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    I dont know and I dont give a fuck. You have a way of killing any sympathy anyone feels for you in about one post back. What a vain man you are. You're so vain you probably think this thread is about you, don't you?
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    I have criticised forrest for years but he more than deserves his place in the squad. We wouldn't have this play off to look forward to if it wasn't for his hatrick.
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    Do you and DD have matching headsets??? Just curious...
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    Really? So , I will go off topic as it is my thread. I threatened you on FB? Really DD.. Do tell. Funny how when I am not here to defend myself, and I have read all the posts, you thought it was quite funny I got binned.. You are an attention seeking, narcissistic poster, who messages your wee pals to have a go at other members of this fine board.. Grow up man...
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    Tierney yet again absolutely exceptional again last night. Couldn’t have hoped for a better return. He’ll be key for us in the playoffs. as for positions, Tierney at RB is a no go. I’d rather play Robertson at right back before him, Robertson switched at right back with Alexander-Arnold during periods of every game with Liverpool so actually has experience playing there at top level. Tierney needs to play either LB or CB if it’s a back four. If it’s a back three he’s played wingback and is fantastic their too. It’s the latter for me, but one thing is certain. He cannot play right back, it would be a unbelievable waste of his ability and what he could offer us.
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    Just watched the highlights again. Rangers did Scotland proud in France and are the talk of Europe. Celtic tried their best and got a point so all good for our game in general. Happy Sunday Ramy, come back soon. Missed your call other day pal. Will try and call you today. Stand on.
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    It was Ramy that started the thread. Why don't you start one and we will call it your thread?
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    Yer back!!! Rangers already won a cup and ra cellic bottom. Now don't you get angry ma freend. Scotland (and dog Wallace) Forever.
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    I don’t think wing back suits Robertson, so no back three for me. Tierney left midfield in a 4-5-1. Roberson on the overlap in some attacks and Tierney covering. Currently we’ve got Fraser there and I think we’ll get more from Tierney.
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    I’d rather eat a Wuhan Bat Supper than listen to him, each to their own though 👍
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    First trophy of the season in the bag for the Gers. You can only beat who is in front of you. Celtic managed to grab a point as well mind.
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    Just because you don't like someone doesn't lead to a ban. If I was nasty to someone on here then a ban would be acceptable. But I am not. I simply ask pertinent questions which some on here can't/won't answer. Then follow up with personal abuse and ask for people to be banned. If your dreams come true and I do get banned then you will have floor to your own opinions. Maybe some on here should go on to the TA FB page and admit who they actually are. I do as well as many other ex posters on here who don't hide. Mods. If you want VA to ban me then feel free. Honest man yet ever so poor is King of Men for all that. Some cant take the truth or being questioned. Stand on. Edit Ramy is another one. Not afraid to let people know who he is. An honest man. Lets have a poll. Who is afraid to let other people on here know who they are in real life. But we all know the folk on here who hide. I don't and people like Ramy doesn't either. You could call it anonymous or gutless depending on your point of view. I think the Board should be compulsory to have peoples real identity shown. Then we might not get the personal attacks that hound the board from the usual suspects.
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    Not in the last few mins against England ...
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    Hes always looked awkward there in my opinion...and no wonder. Have it on relatively good authority that he doesn't want to play on the right
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    A possible line up if we play 3 at the back.... Marshall Cooper McKenna tierney Mcgregor Christie Mctominay Armstrong robbo McGinn Mcburnie If we play a 3 at the back I can’t see us playing 2 strikers. Not sure who the best sitting midfielder is either, Man U fans saying Mctominay isn’t a holding midfielder and is best box to box. Christie has to start but I’m not sure he can do a job at wing back.
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    A back three is how I'd go, to accommodate both...dont like Tierney on the right at all, and more importantly he doesn't like it either.
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    Just shows how thick he actually is, or is just trying to find arguments. The man is a prick and the mods will do nothing about it. Boards deed.
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    There’s something quaint about that, maybe not in a practical sense. The TV series Hinterland is set and shot around Aberystwyth, never been to Wales but hopefully on my next trip home. Only country that’s got a walking trail around it’s full coast line as well I think.
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    I can’t see how they can arrange to start a league season in just over 3 weeks, without knowing how they can play football. Why would they travel to games in cars?
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    You would think so, but it shows that even the dumbest of supporters are critical of the first OF scheduling.
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    Aye, dons fans. You’re shown to be a clown as per usual, just fuck off will you. https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/angry-rangers-fans-call-out-corrupt-spfl-after-fixture-list-released/amp/

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