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    Chripper and friends, Any chance you could create your own thread to have your mind numbingly boring tactics/formation debate and leave this thread to folk who want to discuss Scotland players in action? Much obliged.
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    This year' s Hogmanay show was a great return to form for Only An Excuse.
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    That really is blatant smearing by the Herald. The implication of that picture is clear. Disgraceful.
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    Possession. A kneejerk reaction of "it's ours, it always has been and it always will be" Add in plenty of heavy emotional blackmail with mention of the world wars (preferably with tears and an "I'll have you know that my Great-Uncle Jimmy had both his bollocks and his willie shot off at the Somme for this country" kind of story) Omit mention of the one time penal laws against their language and their faith or unwritten laws preventing them from getting high up in the civil service. Don't forget the "we love you and appreciate you - but you better know your place you ungrateful bastards with your different langauge and heritage." That's exactly what they said on the Daily Mail comment is free section about us during the referendum: "They get everything" - "free this free that" - "we pay so much for those ungrateful Scotch bastards" - "why should they get their own services, we are all British after all" - "We fought together, we died together, we must stay together no matter what" - "the Scottish Parliament is a dangerous experiment and should be abolished". Now I imagine you'd be ready to fight if some Tory pwick from the Home Counties said such things to your face, so why do you take such satisfaction saying that saying similair things about the great Québécois people ? Don't be a hypocrite. It's their country after all. Good on them for standing up for themselves and getting every concession they can from Ottawa. Pity it took proud, mighty "Scotland the Brave" fucking ages to start doing the same. Ever actually read their history and tried to see their side of the story like any reasonable person would ? Are you capable of doing such a thing ?
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    That's exactly the way your Mail, Express and Telegraph types talk about the people of Scotland and Wales. Well done. I admire the Québécois. A proud, great people that have actually stood up for themselves against bullies who denigrate them. Unlike us they didn't cower and beg for mercy.
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    You don't think it the height of hypocrisy to support a sovereign, independent Scotland but furiously oppose a sovereign, independent Quebec ? Perhaps you should make an effort to read about their history and try and understand the culture of the great Québécois people before you make such another bloody stupid, pig ignorant statement like that ever again. You sound no better than a brain dead Daily Mail or Daily Express reader. No better either than the all too many self loathing Scots and Welsh who furiously oppose anything promoting Gàidhlig and Cymraeg. I met some Quebec nationalists in 2014 who came over to Glasgow hoping to celebrate the re-birth of an independent Scotland. Lovely people they were, they were heartbroken along with us when the result was announced.
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    NovoRangers have won one old firm game since 2012 (excluding the cup game win) and you personally are now within 48 hours worse than Ramy... sigh. Supporters who peacocked it about the place after every win during the height of the 9IAR row years and now again in the whatever it ends up years for Celtic are the biggest wanks out there, blue green whatever. Sad fuckers who seem to gain some sense of self from a football team. Give us peace. Shawl? Pish patter.
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    Haha clown. But anything that stops you knocking fuck out the wife tonight is fine by me.
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    Was it those simple bear Negacicities ?
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    This just confirms you literally do not have a scooby doo pal eh. Either that or you have to be on the complete wind up on here. Some of your comments, opinions and ideas are hilarious tbf.
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    No No No This is why we have ended up with numerous horror shows over the years No purple No pink No yellow Stick to this format and change it very little
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    Well from your delightful posts above I think it is pretty clear here who is the one is hugely prejudiced on many different levels and quite a nasty little character to boot. I suggest you try to regain your composure before you make an even bigger cunt out of yourself. Happy New Year.
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    You've not got a clue about racism, all you and others like you do is trivialise racism, you've never experienced racism in your life you absolute whopper, the colour of your skin has never held you back. You're an old white British guy, you've benefitted from your skin colour all your life and now you've just turned into a sad old virgin, sitting in your mums spare room never leaving the gaff and pontificating about racism on the internet. You're a loser, there's no other term for it, a complete loser.
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    Ive absolutely no idea why you’ve quoted me and struggling to comprehend any of your waffle. With all due respect, you come across as a lonely, tragic alcoholic. Scotland forever 😳
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    Your all wrong, the Bears only mauled 11 Bhoys today.
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    Can't see the blue for all the shite and scum floating about in it.
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    There is a big contradiction here. The Scottish Nationalist Party is hugely pro EU. The EU = the dissolution of Nation states in all but name.
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    Winston Churchill was a treacherous cunt who fucked Britain did not go down too well last time I aired it.
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    Kilts being worn at football matches looks absolutely ridiculous.
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    Hahahaha 'seething' at words on a screen, from the guy who doesn't take the board seriously. What an embarrassing character you are.
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    "How to play 5-3-2" by C.H. Ripper. It's a riveting read.
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    I don't know if you are being deliberately obtuse or I'm just not expressing myself properly. I'm knackered after a 5am finished followed by a 9am start. Freedom of Speech means you can say what you like as long as you don't break any of the other laws. Racism is obviously illegal, so isnt covered by freedom of speech. I'm also not equating racism to rebel songs either. With me so far? I'm equating rebel songs to some of the orange songs. They're opposite sides of the same coin. If you want rid of one set of idiots you can't praise or protect the others.
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    Hold the fuckin front pages, I.agree with mox. Be as well going underground folks, I'm.quite sure Armageddon is coming now👍🏻
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    '' we have a This weekends Matches Thread '' quote from another thread........ My thoughts exactly, i want to read fans views on their teams weekend performance, including Celtic and Rangers, if its all on one thread it makes a better read, rather than this 'Mighty Pish' All fans commenting under one thread , is better IMO... I have tried a few times to move up 'this weekends thread' and will continue to do so. This is a TA Board for all TA not individual teams. The only 2 teams that can be considered Mighty this year are Killie and Livvy, who are both performing way above what has been expected, all others are doing roughly as expected, and are neither mighty or anything else.., the Celtic thread could be called The Doing as Expected Celtic. ;-) If everyone ignores the Mighty Pish Threads then they will go away....... ( me included) this will be my one and only post. C'mon lets get the weekend football thread back and leave the mighties alone cheers 👍
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    Anyone hear that arrogant prick Gerard’s post match comments? “We shouldn't have to work that hard to win at places like this, with all due respect." What an utter cock. Never have the words, with all due respect been so inappropriate.