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    I have little or no sympathy for clubs that end up making a complete cunt of things, when they drag my club into their own shit for no reason whatsoever. This is only the second time it has happened and surprise, surprise - The other club was Rangers. When United were down on their arse approaching extinction, whilst being run by an incompetent rat; I don’t know one single United fan that blamed anyone else but their own failings at board level. We never blamed the SFA, Hearts, Rangers, Raith Rovers, The SNP, Catholics or any other misguided target. If you think our ‘country is fucked’ then it’s because of twisted arseholes such as yourself.
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    Hearts and Thistle relegated and ZERO compensation 😂😂😂 Fuck Anne Budge. Maybe some of the thicker Hearts fans can ask how they ended up at this point. I believe it was unanimous as well meaning Hearts own nominated QC voted against them 😂😂 Glorious.
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    Yeah I don't understand it either. It's like saying when Belgium had that great crop coming through a decade ago likes of Hazard/De Bruyne/Lukaku/Mertens/ Kompany/Vertongthen etc should've all stayed at Anderlecht or Club Brugge rather than testing themselves in England or other major leagues. The more Scottish players in premier league the better. They are testing themselves v Aguero, Salah, Mane, Kane, Silva, De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, Pulisic, Van Dijk etc. Last time I looked there are no world class players in the SPL (compared to 90s when you had Gazza, Brian Laudrup, Larsson, Albertz, Van Bronckhorst, De Boer) so it makes sense to go and play higher standard of oppostion so it's not as much of a shock when you play them at international level. Problem with Scotland is the negative mentality when (some) of them turn up for duty with the widespread belief Scotland seemingly won't ever qualify for a major tournament again. It's something Clarke really has to crack and get them all excited to meet up. It's a bit like Wales in 90s and early 00s. Had Rush, Hughes, Giggs, Speed, Saunders, Ratcliffe, Southall etc but never qualified for anything. Now all the Welsh team rush back from their clubs to meet up for internationals and you had Bale prefering to play for them than Real Madrid which is an incredible turnaround from a decade ago. Imagine Robbo and Tierney sitting out games for their clubs to make sure they're fully fit for the next big Scotland game, it's the opposite currently.
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    Both should be top 10
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    Yet he has already achieved more in his life and I suspect contributed more to society than an arrogant, stuck up wank like yourself. Quite funny really 😂 If he does return to anyone in Scotland I suspect he will agree to work for peanuts (compared to what he earns/earned) if it could involve a coaching and playing role. One thing I know about Charlie Adam is the boy has earned more than enough dough for the rest of his life and ‘flash’ he certainly aint 😂
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    Who the f..k were voting in that supporters club 50 greatest Scotland players.Is the truth to be sacrificed for the pc brigade.There must be at least six or seven women players in there.Really.We are talking about greatest players of all time.Go on,tell me why they should be in ahead of say john robertson,lawrie reilly,wIllie henderson,peter lorimer and so many more.Sheer stupidity.
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    Funny how it's the same folk that always come out whenever I make an error or a mistake. It is really getting tiresome.. Do you Skype whenever I make a mistake just go make sure you are all at the ready with your keyboards? Asking for a friend...
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    1971 version with Taco Meza on flute.
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    Changing his name fae big ramy to big sausage fingers 🖖
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    I think that Rose Reilly not “qualifying “ for a list of greatest Scottish Footballers story might sum up much about the problems with Scottish Football, The SFA , mebbies Scotland in general .
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    100% this. If they do make it compulsory I think they'll have a fight on their hands.
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    No such thing as anti vaccine. Just another lazy pejorative. They believe some vaccines are unsafe due to the methods by which they are manufactured. No one is anti vaccine if they believed they were safe. What I find curious is the 'pro vaxxers' all get vaccinated and so are now presumably safe.... but that is not enough for them... they have to force it on people who choose not to have it. The only people who are endangered are fellow people who don't want a vaccine. But no we are not forcing them... only going to deny them medical treatment if they don't get it, stop them flying, shit like that. Yeah let's go down that road... how about fat cunts not getting medical treatment for all the ailments their lifestyle choices has made, Type II diabetes etc... Those choices were not even based on a genuine fear of vaccine damage... just being a fat lazy overeating cunt. Or smokers... or drinkers... they still get treatment but not someone who does not inject themselves with something you say they have to. Do you get all you lifetime's contribution NHS tax money back then if you decide to opt out of the vaccine? How can people be so fucking stupid to trust these big pharmaceutical companies. Mugs.
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    The thing you need to remember about Rose Reilly is that in Women's Football at the time she was the best player in the world and she was playing in the league that was the most professional and she won it on numerous occasions. Italy - who were the best and biggest association - were at her for years to take out citizenship so she could play for them, she wouldn't do it until she finally relented. They capped her straight away and made her captain, then they won the World Cup. Certainly none of the Scottish women players who've come through in recent years - when arguably it was a lot easier - come anywhere close to her. She grew up across the road from my grandparents and I remember my uncle - who was a decent player himself - telling me that she use to join in with him and his mates having a kick about and he said that you couldn't get the ball off her.. Nothing that unusual in that but my uncle was in his early 20s and Rose would've been about 10 or 11.
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    We'll never have a truly competitive league until we have shared gate receipts. It's the only way we can close the financial gap that kills competition.
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    For me it should, however then i'd also allow folk to refuse to treat you or interact with you etc. Big Boy choices allowed for everyone.
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    It doesn't upset me. It just makes you look like a prick.
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    Nope. The restructuring proposals weren't the solution either. One which involved two teams buying spots in the 4th tier for their youth teams and giving themselves an advantage over every other team trying to develop players (self interest). One which was a short term increase to the top division size and which would result in 3 teams being relegated in two seasons time. Hearts of course proposed this as they believe they won't be involved in the relegation spots by then (self interest). Your attempts to paint those in favour of the reconstruction proposals as selfless and righteous, with those against it as selfish are ridiculous.
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    Ramy. It is a prediction from Kumnio. Not the final placings. Don't go betting all of your Celtic taps with your name on it. Even although you are an old bugger!!! 👍
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    Aye. Celtic have a new formation. 0, 4,4 3 seemingly. Still waiting on Forster to make his mind up.
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    All in all I think this season was an excellent one for the Scottish players in action particularly in England. Cooper and Douglas finally got promotion so they'll be two more to add to the premier league pool next season. Had to be patient with Tierney but last 10 games showed he's going to be a key player for Arsenal for many years to come. Robbo was Robbo Fleck and McBurnie played their parts in a top 10 finish for Sheffield United Stuart Armstrong ended the season as a key player for Southampton. I can see them finishing top 8 next season if they keep Ings. McGinn started the season brilliantly for club and country. Then got injured and wasn't himself when he returned but another chance for premier league football next year at least. McTominay was one of Man. United's best players in the first half of the season but then slipped down the pecking order a bit. Still Darren Fletcher being a squad player there for 4-5 years didn't do his career any harm. Shame what happened to Wigan as they ended the season barely conceding a goal. Have to think another championship club will pick up David Marshall who remains the best option in goal for the national team. Only one who slipped was Ryan Fraser, downing tools when Bournemouth needed him. I see the links to some top 6/7 clubs have dried up so no idea where he'll end up next year, needs a big season wherever it is. Overall I think the situation is looking more positive than a long time. The proof in pudding will be September-November of course.
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    Hearts and Thistle arbitration case kicked out
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    The private lab involved with St Mirren are being looked at to see what went wrong. I'm fairly confident that they will get that sorted out. But if not, it could be a big problem. If the private labs don't get there act together then the SG could be forced to pull the plug on the whole thing. Getting false positives isn't a big problem unless they start to get loads of them. False negative are a much bigger issue and it's much harder to spot them.
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    I knew you were going to say that.
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    Maybe it's not about you, or even me? Maybe there's a wee boy or girl who sees the list and asks their dad who Julie Fleeting is? I think it's a nice thing. But I also understand why you guys don't.
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    I see lennon is now.praising griffiths for getting back into shape https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53545022
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    Anyone who was naive/stupid enough to go to Spain in the current situation has to expect this, so get on with it.
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    You obviously don't give a fuck about Rangers, as you never post about them !!
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    Souness is one of the best, most knowledgeable and easy to listen to, pundits on the tv
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    Still going with the "kid" chat I see, dickhead.
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    He wasn’t racially abused by Rangers fans, it was by a Celtic fan and happened at the same time as the BLM stuff. The way the MSM reported it made it sound like it was Rangers fans but it’s not the case.
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    It's top level of football Scots currently play at. Where is the lack of logic in being interested in Scots playing there?
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    I'm not sure I agree. I think people can feel legitimate allegiances to more than one country, especially in the modern world. Also, I think those allegiances can conceivably change after the age of 16/17 or whenever a kid signs their first contract. Added to that you have the obvious situation where they might feel like they would happily play for two countries (or more) where one is much more competitive than the other and may not come knocking. Then, despite their willingness to play for a country, and that country's desire for them, they can't play because of a box they ticked when they were 16 years old? I'm not a fan. Let people get chased by a country. Why not? Pride? Seems a bit like cutting off noses to spite faces sometimes.
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    would really like to see both Christie and mcgregor go to top half premier clubs. We would have most of our team playing there. Maybe too big a step for McKenna..... maybe EPL in a couple of years via stint at Celtic
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    this is why it’s much easier to select EPL players. They play at a half decent standard every week. If Scottish players are doing it consistently against top European teams then I’m all for including them but a dazzling performance against an SPL team is equivalent to playing against Andorra or Lichtenstein.
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    The only decent Scottish player in the premiership who you could realistically suggest has been dropped since the restart is McTominay, who appears to have fallen behind Matic in the pecking order. He'll still get games but doesn't look like starting as many as he did before lockdown. Armstrong, McGinn and Tierney - and obviously Robertson - have either maintained or increased their playing time.
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    We need to stop this obsession with 'dropped'. Not even players like Sterling start every single game; it's a squad game now. When they're not in the squad that's the time to worry.
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    Scotland used to provide one third of the worlds ships from the Clyde. But because they were all family firms and didn't get on together the shipping industry was lost. Could go on and on but its the same thing that is happening with our Football. Hence why our game is crap as well as the national team.
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    Ohh I am. Proper rage. Livid. Seething. Chicken oriental. Irate. Incandescent with rage. You name it. You got me. Wheres that cat? P.s. it was you that appeared to get in a lather, responding to a mink post over a week ago. Dim Beam. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    So the rangers are in turmoil a week before the start of the new campaign. What a shame...🤣
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    🤣🤣. Clearly you did, because it was me who leapt in with a response to your post. Ahh wait, no it wasn't, it was the other way around. 🤣🤣. Love an emoji me. 🤣🤣. Im pleased now. Im eased you were probably itching to put a gif in too but weren't able to. 🤣🤣🤣. Oops, there's that nerve again. Best get 🤣🤣 off and 🤣🤣 contribute more t🤣 s🤣ciety. Wonder what Charlie's up to today? No doubt out picking up litter or helping grannies across the road. Eh tekkel is it? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. You've got me right worked up so you do.
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    i heard his mother is a matress too. Apparently thats racist too
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    Fair enough Fairbairn. 👍 Still, the racist stuff ( albeit not aimed specifically at Morales) surrounding the BLM knee thing from his team’s alleged supporters was a disgrace and when a colleague feels the need to publiclaly come out and condem it, I would not blame him or any other player to think ‘fuck this I’m off’’ It was very public and not exactly a few bad apples. I know Rolling Hills has a deadful problem with alcohol but he must have been aware of this and simply does not care. As It happens, looking forward to jousting with you lads again shortly 😂🙈 ( Unless we get binned for Hearts) Also, the meltdown when your mob undoubtedly move for Shankland will be more than enough to keep the madness going. 😂🤷‍♂️

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