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    Leave is the only morally correct option imo
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    And had Scotland voted Yes we would be the No 1 destination for these companies wanting to stay in the rUK but also in the EU. What a missed opportunity by the NO voters. Gutless cunts who deserve the recession coming their way at hurricane speeds.
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    You’re awfy touchy about yer teeth Chripper 😂
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    Prominent Brexiteers are already disinvesting in UK, shifting funds overseas, shifting HQ overseas, applying for residency overseas (Dyson, Mogg, Lawson, there's a list of them) - this is not Project Fear, it's Brexiteers themselves doing the damage or exiting the sinking ship that they themselves purport to be supporting. (This is way different from 2014, that would be Salmond stashing his cash in a Swiss bank account or Brian Soutar talking up indy then moving his HQ to England) .
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    I’ve been told recently that one of my greatest professional skills is my patience (spending my days with kids trying to inflict injury on me round the clock I need it). Anyway, I’m with you on that but like to be polite 🙂
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    Anonymous person uses message board to attack person by calling them a coward even though the person he mocks uses his own name on here and the accuser does not. We've not had one like this for a while boys and girls, let's enjoy it while it lasts. Sorry that they've latched onto you Scotty, but if anyone is going to enjoy persecution it would be you
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    You do realise that these are not threats right ? And Dyson was an extreme brexiteer
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    No. Originally it was a hypothetical man from Chad. Then it was Black Americans who self-identify as Negro. Context is important. As is not taking words from scientific categories to describe groups of people.
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    Can't really take moral preaching from you, to be honest.
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    Morals ?? Have i missed something ?
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    Never fuck about with a working mans wages
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    You seem a bit obsessed by this subject, almost as if you burst into tears every time somebody doesn't pick Aberdeen. It's about opinions, don't take offence if somebody has a different one from you.
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    Fans are idiots though. They didn't like Darren Fletcher for years.
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    Can also recommend ken burns American civil war series and his Vietnam one but especially the civil war one - both were on PBS America recently
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    Well for what it's worth. I am no getting involved in this as I havnae a fuckin clue whit yees are on about. I will say this though. I have personally met Scotty. Few years ago in Toronto. Great lad. He is no racist, that's for sure. We all have opinions, thoughts, beliefs, but one thing for sure, yir man Scotty is no racist. BR 1314
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    Jeez listening to the Commons live again..the tories are truly right-wing-idealogical-little-englander-empire-wanking-fruitcakes. (And yes I include the "Scottish" bastards as well.)
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    The US Census had "negro" as one of the 3 choices in a subsection the other being Black and African American. It was included at the insistence of people who identified as negro. I know you don't like Scotty's beliefs but following him about the board through numerous banned incarnations to then mock outrage and try and make him out to be a racist is rather extreme don't you think? You going to boil one of his family pets next, you tried to dox his job on here once as well.
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    You've exposed fuck all with you're nasty little post other than an insight into your pathetic 'worldveiw'.
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    As a Scot with an English accent, it really pisses me off to know Jack Harper grew up in Spain and somehow wangled a Scottish accent... Oh, and I hope the wee bugger goes on to play for Scotland many, many, times and bags a ton of goals in the process. Would love to see him get a full cap soon.
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    If we are to have attacking full backs, it is essential.
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    I'm just unsure how you appointed yourself as the arbitrator of morality. A bit fucking arrogant, not to mention delusional. You have neither the intellect, nor the integrity to put yourself in such a position. I'm sure your wee sentence sounded clever in your head though.
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    Good, insightful, reasoned post there. Cheers.