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    I'm sorry, I had assumed you meant Rangers had been involved in organising it. I didn't think the mere fact that one of the pipers involved was a Rangers fan was enough to set you slavering shite. My bad.
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    Poppies falling, all around us, children playing, having fun. Tis the season, for staunchly remembering, merry War Xmas, every hun.
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    #raabjustrealised The English Channel isn't a TV station #Raabjustrealised that the Irish border is more than just a breed of dog. #Raabjustrealised THIS trading partner is NEAR! 0 replies11 retweets45 likes Reply Retweet 11 Like 45 Direct message
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    TBF, this film had more than 2 decades to take on board and correct/avoid the criticisms levelled at Braveheart. Also keep in mind that Braveheart (which doesn't get credit for the things that it had right) told our story to many in the world for the first time.
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    Thoughts on last night. Celtic deserved it. Thought Christie looked good and if Rodgers has any sense Brown won’t get back in the team. The disco lights 😂 Big Ramy getting taken home byThe Mounties to blutred to walk (wearing his Celtic Top) Special mention to Rolling Jakey and Ormond for gate crashing Big Ramys thread to arrange a fight.......................in Albania 😂
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    Hopefully he didn’t take to Twitter later that night to tweet about the baby’s cock. 😳
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    Seems like a stellar visit to France from Trump. First of all, he bins a trip to a US WW1 military cemetery because it was raining. Now, apparently he met the leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and started blaming them for starting the war in Yugoslavia. Yip, he got the Baltics mixed up with the Balkans. Still, at least its not as if he's got the future of all humanity in his tiny hands or anything.
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    Liam Kelly should have been called up instead of Jamie MacDonald
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    Shut the fuck up you eejit. 😂
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    I'm not making any excuses. I'll be silent then bursting into a chorus of 18 Brits as soon as the whistle blows. Thank you for your concern.
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    Agree with abody else’s comments...Davy you deserve free booze from us all. Thank you for all you do 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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    These sleep in the park events to raise awareness of homelessness. An absolute pile of fucking shite. Its nothing more than propaganda so politicians, D-list celebrities and those irritating lazy shiftless cunts in the work can get time away from their actual job to put posters up and chase you for your last pound to make themselves feel important and relevant If any genuine homeless person was to get caught climbing into Princes Street Gardens to get away from any bad bastards and try and get a bit peace any other night of the year they’d get hoyed oot and chased by the polis, but just because some cunt arse singer that hasn’t had a hit for years is going to sing a few songs just to try and get themselves some air time again it’s all fair fucks Someone I ken is doing it and they get unlimited hot drinks. Get tae fuck! They should be made to walk round Edinburgh( or any other participating city’s) all day to scavage for pennies, fag doubts, auld clais and cardboard like the real homeless folk do Its nothing more than propagandic pretentious bullshit
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    Savage also has digs at Sutton about Scottish football because Sutton sticks up for our game. Sutton is a plank but he is a big supporter of scottish football
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    Taking the lead 3 times in a match only to throw in 2 goals in 40 seconds
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    Well, it's only 7:00pm here. For my opening point I'd just like to say... 'Sevco'. Point #2 - Unsustainable loses. Point #3 - Poor run. One win in their last 5 and they struggled v relegation bound St. Mirren. Point #4 - Teams'll be having a go at your central defensive pairing from now on. Point #5 - Your famous yet inexperienced manager who doesn't do subs very well. Point #6 - The amount of loan players that make the starting 11. #rebuild Point #7 - 3 points v Well or the wheels will 'well' and truly come off. Anyway... sleep tight.
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    Well I suppose using the term in a "racist way" is some form of retraction from calling me a racist, small mercies and all that. You asked/demanded that I address the opinion piece you linked to. I did and laid out my reasons why I don't agree with it, I don't necessarily expect you to agree with those. I asked/demanded that you explain why I was wrong and what you disagreed with. All you've done is to repeat back the original text which is kind of like the internet equivalent of Brits abroad talking more loudly in English to foreigners who don't understand them and expecting them to somehow "get it". You are obviously either unwilling to or incapable of responding to my questions and instead result to more ad hominen attacks. From what I see that's your general modus operandi on here when challenged. Some might say that it's very Trumpian in its approach, I couldn't possibly comment.
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    When will we get a statement?
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    McGregor Tierney McKenna Devlin Robertson McGregor McGinn Forrest Christie Fraser McBurnie
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    Went yesterday. Thought it was Ok. The plusses were the music , Rami Malek, and the nostalgia of Live Aid. Downsides for me were I thought the actors playing the other band members were pretty poor. The film was sanitised beyond belief. Was far too wishy washy, not only in skirting around Freddie Mercury’s lifestyle but in simple things like the scene with the big party at his house. It was the early 80’s and nobody was smoking. Ffs a party like that would have been in a cloud of smoke. I would have preferred it to have been given an 18 certificate and more powerful. All in all though it was easy watching and very uplifting in parts. I am not sure the people around me appreciated me singing along and fist pumping to Fast bottomed girls right enough.
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    Our inability to keep the ball and obsession with defending deep, leaving space between midfeld and defence, especially away from home is arguably more to blame for our poor defensive record than individual mistakes. We were fucking hopeless in Israel as a team, regardless of 4 or 5 at the back, approach any game like that and you’ll lose more often than not.
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    Different type of player though it's nice to see Rhodes getting in the goals again.
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    Aye. I’ll fly over to Europe to spend a week with my pals and try and squeeze the pleasure of your fat hoop into the bargain. Away and chase yersel’ ya muppet. 😂
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    The not in the squad X1 would be the slowest team ever . No pace anywhere
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    I think this is exactly why the UK is leaving the EU: the media likes to act as if Britain is twenty miles away from the US, rather than twenty miles away from France. The only time that our media comments on the European Parliament is usually when something negative is happening there; never when anything positive happens.
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    What are people's opinions on Ryan Jacks inevitable call up ahead of the likes of John Fleck then? If Fleck ever wants to play for Scotland he'd better try and angle a move back to the Rangers eh. Never mind having a couple of great seasons down south, it seems a couple of decent games for Rangers is the way into the National Team