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    The longer that bonny twat is allowed to comtinuously troll the board ..then the less the board will be used by the rest of us. Total turn off.
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    So Basically something that’s been on my mind and I’ve not seen discussed, Should Mikey Johnstone Be Called up by Steve Clarke for the Cyprus & Belgium Games? personally for me I believe he should be called up, if your good enough your old enough and he was class against hearts and a call up is another boost for his confidence, he’s also eligible for Ireland and I feel with his rising form it could be horrible if we had another McCarthy Situation and lost out on one of our brightest prospects.
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    Sounds like he's made his mind up too. I was shocked to hear about this. You could say his attitude's poor but the bottom line is we don't produce enough high quality young players - especially defenders - to let one slip through the net as easily as that. He might make it, he might not. But Stoke bought him when they were still an EPL side so they must have seen some potential in him. He's only 20 and he'd been getting a game on loan at a decent level last season too. Johnston has played for us at age group levels, whereas I don't think McCarthy or McGeady ever did, which suggests he's committed to Scotland. Then again, Harry Souttar had also played for us at youth level, and if someone is prepared to travel to the other side of the world in order to play international football, taking a flight to Dublin is a skoosh. Me neither. England often call up and cap youngsters who aren't yet regular first-teamers and it doesn't seem to be doing them any harm. I think it's fair to say Johnston is still some way behind Fraser and Forrest, and even Phillips and Snodgrass (if he returns) but those players are a good bit older than him, and to my mind he's way ahead of other young Scottish players who play in his position. While not a regular yet, I still think he's done enough at Celtic to at least merit a place in the squad.
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    You think Theresa's bad? Look at the contenders to follow her... Talk about 'out of the frying pan...' Boris Johnson – 3/1 Dominic Raab – 5/1 Michael Gove – 8/1 Jeremy Hunt – 10/1 Andrea Leadsom – 16/1 Matthew Hancock – 16/1 Rory Stewart – 16/1 Sajid Javid – 16/1 Penny Mordaunt – 20/1 Amber Rudd – 33/1 Jacob Rees-Mogg – 33/1 James Cleverly – 33/1 Priti Patel – 33/1 Boris the buffoon? Raab? Utter c*nt. Gove? Who? Heinrich Himmler's nephew? Hunt? Assh*le. Leadsom? Vile. Truly frightening... It surely cannot be any of them; it has to be an outsider.
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    If only someone else had backed out at the eleventh hour. The would would have been a more joyful place as a result.
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    Sounds like barely a step up from the handicaps we just pumped off
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    “ snowflake’. 😂😂🙈 The standard phrase thrown out by slavering gammons.
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    Well, you're the only one that has even mentioned it so far.
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    Which in normal circumstances would make him the ideal candidate. But we're not in normal circumstances. Scotlad is right to say the Tories usual never pick the favourite, but this time they need a big popular personality to push through a likely no-deal Brexit. Boris is the only one that fits the bill.
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    Looks as if someone already did.
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    Take it you mean this
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    Mibee I'm undestimating him but Raab just seems too lightweight to be PM. Johnson is the favourite, and certainly the biggest personality on the list, but the Tories rarely pick the favourite. This is the mob who once picked Iain Duncan Smith over Ken Clarke to take on Tony Blair in his prime!
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    My favourite crass joke from back in the day involving a celebrity that was injured, was when ‘celebrity couple’ Blue Peter’s Sarah Greene and Radio1 DJ Mike were injured when pilot Mike Smith crashed his helicopter injuring Sarah Greene’s legs. It led to the shockingly bad ‘ what does Sarah Greenes legs have in common with her fanny ? ...... They both got fucked by Mike Smiths chopper 😳 Might be getting nostalgic here but I’m certain kids were much wittier back then,.
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    I think I quoted him rathe than reply direct. But if Ive been a long term user of the board and thinking of chucking it or certainly logging in far less then I'm sure I'm not the only one. Up to those running the board - if they allow that sort of shyte to spoil it - then it will ultimately disappear.
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    Maybe they have and he’s told them to bolt? If they have approached them and he said yes then they’d have called him up already. I’m sure the boy isn’t stupid. He’ll know that if he does well consistently for Celtic he’ll get called into the Scotland squad.
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    As far as I'm aware Ive not replied to any of his posts. Its either trolling or bombarding the board with shyte no matter what his opinion is. I can choose to ignore or I can choose to use the board far less as it tanks downhill - which is a shame as its very useful particularly to do with travel to away games.
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    There are bigger tits than that on the list.
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    Aye, in the last 14 months we have played 12 games and he has played in just 3 of them. Can any Celtic fans tell us how many game he has missed for them over the same period? I have always thought that Tierney should have loads more caps than he does. I used to blame Strachan for that. Now I'm not so sure.
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    Anyone remaining on the board. Bonny just instrumental in killing it off.
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    Penny Mordaunt has nice chebs
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    I understand the discussion with regards to Ireland being the whores that they are...but if someone wants to really play for Scotland, then I'm sure they can hold off until they've at least finished puberty before they decided they've given us enough time. I'd hate to lose him (or anybody else) to they fuckers over there, but at the end of the day a Scotland cap should be based on merit and not because we have a gun being held to our head. One good game against Hearts in a dead rubber, surely isn't justification to be chosen for a Scotland squad?
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    The guy has been plagued by injury problems this season. He’s missed a lot of Celtic games as well. WTF is the matter with some people on here?
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    Hopefully she'll chuck it as an MP as wel
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    What an absolute clusterfuck of a PM May was.
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    No fucking wonder he wasn’t. People on here cling onto any players that get game time at decent sized clubs thinking this is it a star has arrived without actually analysing how poor that player really is. Bates will end up playing for a Pompey/Donny levelled side.
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    Yes, you can’t legislate for people shitting it and backing out as they fear the step up is way to much for them can you?
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    Bonny’s not posted for two hours, all this talk of britain regaining her independence must have gave him an aneurism
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    Tbf alot of ppl in the west of Scotland have an Irish parent or grandparent and Celtic definitely has a huge Irish diaspora supporting it. Personally I don't really feel like draping myself in an Irish flag despite the surname but then I wasn't brought up in the west of Scotland and my Irish heritage (if you could call it that)is very far back.(great great grandparents I think). Having recently moved to Glasgow about 9 months ago it's defo been a shock to me how much pro IRA and rebel songs are sung by the general population here and it's no surprise to me that McCarthy and mcgeady chose Ireland having been brought up in the west of Scotland. Johnston I think is very committed to Scotland as shown in his performances for the youth sides but I reckon if we don't call him up in the next two years then his agent or other influences may start whispering in his ear to play for Ireland and let's face it they don't fuck about when it comes to offering players a chance.
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    Didn’t you support Arsenal?
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    When you are cleaning the toilets at your work your parents and kids aren't watching you.
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