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    wow, so all the shite you post, is when your sober?
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    I would have sympathy, but the Celtic away support are absolute scumbags. That mob run about the country breaking seats, invading pitches, singing and shouting sectarian abuse and being general clowns. Mostly with impunity. They cannae then expect anyone to listen to their greeting when the big bad polis arrest them. They should be arrested. I agree the treatment of football fans is shite, we are treated like weans. But the Celtic away support are one of the reasons why it's like that. And the rest of us have to suffer it.
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    4-4-2... 3-5-2... That's got fck all to do with it. You could play "2-4-6-8 it's never too late" and it wouldn't matter as long as you've got a clueless, jobs-for-the-boys dinosaur in charge that nobody else would touch with a fkin bargepole. We DON'T have bad players. We don't have great ones either. There's no Law, Bremner or Dalglish. FFS there's no even a McAllister, Lambert or Collins, but what we do have is a group of solid professionals who could and should be organised to look like they didn't just meet each other on the plane across. Ones who shouldn't be getting outplayed and out-classed by teams dozens of places below them in the rankings. Israel have an Austrian manager who I'm pretty sure isn't fluent in Hebrew. Kazakhstan have one from the Czech Republic who I'm sure doesn't speak whatever the fck they speak over there. How then can we not get someone, ANYONE, in a world of billions of folk to organise us into a solid, cohesive unit like they can??? Withdrawals, retirements, "I need a rest," "I cannae play in case I skin ma fkin knee on the plastic..." That's what we've fkin ended up with.
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    why dont we get everyone who has a car to pay an annual fee to pay for this....... 👍 we could call it road tax.
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    Another hun pretending to care about abuse victims
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    That might be true but of course misses the obvious point that trains don't go from Central Station to either Celtic Park or Ibrox.
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    When did you pair eventually tie the knot then?
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    His retort to their banner today is excellent! ”it’s not me that’s sick, it’s them” I like Steve Clarke.
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    You really are a cunt, aren’t you. Society would’ve been a whole lot better if your dad had made a mess of your mums face instead.
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    ......by all means enjoy yourselves. But please for fuck sake someone organise some sort of protest. Picket the SFA hotel, make it uncomfortable for these wankers! A banner, a walkout..... anything that makes it look like the Tartan Army actually care as much about the football as they do about roaming the world getting pished on cheap booze and having a good time! 🙏
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    Utter utter garbage, he did everything he could to make the flight. Unbelievable commitment when you read the story, he wasn’t allowed to fly with it so needed the surgery and can’t sort another flight at such short notice. Barring the tour he missed because he was playing in the champions league final Robertson has never been unavailable for a squad since his debut 6 years ago which is incredible really.
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    On the currency front of course it will take time to get onto a system and currency that works. People have to realise that it is 300+ years since we have been an independent country. The transaction will be tough make no mistake about that. There is going to be very little that will be easy about gaining independence and implementing it. However, I won't be put off by that as the alternative is far worse. Remain in a decaying union where we are trampled over by Westminster and treated like third class citizens where we get governments that we never vote for and we will continue to be bled dry. No thanks 300+ years is more than long enough. Give me the rocky, undulating road of independence over remaining under the thumb and in the gutter under Westminster's rule.
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    If you're a sick enough fucker to go and look at it, fair enough, but would you mind not discussing it on here - I'm sure there are plenty of other sites that you can chat with your fellow ghouls.
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    "aww they fucking yes voting, priest loving, IRA sympathising, tartan trannies over on the TAMB are taking the pish oot of us and I cannae stand it any longer waah waah" I haven't looked but that is probably what they'll be saying over on FollowFollow & Rangurzmeeja in between posts on the subject of "my new neighbours are muslims - what should i do ?" and "your all time favourite pictures of HM the Queen".
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    But more to like than any other party IMHO
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    I do love the instant fuck him attitude of Scotland fans to veteran players when they hit a hurdle. And then later they are all confused as to why players dont really give a fuck about playing for Scotland. I have always rated Naismith, tidy wee player who can make a difference in games. He should retire from this shit show and concentrate on getting a couple of more years at it with a club, infinitely more rewarding than playing for Scotland and their fans.
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    I think you're supposed to call them Irish Catholics....
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    I wouldn’t mind mixed toilets as long as it was all cubicles. I didn’t know there were cases of children being given hormone blockers although I’m not surprised. In a world where people aren’t telling their new child’s sex so they aren’t ‘categorised’ my suspicion is more with the parents mental health than the child’s. Radio Scotland has a news report on a nursery in Edinburgh (of course it was) that no longer had gender defined toys or colours and then spoke to the parents who were all giving it “oh yes it’s fantastic. Horatio happily plays with a pram.” Then they spoke to wee Horatio and asked what his favourite toy was “I love the robot transformer, it turns into a car that shoots things.” Dad interrupts to say “But you like the tea set and Mimie doll?” I swear I could feel the puzzled slightly disgusted look Horatio gave the big drip as he replied “yeah okay but the čar shoots things.” My friend was born male but after years of misery, suicide attempts, psychiatric help and physical and mental abuse she was helped by the NHS to sort out a mistake that happened in her mother’s womb. She is now a gorgeous happy and settled wife and mum to her (adopted) son and she and her husband are foster carers. If she was a teenager today she wouldn’t have had to go through the nightmare she did have to endure but we’ve also discussed what would have happened to me. I hated being a girl, didn’t have girl pals, fought like a mad Taz devil and practísed blowing snot out my nose so I could do it when in goals for my school football team. And I won’t get into the batterings I received for constantly trying to pee standing up and succeeding only in making our toilet reek of pee. We think our friendship was cemented by our masculine and feminine characteristics and oddities but unlike her I never ever considered physically changing my sex I just didn’t want to be a girl. I was just a tomboy and I’d hate it if wee girls couldn’t just be tomboys without people jumping on it as sexual identity problems. But I’d detest it even more if we lived in a world where people don’t understand that things go wrong in the womb and they need to be sorted, understood and treated with the same understanding and sympathy that we give to all other ‘birth defects” (I use that term cautiously as I don’t like it but can’t think of another term. I’m sure you will thplinth and come along to tell me in your usual soft and tender manner) Stop it or I’ll challenge you to a peeing and snot blowing competition. Then the winner batters the loser and I’d hate to see you cry like a big lassie as I stand over your prostrate body with my foot resting on your hip and my arms held aloft while I make pretend crowd cheering noises. And I won’t be wearing lipstick! 😘😘
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    Aye, I'd agree with that. The way Tierney defends impeccably against Connor Sammon and the like is fantastic
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    Not once my statement has been released we won’t. I’m demanding 10,000 tickets and if we don’t, I’ll be encouraging 20,000 to go down and show our true powers. We are aberdeen and are fed up of people taking the piss. Rangers will suffer if they don’t accept our red pound. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!
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    It's generally folk with an empty life that say that, so I can see why you'd be of that opinion Victor Meldrew.
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    WTF?? Is this a windup? I have been working round the clock at work with the bad weather here, so not been following the news. WTF??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔.
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    Strongest team should start both games. This is Scotland, no fucking about
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    For him to leave when he was on the brink of immortality tells you something was hugely wrong. Blame lies squarely with the Board. Onwards and upwards though. I’d take Lennon back in a second and if his first game is Wednesday prepare for trouble at Tynecastle...
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    It's a conundrum indeed. Racist abuse = unacceptable Sectarian abuse = bit of a laugh
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    As a comparison swap Steve Clarke for Mark Walters on the banner and imagine it displayed in the ground the week after he was getting bananas chucked at him. Not really putting the fun back into football is it?
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    To be fair, the last 7 years have been fucking hilarious due to you lot.
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    The same old conversations seem to be arising again. Who do we have that’s Scottish and wants the job? Absofuckinglutely no one. The world is a big place and there’s managers out there that would love a chance to manage international football. Too many people seem to think we need a Scottish manager and are happy to slate our only foreign one, who happens to be the last man to take us to a play off (a real one, not a mini league kick about).
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    I agree he isn’t a fullback, but that’s where he had to play. He’s probably played that position half a dozen times in the last 3 years, hence why I find your attack on him being at fault all the more bizarre. That doesn’t make any difference to sod being pish though.
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    He absolutely did this but the other players in most part have their last big contracts at their EPL clubs so dont give a flying fcuk as being international wont fill their wallets. Fraser, Robertson, Paterson, Tierney would also all have played tonight if it was club game. Am i wrong??
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    Sorry l don't understand what you mean? Reported to who? A mate bought a ticket thinking he was going to go but his circumstances changed outwith his control and can no longer go. I don't see what the problem is. Someone was looking for a ticket and l offered to help them out. He's not looking for a profit and will accept face value. This all feels a bit like when someone stops to help somebody else in an accident and the helper then gets robbed. Thanks for grassing me up. Apologies if l've misunderstood you and this was meant as a joke?
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    Fuck knows, i'm only putting it out there. It's a thread on a football fans message board not a government consultation with the public for christs sake.
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    There's nothing offensive in that OP. Rangers fans lorded it over clubs like Aberdeen for more than two decades so excuse us if we enjoy the odd small victory. It's called football banter. If rangers fans stop posting because of the OP they don't belong to any forum because theres nothing offensive in it. Finally, please stop with the poor rangers fans nonsense. The white Ceelo and rolling hills get it in the neck but not because they are rangers fans, it's because they are arseholes. Everyone else seems to get a long to a certain point
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    Not surprised your the first to comment. Football related and in the news. Got to admire your ability to read minds. Go for a bit of personal abuse and maybe the mods will close the thread in record time. Just another Tim not wanting to accept Celtic are closely associated with historic child abuse so you use diversory tactics from the off. Go on, once and for all admit something negative about your club.
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    Should get himself over to Japan then.
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    FFS. We hadn't beaten them in about years and I didn't even come on here and gloat when we did. At least allow me one small fucking crumb of comfort before you come on with your factual response and logical shit!!
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    Lay off the bevy ya alkie bigot.
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    No I mean Thesaurus. Chripper would never come next to Deluded in a dictionary seeing as a dictionary is in Alphabetical order. It seems Chripper could also be filed next to something else....
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    Here’s the problem in a few posts, although far from exclusive to these posters and their clubs. Deflection, denial and whataboutery. If anyone wants to make a start in dealing with “unacceptable behaviour” we all need to get our own houses in order rather than pointing the fingers at others.
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    Fair enough. I'd say both fans using such terms are a blight on society. Same as Hearts fans singing about Beaty/Browns sister or indeed Celtic fans singing about Rodgers getting shot by a bullet from the IRA. Sad acts.
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    I think Corbyn has discovered what he probably knew theoretically all along. Namely that anyone who ever comes close to delivering on a Socialist agenda will quickly be destroyed or made impotent. I've written on here before that I'm not naturally inclined towards conspiracy theories, but I know enough Labour history to know that any authentic left-wing leader will be denigrated, humiliated, scandalised or ridiculed to render them unelectable or to ensure if they land in Government they steer clear of anything too lefty. What is fascinating is the choice of issue to attack him with. He's on a hiding to nothing though as it's not just that the goalposts keep moving, they keep changing size & are invisible as well. I've been following a debate locally around Williamson just to see what evidence there is against him. Those in the party (people I generally know) have been asked to show evidence of anything anti-Semitic he's said or done. He has made comments about the "weaponisation" of anti-Semitism & when he has criticised affluent Jewish people or organisations, he has been accused of using stereotypes of Jews as liars & money-grubbers. I've found one or two clumsy comments but nothing (yet) that clearly points to someone who is racist against Jews. What seems to come across clearly to me looking into it, & hence is a huge concern, is that he has been targetted more than once by influential organisations to shut him up by conflating his leftist critique with racism. And I suspect that this is a classic 'Orwellian' approach of ensuring that the language needed to attack Israel the state cannot be used publicly without being treated as the language of racism.
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    Go and have a look at the 'headbutt' again...and then tell me how many other players over the years, could have been charged by the authorities for doing the exact same thing. The whole thing was an absolute farce, and as someone else stated, robbed us of a top-class striker.
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    Oooft. Brendan leaving for a bigger club and Celtic fans coming to the realisation that Celtic is just another diddy club from Scotland and nobody really cares about treble trebles or 10IAR. Especially not Brendan Rodgers, despite what Celtic fans previously thought.
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    Celtic are drawing up a list of celtic minded replacements for Brendan Rodgers... Police Scotland said the sex offenders list has never been used this way before....
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    When Steve Clarke is enevitably linked to the Celtic job his credibility will go right out the window if he doesn't distance himself from it. You can't be so offended by sectarianism then join Celtic.
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    Rolling Hills ?
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    Keep it up mate, your approach is refreshing and is a breath of fresh air from our largely hopeless football media.

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