pub league. No one is disputing that the EPL is a top league, but no way is it as good as the majority of people think it is. Look at our relatively recent imports: Arfield, McArthur, McCarthy. All three decent players who have had very good careers in the EPL. If John McGinn does well next season then I think it's plain to see that the EPL is super-hyped as John McGinn isn't anything special. He's nothing special and yet Aston Villa fans are unanimous in their adoration for him and they believe him to be worth £50m+. Don't believe the hype.
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    Davy, Excellent work as usual. Can I book one seat from Larnaca please. Cheers, Al
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    saw it and forgot how bad it was..and still could be.. Didn't even know we can't give blood in other countries because of this. What a scandal of greed. Why they thought regurgitated meat and feeding the animals their own kind was okay is beyond belief.
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    Thanks thplinth. Just curious didn't mean to ruin your day
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    You should be more concerned about what's happened to horrible nasty little bigots like "ron" that used to post on here. You know the guy that was banned for being a racist cunt? I'm sure you'll mind him.
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    Left sided centre back. Tall and a baller. Championship or SPL loan would be interesting...
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    Hi Davy.Thats £40 sent for four seats on your Larnaca bus. Thanks again.
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    That must be up there with beating Barcelona 👍
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    Toasters. Why can’t they make them just a couple of inches deeper so that they will accept your average piece of bread and toast it in its entirety? Instead we have the top inch or so left white and untoasted. Surely this isn’t beyond the wit of man?
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    Hi Davy, could i book 2 seats from Paphos please mate
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    Politicising womens football will do more harm than good and will put people off.
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    Innocent of rape or the other offences ? ( I am not sure which so will assume it is the other offences ) I don't think anyone really believes the boys are as innocent as the programme presents, nor do I underestimate the pressure the police were under at that time to secure convictions for all the crimes that were taking place. I doubt any of them were angels and if they were involved in the other offences then they should have been charged for that, but that does not make them rapists. This is a Netflix dramatisation that is focusing on wrongful convictions for rape. There will be a lot of poetic licence for sure and they will be playing down everything else that went on that night. I doubt there would be as much sympathy for the boys if they were portraying them as criminals , albeit for lesser offences. The interview you posted was that of Antron McCray. In the ‘When they see us’ dramatisation his parents were in the interview , his dad had encouraged him to be interviewed and tell the police what they wanted to as they were led to believe it would get him released and home. Antron was offered a lawyer in the video , why would his parents not accept this if they thought he going to be accused of rape ? Is it beyond the realms of possibility he really could have been told he will get home if he goes along with a story ? We do not know what happened before or after the interview . There are thousands of hours of interrogation. Antron says they all thought the jogger was a man yet she was a tall leggy blonde with a ponytail. He doesn't sound very convincing . The interviewer is almost putting words into his mouth in parts. He says they were all taking turns on top of the victim ( though he didnt penetrate) yet none of their DNA was found . The only conclusive DNA was of the guy who admitted it. Farstein has only very recently admitted the rape charges be vacated. In 2002 when the charges were overturned she insisted they were guilty and that the guy who admitted to the rape ran in the same pack as the kids, that he had been with them that night and he probably stayed on to rape her after the rest had gone. To my knowledge some of the boys didnt even know each other at the time of the rape, never mind know the rapist. My take on the whole thing is that they were probably far from innocent and if so deserved punishment, but instead were wrongfully convicted of rape. I still cannot understand why the police did not check the real rapists DNA when he was caught for multiple rapes only 4 months after the Central Park rape. After all the furore around the case ( the boys claiming they were innocent ) you would have thought the police would have cross checked his DNA since no DNA was matched to the boys. Could they have known they would be crucified if it was found the boys had been wrongfully imprisoned ? I look forward to seeing you rip my Miss Marple conclusions to shreds 🙄
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    Going by Saturday, Kilmarnock wont find that side a pushover but should have enough in their locker over the two legs.
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    You've made an utter tit of yourself on this thread in regards to this incident and then moved on to making an even bigger tit of yourself on the brexit thread in regards the NHS. Not a good couple of days for you, anyway onwards and upwards.

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