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    Only the hard of thinking wouldnt be aware that the division was caused when all the other clubs decided to harm at least 3 of their fellow members during a period of national emergency when there were options to harm no one but now its all Hearts and Partick that are to blame when these rats have realised they just might take a financial hit themselves.
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    And will keep saying this, Celtic did NOT win it. They did though manage to get their pawn, Doncaster, to hoodwink clubs to award them a false title.
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    Wherever he plays, playing alongside David Luiz will prepare him for the centre backs he will be playing with for Scotland.
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    For the avoidance of doubt, i am not a mod. That was a joke. Yes i knew what he did. IIRC, the joke was in a post about my belief that TAMBers would get on well if we were all on a Scotland trip sitting in a pub together, and not in lockdown typing pish into our computers. The joke was based around my perception of you as an argumentative guy, firmly on the right of today's politics, and the idea that you might suddenly 'lose it'. I'm sorry you found that offensive, and won't make the same mistake again now that i know where you draw the line. As for it being a smear rather than a joke... If i had meant to smear you i wouldn't have tagged you in it thereby deliberately drawing your attention to it. I'd have tried to be more underhand. Interesting, i've never thought of myself as being woke. I'm fairly sure i've made posts criticizing today's culture of identity politics. Can i ask what makes you think that? If i call someone who is obsessed with other forum members using correct punctuation/spelling a 'grammar nazi', would they be justified in reporting me to the mods, crying that i'm making unacceptable comparisons with yer actual nazis? All seems a bit snowflakey.
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    Lads, last half dozen or so posts ? Total fucking embarrassment. Just thought i would highlight it. Carry on.
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    "If you don't like wearing a mask, how about a ventilator?"
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    "dumbass" you've immersed yourself so much into this you're typing like an American now. Neuroplasticity in action.
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    Also see that Carlaw already trying to play the constitutional card with regards the borders. Final proof the he and the rest of ilk are more interested in the Union than people's lives. He really is a nasty, toadying cunt
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    I'll be heading along to the anti racism protest this morning, hopefully a good turnout to show these fascist cunts they are hugely outnumbered in this city. Might see you there @thplinth, what statue will you be defending? I'll pop over and say hello.
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    But you seem to be able to work the TAMB alright.
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    Totally agree about the usual suspect/suspects on here with there snide remarks, which is a reason myself and most likely others hardly ever post on here nowadays. It has got well past the boring stage. The same people then moan that this board is dying out but fail to see that they are a big part of that problem.
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    Just want to introduce you all to the newest member of the Tartan Army. Odin Bryan Laird was born last night in Warwickshire. Posted by a proud grandfather.
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    You doubt a guy who scored 20+ goals in the English Championship would score goals in the Scottish Championship? I really hope Shankland keeps on an upward curve, we will find out next season but so far McBurnie is twice the player
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    Where has this myth that McBurnie isnt interested in playing for Scotland come from becuase it doesnt stand it. McBurnie played all through the Scottish youth system, went on a totally pointless and long end of season trip to Mexico to play meaningless friendlys with what was effectively a B squad and has turned up consistently to squads even though he hasnt always started or even came off the bench in games. The boy made 1 daft joke with his mates that was caught on camera which on the face of it was derogatory of Scotland. However how many of us have slagged Scotland over the years. I reguarly joke that we are rubbish but doesnt stop me going to games or being less committed. Question his ability if you must but lets not just make stuff up to suit our agenda.
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    Wankers with tiny cocks from the Territorial Army playing at being soldiers most likely.
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    Agreed and thplinth how are you giving them the keys to a newly independent Scotland without getting behind them to achieve independence exactly? We get your gist you hate the SNP - fine. But you don't grasp that they are the only chance for Scotland getting independence in the political landscape. The rest of the political options are pro-unionist (Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour and LibDems) or too small and without clout to get it done (Scottish Greens or SSP). So how exactly are we going to become 'a newly independent Scotland' without getting behind the SNP so they get their mandates? In any case once Scotland does become independent the political landscape in Scotland will be totally reset and you will be free to vote for whoever you want to govern in a newly independent Scotland.
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    Ash Taylor apparently. Will have been in England (or India) at the weekend.
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    My neighbours are sound. None of them wear trampy Celtic tops while walking doon the road with their devil dugs as it’s quite a nice area 👍🏼
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    Have i got this right Selfish only thinking of themselves cunts go on holiday during a pandemic and are annoyed about a bit of form filling when they come back in case they might be bringing back an infection that could affect non selfish cunts that have stayed at home ? Is that it ?
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    Dalglish stating what I have been saying. If Hearts win their case then the season will be null and void with ne relegation and no champions. What an erse we have made of this. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5802519/celtic-kenny-dalglish-titles-hearts-partick-thistle/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=scottishsunfootballfacebook&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1594555561
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    I think this is kind of crazy. Dave78 is one of the better posters on here and is certainly not deliberately offensive or antagonistic or anything. I’ve seen ‘jokes’ on almost every topic on here, some quite beyond the pale from my own perspective, some I’ve thought simply tasteless. This was fairly innocuous and quite obviously tongue-in-cheek. Dave has pointed this out and explained. Your reaction is a bit weird. Let it go. Its as if no point can be conceded, even in the face of a perfectly acceptable explanation. This place, man.
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    Lanarkshire derbies 😂😂 Come on to fuck man. Theyre not even on the radar. I never mentioned this but I really enjoyed your book by the way but this second attempt at fiction is not the best☹️ Must be like that ‘difficult second album’ thing 😀
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    I saw your complaint, and deleted it. Considered sanctioning you for wasting the mods (my) time, but decided to give you a reprieve.
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    I don't think the public will see this as anything other than a handful of dafties standing in the rain at the border. Any impact on support for independence from it will be smaller than a midge's tadger.
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    If that’s the case, I’m gonna report it for real now.
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    To be fair to United, and I would say that if it was any club. Its a fucking disgrace that we, Cove and Raith have been dragged in to this personally and will have no choice but to shell for legal fees. What a lot of fans seem to have overlooked is that any compensation, which looks a very likely outcome, will have to be met by ALL clubs taking a hit. Some of these clubs simply may not have the funds to pay this. Which will of course lead to the compromise of reconstruction. I suspect this was always Hearts end game. Ive said all along I have no issue with Hearts taking issue with the authorities if they see fit but what they have now done is a fucking disgrace, Ive no sympathy at all for them now unfortunately. Budges almost daily statements about only wanting what’s fair for everyone is I’ve always expected, she is a lying devious old hoor.
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    That's not right. What has he done wrong? Along with yourself he's one of the better posters on here.
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    I fully expect folk like Wilson and Ian Murray to don their best union jack suits, then attempt to cross the border. No doubt they will live tweet their bold escape from Frau Sturgeon's tyrannical police state. Then, like East Germans successfully crossing the Berlin wall under sniper fire, they will post pics of them celebrating from a pub in Carlisle, drinking their non minimum priced alcohol to 'get it right up the Snazis'.
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    Got to love when folk's partisanships so bitter the sexual abuse of children is nothing more than a tool to point score with. Wild shit.
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    This gave me a larf...
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    I think you might be wearing it wrong? Have you read the instructions?
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    If a city can justifiably be shut-down in isolation then there's absolutely no reason why a constituent part of the UK couldn't be either.
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    Who are almost entirely white males - probably middle aged - who think that somehow movements like BLM will lead to them being discriminated against when they don''t realise that it you are male, straight, white and - in this country at least - hold a UK passport, you have all the advantages going. Sort of people who go "When's International Men's Day then?", when it's International Women's Day, oblivious to the fact that it's the 19th November but every day is White, Straight Men's day. Don't think racism particularly comes into it, more insecurity. Sad really.
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    I dunno the fact that they were incorrect about the number of deaths and thought that the knifeman was Pele suggests nothing more than journalistic incompetence.
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    Actually it is team you who has the problem with the unqualified subset White Lives Matter and even All Lives Matter. No one on here has a problem with Black Lives Matter but when you start calling people racists etc for saying All Lives Matter or White Lives Matter than quite rightly people think this is double standard thinly veiled bullshit. You say sweeping under the carpet...but I asked you earlier... There are more unarmed Whites killed by cops than unarmed blacks... but can you name even one of them. (Without googling.) You cant because it is their deaths who are 'swept under the carpet' by the media. The Black killings are headline news for weeks and weeks (even when some of them shouldn't be) but the media has no interest in the unarmed White killings because there is no race hustle angle in it. Which is why I say you are being played. The crime statistics show that of black/white interracial violent crime over 90% of the cases in the most recent year were black on white. When you consider the relative size of the black population versus the white in the US that is crazy imbalanced. White people are not attacking and killing Black people disproportionately, it is quite the reverse, wildly the reverse. The cop killing statistics also don't support the BLM bullshit. Of the hundreds of millions of cop interactions in 2019 it was something like 9 unarmed blacks and 18 unarmed whites killed by police. When you factor in the relative crime rates unarmed Blacks are less likely to get shot than unarmed Whites. To put those numbers into context more unarmed Black people are routinely killed in Chicago in a single day than are killed by cops over a year, and mostly by other Blacks. Where are Black Lives Matter when it comes to this utter carnage. Nowhere. They are sham. A trojan horse for a pile of divisive marxist bullshit. ps the thread went south due to the usual Moxic arsehole turning up. He is the common denominator to it every time.
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    Rossy is no longer a problem. # spoiler alert Chapter 5 : The Blast Furnace.
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    Shove it up yer dick ya old teuchtar wank.
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    Is there any need for terrorist to be in the title? We don't know anything about this at the moment, what the motivation or circumstances were, get it removed.
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    A big pat on the back goes out to Daniel Stendel here. He finishes the huns season and relegates the jambos. Magnificent work! 😃
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    I thought the BML one might be theirs.
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    I’m hearing reports of street disturbances in Ottawa. Locals reporting nuisance roaming streets with devil dog, stalking reluctant local residents and ranting about ‘ra green brigade’ 🙄. Police attending but forced back by high pitched screeching noise. Sophisticated weapons suspected to be in use by state actors and lethal force being considered.
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    Yesterday went pretty well until The Police as is their want tried to use violence and intimidation to 'get The Green Brigade'. At first they wouldn't allow entrance from Queen Street for a large group which was a fucking ludicrous decision. A few punters barged through and it got a wee bit tousy, nothing serious but entirely The Police fault The use of kettling peaceful protestors is entirely questionable anyway, so there needs to be an explanation as to who gave that order. The Police behaviour yesterday was a throwback to a few years ago when they acted with impunity up and down the country week after week with little recrimination and yesterday was the same. I believe there were People at the protest yesterday who are in the GB but there was no GB flags or banners that I could see. They let right wing fascists run wild on Wednesday but turn up organised and intimidate groups of peaceful protestors on the Saturday? There were really good numbers and the old statue shaggers know that Glasgow will not stand for their shite, was great to see.
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    Looks questionable over a review in an online conservative magazine created by William Buckley Jr to advance his political views versus research by a nobel prize winner... interesting weighing of the data, can you be anymore specific about why it looks questionable and under what context or did your google search (you've obviously not read the book) not inform you of that? Here's another follow study they did : http://www.princeton.edu/~accase/downloads/Mortality_and_Morbidity_in_21st_Century_Case-Deaton-BPEA-published.pdf "Building on our earlier research (Case and Deaton 2015), wefind that mortality and morbidity among white non-Hispanic Americans in midlife since the turn of the century continued to climb through 2015. Additional increases in drug overdoses, suicides, and alcohol-related liver mortality—particularly among those with a high school degree or less—are responsible for an overall increase in all-cause mortality among whites. We find marked dif-ferences in mortality by race and education, with mortality among white non- Hispanics (males and females) rising for those without a college degree, and falling for those with a college degree. In contrast, mortality rates among blacks and Hispanics have continued to fall.." No comparison was done, "This is a good book on the problems in the West specifically the states" was what i said. If we're just going to do a headcount of deaths caused by regimes under a political systems. We have 6 million in Africa in the 70's by the US alone, see the book in search for enemies John Stockwell for that. We have the Iraq war. We have the Bengali Famine. Opium wars etc. In fact there are so many to list. Free markets gave us slavery and child workers. Communism isn't the answer to anything really. It's no more a boogey man than Capitalism though.
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    Don’t want to get bogged down in the politics, but the government waited too long, didn’t really enforce lockdown with inconsistent messages and I think we’ll find folk have relaxed too quickly been given an inch and taken a mile... (not to mention just letting people fly in from all over the world and then get public transport etc. unchecked) As I said above, I seem to have gone the opposite way from Thplinth. I think they made a lot of rash, short term, ill thought out decisions, but ultimately they have probably stumbled on the correct course of action. I get the clubs needed clarity, so the SPFL had to be decisive. Who is to say the EPL will finish? If numbers go through the roof again or players/staff at clubs start testing positive they may still have to pull the plug? A more comparable example would probably be league 1 & 2 in England, who called last week. If you really must pick a comparison in level and corona virus situation.
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    EPL starts back tonight. Its a billion pound business, they have money for testing, could afford to wait and see and are now ready to go. SPFL prem teams have just started training this week, in some cases non contact socially distanced training, we’re 2 weeks from contact training, which means you’re looking at the end of July before a Competitive game could be played. You need 5-6 weeks to play out season, more with play offs, presuming no club involved has an outbreak.... Half the squad at some clubs had contracts that expired weeks ago. Its oranges and apples. I was all for giving every chance to finish the 19/20 season, but looking at the reality (and disparity in resources) we would be so far behind. All these top leagues that are finishing will be wrapped up by mid-late July. We’d just be starting back which would throw up all sorts of scheduling problems for 20/21. Its not what I wanted, but ultimately it’s the correct decision, even if it was reached in a haphazard manner.
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    The decision to not play out the remaining games grows more baffling by the day.
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    You'd like to think that the delay in the game could benefit us. Gilmour could be a first team regular. Tierney, McGinn and McTominay could be fit and hopefully Fraser will have found his form. Can't say how good it is to be back on here talking football!
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    I've replied to a few loyalists on twitter, thanking them for their efforts in protecting the statue of Robert Peel, who did so much to prevent discrimination against Catholics and helped to allow them to play a full part in British public life.

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